Press releases - 2003

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8 Dec 2003

BIS Quarterly Review, December 2003

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1 Dec 2003

New Chairman of the Joint Forum

18 Nov 2003

FSF concludes third Latin American regional meeting

12 Nov 2003

OTC derivatives markets activity in the first half of 2003

27 Oct 2003

Basel Committee issues consultative document on the compliance function in banks

24 Oct 2003

BIS consolidated banking statistics for the second quarter of 2003

11 Oct 2003

Basel II: Significant progress on major issues

22 Sep 2003

Withdrawal of privately held shares of the BIS: Final decision of the Hague Arbitral Tribunal

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21 Sep 2003

Communiqué of the Ministers and Governors of the Group of Ten

11 Sep 2003

Financial Stability Forum holds its tenth meeting

8 Sep 2003

BIS Quarterly Review, September 2003

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20 Aug 2003

Basel Committee issues consultative document on consolidated KYC risk management

18 Aug 2003

High-level principles for cross-border implementation of the New Basel Capital Accord

11 Aug 2003

Joint Forum releases reports on risk integration and aggregation and on operational risk transfer

25 Jul 2003

BIS consolidated banking statistics for the first quarter of 2003

17 Jul 2003

Basel Committee welcomes revised FATF recommendations

17 Jul 2003

Final versions of two electronic banking publications

3 Jul 2003

Triennial Central Bank Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Market Activity (2004)

30 Jun 2003

BIS Board invites new members, appoints Hans Tietmeyer as Vice-Chairman

30 Jun 2003

BIS holds Annual General Meeting and releases its 73rd Annual Report

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29 Jun 2003

Jean-Claude Trichet to chair G10 Governors

2 Jun 2003

Launch of the Asian Bond Fund

2 Jun 2003

BIS Quarterly Review, June 2003

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19 May 2003

Roger W Ferguson Jr to chair Financial Stability Forum

8 May 2003

OTC derivative markets activity in the second half of 2002

1 May 2003

Payment and settlement systems in selected countries

29 Apr 2003

The New Basel Capital Accord

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25 Apr 2003

BIS consolidated banking statistics for the fourth quarter of 2002

26 Mar 2003

Financial Stability Forum reviews vulnerabilities and efforts to strengthen the international financial system

10 Mar 2003

BIS Quarterly Review March 2003 - International banking and financial market developments

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10 Mar 2003

Joseph Yam appointed Chairman of the BIS Asian Consultative Council

10 Mar 2003

SDR to replace gold franc at the BIS

10 Mar 2003

Meeting of G10 central bank governors and heads of banking supervision

10 Mar 2003

Policy issues for central banks in retail payments

7 Feb 2003

Central banks to collect more in-depth statistics on banks' country risk exposures

23 Jan 2003

BIS consolidated banking statistics for the third quarter of 2002

23 Jan 2003

Roger W Ferguson Jr appointed Chairman of the Committee on the Global Financial System

13 Jan 2003

Malcolm D Knight appointed as BIS General Manager

8 Jan 2003

Micro policies and turbulence in asset markets