Comments received on 'Principles for Sound Liquidity Risk Management and Supervision'

On 17 June 2008, the Basel Committee released a consultative document on Principles for Sound Liquidity Risk Management and Supervision. Interested parties were invited to provide written comments by 29 July 2008, with such comments to be published on the Bank for International Settlements' website unless confidential treatment was requested. As a result, the Committee received 30 comments for publication. These comments, in PDF format, are available below.

The Committee wishes to thank those who have taken the time and effort to express their views. These comments will no doubt assist the Committee in its efforts to finalise its liquidity guidance.

Commenter Comments in PDF format   
Canadian Bankers Association 6 pages, 416 KB
Central Bank of Brazil 2 pages, 81 KB
Clearing House 4 pages, 45 KB
Credit Suisse 3 pages, 106 KB
Dexia 4 pages, 111 KB
European Association of Co-operative Banks 5 pages, 46 KB
European Association of Public Banks 12 pages, 120 KB
European Savings Banks Group 2 pages, 32 KB
Febelfin 2 pages, 54 KB
Fielder and Maltz 5 pages, 47 KB
French Banking Federation 4 pages, 163 KB
IBFed 8 pages, 81 KB
IMMFA 12 pages, 77 KB
Independent Audit Limited 13 pages, 638 KB
Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales    7 pages, 82 KB
Institute of International Finance 11 pages, 63 KB
IOSCO Standing Committee 3 4 pages, 1426 KB
Italian Banking Association 6 pages, 40 KB
Japanese Bankers Association 5 pages, 30 KB
Mortgage Insurance Companies of America 4 pages, 223 KB
Netherlands Bankers Association 2 pages, 35 KB
Reserve Bank of New Zealand 4 pages, 37 KB
Royal Bank of Scotland 6 pages, 61 KB
Thomson Reuters 4 pages, 41 KB
UK Joint Trade Association (BBA, ISDA and LIBA) 9 pages, 78 KB
UniCredit Group 10 pages, 130 KB
University of Sherbrook 8 pages, 79 KB
US Bankcorp 2 pages, 120 KB
World Council of Credit Unions 3 pages, 53 KB
Zentraler Kreditausschuss 14 pages, 60 KB