Commercial property prices

Updated 21 March 2018

This data set contains nominal commercial property prices for 15 countries, and is updated monthly. Commercial properties include properties rented out at market prices, built for future sale, or used for the production of market goods and services. Commercial property price indicators (CPPIs) have long been seen as a useful tool for monitoring financial stability and macroeconomic developments. Yet their availability and international comparability was limited before the Great Financial Crisis. The Data Gaps Initiative (DGI) endorsed by the G20 asked the members of the Inter-Agency Group on Economic and Financial Statistics (IAG) to improve the dissemination of CCPIs and to start methodological work for their compilation. The second phase of the DGI, initiated in 2015, builds on this preparatory work and recommends that international organisations enhance methodological guidance on the compilation of CPPIs and encourages dissemination of data on commercial property prices via the BIS website.

Our data

Commercial property price statistics - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly data collected from national central banks (xlsx, 72 kb, updated 21 March 2018)

Research and analysis

In the September 2016 issue of the BIS Quarterly Review, "Recent enhancements to the BIS statistics" summarised the characteristics of the commercial property price series.

Publication dates

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More information

Eurostat (2017): "Commercial property price indicators: sources, methods and issues publication"


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