Balance sheet position
EMEs = Emerging market and developing economies, EU_FCs = European financial centres, JP = Japan, OFCs = Offshore financial centres, Other_AEs = Other advanced economies, RES = Residual/others, and US = UnitedStates.
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Source: BIS locational banking statistics (by residence)

How to use the interactive chart

The chart shows banks' cross-border positions vis-à-vis non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs). Users can select claims, liabilities or net claims (claims minus liabilities), positions in all currencies versus US dollar-denominated positions, and different quarters. Changes in stocks are displayed when hovering over the links (changes in stocks are adjusted for FX movements and breaks in series during a reporting quarter).

Please note that this chart is being published along with the article to help readers explore the data, but will not be updated moving forward.

You can download the underlying data for this chart here.

The colour of a link represents claims, liabilities or net claims from the perspective of the country/region where reporting banks are located. Net cross-border claims can be negative. This occurs when banks’ liabilities to NBFIs in a given country/region exceed these banks’ claims on NBFIs in the same country/region. Negative net cross-border claims are indicated by a link with a dashed pattern. The colour remains that of the country/region where reporting banks are located.

The data are sourced from the BIS locational banking statistics (by residence). As of the publication of this article, these data are reported by 48 central banks. Of these, 40 report positions vis-à-vis NBFIs in over 200 jurisdictions (up from 27 central banks in Q1 2015).

More information on the locational banking statistics and reporting details are available on the dedicated pages.


For confidentiality reasons, country aggregation in this dynamic chart is slightly different from that in the static version shown in the article. The composition of countries in the customised aggregates depends on whether a reporting country perspective (ie where banks are located) or a counterparty perspective (ie where NBFIs are located) is adopted.

From a reporting country perspective, the compositions of the groups are as follows: