Comments received on the consultative document "A framework for dealing with domestic systemically important banks"

On 29 June 2012, the Basel Committee released its consultative document A framework for dealing with domestic systemically important banks. Interested parties were invited to provide written comments by 1 August 2012. These comments, in PDF format, are available below.

The Committee wishes to thank those who have taken the time and effort to express their views.

ABA   601kb  
Association of German Banks   201kb  
Bank of Finland and Financial Supervisory Authority   619kb  
Barclays   183kb  
BBA   39kb  
BNPP   26kb  
Canadian Bankers Association   29kb  
Central Bank of Bahrain   71kb  
Chris Barnard   11kb  
CSOB   294kb  
Deutsche Bank   93kb  
Deutsche Börse Group   30kb  
Division Bank and Insurance of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber   69kb  
Dubai Financial Services Authority   26kb  
European Association of Co-operative Banks   128kb  
European Banking Federation   294kb  
Federal Association of German Cooperative Banks   148kb  
Financial Supervision Commission (Isle of Man)   82kb  
Fit and Proper Consulting   478kb  
French Banking Federation   198kb  
GFMA   128kb  
Henry Penikas (National Research University Higher School of Economics)   50kb  
Hong Kong Association of Banks   118kb  
Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority   71kb  
IBFed   84kb  
IIF   325kb  
Jacques Préfontaine (Université de Sherbrooke)   31kb  
Japanese Bankers Association   21kb  
Korea Federation of Banks   85kb  
Netherlands Banking Association   40kb  
Santander   155kb 
Scotiabank   1006kb  
South African Bank of Athens   183kb  
Standard Chartered   4517kb  
Swedish Bankers' Association   2025kb  
The Clearing House   600kb  
Unicredit   197kb  
WSBI and ESBG   275kb  
Zhen LI   184kb