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Central bankers' speeches - Jan to Mar 2003

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20 Jan 2003

Svein Gjedrem: Perspectives on the role and effects of monetary policy

Introduction by Mr Svein Gjedrem, Governor of Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway), for the Holden Committee of Experts assessing the challenges facing the exposed sector, Oslo, 16 January 2003.

20 Jan 2003

Jean-Claude Trichet: Monetary policy in 2003

Introductory statement by Mr Jean-Claude Trichet, Governor of the Bank of France, at the Forum Institut für Management, Frankfurt, 2 December 2002.

20 Jan 2003

Nout Wellink: The business cycle in perspective

Address by Mr Nout Wellink, President of De Nederlandsche Bank and President of the Bank for International Settlements, on the occasion of AkzoNobel¿s New Year¿s function for its management, 8 January 2003.

11 Jan 2003

Rakesh Mohan: Transforming Indian banking - in search of a better tomorrow

Valedictory address delivered by Dr Rakesh Mohan, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the Bank Economists¿ Conference 2002, Bangalore, 29 December 2002.

11 Jan 2003

Edward M Gramlich: Conducting monetary policy

Remarks by Mr Edward M Gramlich, Member of the Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve System, at a joint meeting of the North American Economic and Finance Association and the Allied Social Science Association, Washington, DC, 4 January 2003.

11 Jan 2003

Ilmars Rimsevics: General economic developments and banking in Latvia

Notes by Mr Ilmars Rimsevics, Governor of the Bank of Latvia. Overview in December 2002.

11 Jan 2003

European Central Bank: Press conference - introductory statement

Introductory statement by Mr Willem F Duisenberg, President of the European Central Bank and Mr Lucas Papademos, Vice-President of the European Central Bank, at the press conference held in Frankfurt, 9 January 2003.