Research at BIS

Date Titles
03 Sep 1997

Some multi-country evidence on the effects of real exchange rates on output

BIS Working Papers No 48

by Steven Kamin and Marc Klau

02 Sep 1997

Financial asset prices and monetary policy: theory and evidence

BIS Working Papers No 47

by Frank Smets

01 Sep 1997

Global asset allocation in fixed income markets

BIS Working Papers No 46

by Srichander Ramaswamy

01 Sep 1997

Note on gold shipments and gold exchanges organised by the Bank for International Settlements, 1st June 1938 - 31st May 1945

01 Sep 1997

Group of Ten - Electronic Money - Consumer protection, law enforcement, supervisory and cross border issues

27 Aug 1997

Group of Ten - The resolution of sovereign liquidity crises

01 Aug 1997

A multi-country comparison of the linkages between inflation and exchange rate competitiveness

BIS Working Papers No 45

by Steven Kamin

03 Jul 1997

Is there excess comovement of bond yields between countries?

BIS Working Papers No 44

by Gregory Sutton

02 Jul 1997

Exchange rate regimes and the expectations hypothesis of the term structure

BIS Working Papers No 43

by Stefan Gerlach and Frank Smets

01 Jun 1997

Measuring monetary policy shocks in France, Germany and Italy: The role of the exchange rate

BIS Working Papers No 42

by Frank Smets

01 May 1997

The Euro and European financial markets

BIS Working Papers No 41

by Robert N McCauley and William R White

01 May 1997

Note on gold operations involving the Bank for International Settlements and the German Reichsbank, 1st September 1939 - 8th May 1945

01 Apr 1997

Group of Ten - Financial stability in emerging market economies

01 Mar 1997

Monetary policy operating procedures in industrial countries

BIS Working Papers No 40

by Claudio Borio

04 Jan 1997

Banking system failures in developing and transition countries: Diagnosis and predictions

BIS Working Papers No 39

by Patrick Honohan

01 Oct 1996

International agreements in the area of banking and finance: accomplishments and outstanding issues

BIS Working Papers No 38

by William R White

01 Oct 1996

Implications for central banks of the development of electronic money

01 Sep 1996

Does the term structure predict recessions? The international evidence

BIS Working Papers No 37

by Henri J Bernard and Stefan Gerlach

01 Aug 1996

Estimation of speculative attack models: Mexico yet again

BIS Working Papers No 36

by William Melick

01 Jul 1996

Varieties of monetary operating procedures: balancing monetary objectives with market efficiency

BIS Working Papers No 35

by Joseph Bisignano

24 Jan 1996

Monetary policy and the behaviour of interest rates: are long rates excessively volatile?

BIS Working Papers No 34

by Stefan Gerlach

21 Jan 1996

Derivatives and asset price volatility: a test using variance ratios

BIS Working Papers No 33

by Benjamin H Cohen

22 Dec 1995

The anatomy of the bond market turbulence of 1994

BIS Working Papers No 32

by Robert N McCauley and Claudio Borio

21 Dec 1995

Testing the quantity theory using long-run averaged cross-country data

BIS Working Papers No 31

by Stefan Gerlach

21 Nov 1995

Money demand stability and currency substitution in six European countries (1980-1992)

BIS Working Papers No 30

by Renato Filosa