Comments received on the consultative documents "Strengthening the resilience of the banking sector" and "International framework for liquidity risk measurement, standards and monitoring"

On 17 December 2009, the Basel Committee released its consultative documents Strengthening the resilience of the banking sector and International framework for liquidity risk measurement, standards and monitoring. Interested parties were invited to provide written comments by 16 April 2010. These comments, in PDF format, are available below.

The Committee wishes to thank those who have taken the time and effort to express their views. These comments will no doubt assist the Committee in its efforts to deliver a fully calibrated package of reforms by the end of this year.

ACI Germany   175kb  
Algorithmics   331kb  
American Bankers Association (Capital)   169kb  
American Bankers Association (Liquidity)   193kb  
American Express Company (Capital)   1217kb  
American Express Company (Liquidity)   1621kb  
American Securitization Forum   877kb  
Anonymous - 1   15kb  
Anonymous - 2   240kb  
APEC Business Advisory Council   187kb  
Arvest Bank   165kb  
Association Francaise des Societes financieres   353kb  
Association of Danish Mortgage Banks   769kb  
Association of Swedish Covered Bond issuers   47kb  
Australian Bankers Association (Capital)   427kb  
Australian Bankers Association (Cover)   49kb  
Australian Bankers Association (Liquidity)   351kb  
Australian Financial Markets Association   83kb  
Australian Securitisation Forum   96kb  
BAFT-IFSA (Capital)   1586kb  
BAFT-IFSA (Liquidity)   1454kb  
Bancaja (Capital)   61kb  
Bancaja (liquidity)   55kb  
Banco Cooperativo   13kb  
Bank of America (Capital)   6473kb  
Bank of America (Liquidity)   3775kb  
Bank of New York Mellon   4566kb  
Bank of Thailand   119kb  
Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and Central Bank of Turkey   69kb  
BankTrack   152kb  
Barclays (Capital)   1552kb  
Barclays (Liquidity)   1044kb  
BB&T Corporation   83kb  
BNG   940kb  
BNP Paribas   5042kb  
BOK Financial (Capital)   317kb  
BOK Financial (Liquidity)   159kb  
Business Europe   449kb  
BVMW - CEA   33kb  
Canadian Bankers Association (Capital)   315kb  
Canadian Bankers Association (Liquidity)   289kb  
Capital One (Capital)   6054kb  
Capital One (Liquidity)   4017kb  
Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment   10601kb  
China Banking Regulation Commission   457kb  
Citigroup   508kb  
Club of Long Term Investors   191kb  
CME Group   604kb  
Commercial Bank of Kuwait   23kb  
Companhia Portuguesa de Rating   121kb  
Confederation of British Industry   757kb  
Council of Federal Home Loan Banks (Capital)   1158kb  
Council of Federal Home Loan Banks (Liquidity)   1085kb  
Co-operative bank p.l.c   392kb  
Credit Suisse   365kb  
Czech National Bank   585kb  
Daegu Bank   78kb  
Daimler AG   30kb  
Danish Bankers Association (Capital)   112kb  
Danish Bankers Association (Liquidity)   109kb  
Danish FSA and Danmarks Nationalbank   4818kb  
Danish Ship Finance   370kb  
DBRS   52kb  
DBS Bank   1495kb  
Desjardins Group   3525kb  
Desrochers, Godbout and Préfontaine   157kb  
Deutsche Bank (Capital)   7099kb  
Deutsche Bank (Liquidity)   4382kb  
Deutsche Boerse Group   204kb  
Deutsche Lufthansa AG   89kb  
Dexia   2660kb  
Discover Financial Services (Capital)   130kb  
Discover Financial Services (Liquidity)   150kb  
Dubai Financial Services Authority   449kb  
Duggal, Arun   149kb  
Dutch Banking Association (Capital)   280kb  
Dutch Banking Association (Liquidity)   174kb  
Duttweiler, Rudolf   81kb  
Ebert, Sebastian and Luetkebohmert, Eva   19kb  
Eken, Ziya   15kb  
Elliott, Douglas J   46kb  
Ernst & Young   332kb  
Euribor ACI   132kb  
Euro Commercial Paper Committee   83kb  
Euroclear (Capital)   92kb  
Euroclear (Liquidity)   86kb  
European Association of Corporate Treasurers   163kb  
European Association of Co-operative Banks (Capital)   151kb  
European Association of Co-operative Banks (Liquidity)   74kb  
European Association of Credit Rating Agencies   94kb  
European Association of Public Banks and Funding Agencies   262kb  
European Bank for Reconstruction and development   368kb  
European Banking Federation (Capital)   535kb  
European Banking Federation (Liquidity)   442kb  
European Banking Federation   156kb  
European Covered Bond Council   183kb  
European Financial Services Roundtable   132kb  
European Fund and Asset Management Association   90kb  
European Investment Fund   661kb  
European Mortgage Federation   95kb  
European Repo Council   70kb  
Federated Investors   110kb  
Federation of Finnish Financial Services (Capital)   50kb  
Federation of Finnish Financial Services (Liquidity)   161kb  
Fifth Third Bancorp   150kb  
Finance Norway   1081kb  
Financial Services Roundtable (Capital)   110kb  
Financial Services Roundtable (Liquidity)   103kb  
Finnish Financial Market Authorities (Capital)   34kb  
Finnish Financial Market Authorities (Liquidity)   6kb  
Finnish Financial Market Authorities (Ministry of Finance)   79kb  
Fitch Ratings   195kb  
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management   208kb  
French Banking Federation   1895kb  
Frezal, JC   14kb  
Friends of Earth Europe   76kb  
GE Capital (Capital)   79kb  
GE Capital (Liquidity)   68kb  
Genworth Financial, Inc   650kb  
GFMA BBA ISDA   1055kb  
Goldman Sachs (Capital)   2445kb  
Goldman Sachs (Liquidity)   711kb  
Group of Issuers of Lettres de Gage   65kb  
Groupement National de la Cooperation   142kb  
Guan Sue, Gui Xuan and Liu Beixiao   847kb  
Handelsbanken   119kb  
Hironari, Nozaki   14kb  
Hong Kong Association of Banks   428kb  
HSBC (Capital Appendix)   93kb  
HSBC (Capital)   2731kb  
HSBC (Liquidity Appendix)   34kb  
HSBC (Liquidity)   724kb  
Independent Community Bankers of America   235kb  
Industrial Bank of Korea   97kb  
ING   92kb  
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales   111kb  
Institute of International Bankers   62kb  
Institute of International Finance   1315kb  
Institutional Money Market Funds Association   102kb  
International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers   197kb  
International Banking Federation (Liqudity)   167kb  
International Banking Federation (Capital)   145kb  
International Chamber of Commerce   295kb  
International Council of Securities Associations   42kb  
International Organization of Securities Commission   203kb  
International Regulatory Strategy Group   1250kb  
International Research Center of Banking & Corporate Governance   259kb  
Investment Company Institute   73kb  
Italian Banking Association   528kb  
Italian Federation of Co-operative Credit Banks   191kb  
Japan Post Bank   13kb  
Japan Research Institute   192kb  
Japan Securities Dealers Association   298kb  
Japanese Bankers Association   457kb  
Jeonbuk Bank   75kb  
Jersey Financial Services Commission   367kb  
JP Morgan Chase   2450kb  
KB Bank   80kb  
Kean, James   36kb  
KeyCorp (Capital)   606kb  
KeyCorp (Liquidity)   264kb  
Kookmin Bank   86kb  
Korea Exchange Bank   17kb  
KPMG   64kb  
La Caixa Group   373kb  
Lebanon's Banking Control Commission   62kb  
Lloyds Banking Group   190kb  
Loan Market Association   181kb  
Luxembourg Bankers Association (Capital)   53kb  
Luxembourg Bankers Association (Liquidity)   436kb  
Macquarie Bank Limited   1066kb  
Matz, Fiedler and Neu   91kb  
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group   822kb  
Morgan Stanley   5560kb  
Mortgage Insurance Companies of America (Capital)   155kb  
Mortgage Insurance Companies of America (Liquidity)   124kb  
Municipality Finance   178kb  
National Agricultural Cooperative Federation   58kb  
National Association of Realtors (Capital)   163kb  
National Association of Realtors (Liquidity)   164kb  
National Institute of Economic and Social Research   298kb  
Nedelchev, Miroslav   26kb  
Nippon Export and Investment Insurance   1269kb  
Nomura Holdings   6838kb  
Nordea   106kb  
Norges Bank and Finanstilsynet   730kb  
Norinchukin Bank   1264kb  
Northern Trust (Capital)   934kb  
Northern Trust (Liquidity)   1144kb  
O Nuallain, Ruairi   111kb  
OCBC bank   1163kb  
Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Financial Market Authority and Ministry of Finance   78kb  
Oesterreichischen Volksbanken   76kb  
Ojo, Marianne   326kb  
Pagano, Joseph   110kb  
PlainsCapital Corporation   23kb  
PNC Financial Services Group (Capital)   2258kb  
PNC Financial Services Group (Liquidity)   3206kb  
Polish Bank Association   3339kb  
Polish Financial Supervision Authority (Capital)   59kb  
Polish Financial Supervision Authority (Liquidity)   16kb  
Porteous, Bruce   1081kb  
PriceWaterhouseCoopers   248kb  
Rabobank   285kb  
Raiffeisen   40kb  
Rating and Investment Information Inc   86kb  
Regions (Capital)   1675kb  
Regions (Liquidity)   1079kb  
Reserve Bank of New Zealand   57kb  
Risk Management Association   360kb  
RiskMetrics Group   463kb  
Rouen Business School   87kb  
Roulet, Caroline   114kb  
Royal Bank of Canda   1325kb  
Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Banca Akros   26kb  
Royal Bank of Scotland (Capital)   117kb  
Royal Bank of Scotland (Cover)   1297kb  
Royal Bank of Scotland (Liquidity)   170kb  
Rudolf, Markus and Frenkel, Michael   502kb  
Sandler O'Neill and Partners LP   3252kb  
Santander (Capital)   54kb  
Santander (Liquidity)   55kb  
Santander   160kb  
Shinhan Bank   20kb  
Siemens   133kb  
Singapore Foreign Exchange Market Committee   80kb  
Solomonia Tea, Bishop David, Murray Patrick and Liu Ethan Zuofei   115kb  
Spanish banking association (Capital)   358kb  
Spanish banking association (Liquidity)   161kb  
Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (Capital)   178kb  
Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (Liquidity)   189kb  
St Lucia Finance Group   202kb  
Standard Chartered Group   225kb  
Standard & Poor's - counterparty credit risk   566kb  
Standard & Poor's - leverage ratio   565kb  
Standard & Poor's - liquidity   561kb  
Standard & Poor's - various   63kb  
Standard & Poor's   565kb  
State Street (Capital)   47kb  
State Street (Liquidity)   39kb  
SunTrust Bank (Capital)   66kb  
SunTrust Bank (Liquidity)   58kb  
Swedish Bankers Association (Capital)   1934kb  
Swedish Bankers Association (Liquidity)   1827kb  
Swiss Bankers Association   119kb  
The Building Societies Association   74kb  
The Clearing House Association (capital)   829kb  
The Clearing House Association (Liquidity)   263kb  
The Value Alliance and Corporate Governance Alliance   121kb  
Tighe, Paul   67kb  
Toronto-Dominion Bank   235kb  
UBS   429kb  
UniCredit (Capital)   237kb  
UniCredit (Liquidity)   179kb  
Union Bank   444kb  
Union des Banques Cantonales Suisses   47kb  
University of Southampton   163kb  
US Bank Corp   6441kb  
ViewPoint Bank (Capital)   511kb  
ViewPoint Bank (Liquidity)   484kb  
Wells Fargo   312kb  
Wenger Thomas   57kb  
Woori Bank   105kb  
World Bank   1599kb  
World Council of Credit Unions (Capital)   138kb  
World Council of Credit Unions (Liquidity)   141kb  
World Gold Council   331kb  
World Savings Banks Institute - European Savings Banks Group (Capital)   396kb  
World Savings Banks Institute - European Savings Banks Group (Liquidity)   311kb  
Zentraler Kreditausschuss (Capital)   336kb  
Zentraler Kreditausschuss (Liquidity)   213kb  
Zhen Li   206kb