Other indicators

In supporting economic research on macroeconomics and financial stability, the BIS publishes data on long series of major macroeconomic indicators. The consumer prices which are used as input to other published BIS data sets have been released since September 2016. As of September 2017, the BIS is publishing a data set on central bank monetary policy rates.

Our data

  • Consumer prices
    The BIS's data set on consumer prices contains long monthly and annual time series for 60 countries. The series have been used in particular for the calculation of the real effective exchange rate and real residential property price series published by the BIS. They are also highly valuable to support economic research on macroeconomics and financial stability.
  • Policy rates
    This data set contains the monetary policy rates of 38 central banks. In undertaking this task, the BIS has collaborated closely with national central banks who advised in the selection of the policy rate. The data set also contains historical information on policy rates, going back to 1946 for several countries.

Research and analysis

These data series often appear in key BIS publications such as the BIS Quarterly Review and the BIS Annual Report.

Publication dates

Policy rates are available at daily and monthly frequencies and are updated on a weekly and monthly basis, respectively.

Consumer prices are available at monthly and annual frequencies and are updated on a monthly basis.

View our release calendar for advance notice of publication dates.

More information

The following publications provide further information about the structure and uses of the policy rates and consumer prices:


For queries on other indicators, please write to statistics$bis.org (where "$" denotes "@").