Research papers - Monetary policy and exchange rates

Date Titles
Aug 2009

Financial deleveraging and the international transmission of shocks

BIS Working papers 52

Aug 2009

Why Issue Bonds Offshore?

BIS Working Papers 334

Aug 2009

Currency internationalisation: analytical and policy issues

Hans Genberg (Hong Kong Monetary Authority)

Aug 2009

A generation of an internationalised Australian dollar

Ric Battellino and Michael Plumb (Reserve Bank of Australia)

Aug 2009

An internationalised Rupee

Shyamala Gopinath (Reserve Bank of India)

Aug 2009

Internationalization of currency in East Asia: implications for regional monetary and financial cooperation

Yung Chul Park and Kwanho Shin (Korea University)

Aug 2009

Singapore dollar's evolution away from non-internationalisation

Luke Goh (Monetary Authority of Singapore)

Aug 2009

Dealing with the benefits and costs of internationalization of Korea won

Kyungsoo Kim and Young Kyung Suh (the Bank of Korea)

Aug 2009

The potential of the renminbi as an international currency

Hongyi Chen (Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research), Wensheng Peng (Barclays Capital) and Chang Shu (Hong Kong Monetary Authority)

Aug 2009

Internationalization of the Renminbi

Yongding Yu and Haihong Gao (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Aug 2009

Internationalizing the Yen

Shinji Takagi (Osaka University)

Aug 2009

The euro: internationalised at birth

Frank Moss (European Central Bank)

Aug 2009

Currency internationalization an overview

Peter Kenen (Princeton University)

Aug 2009

Motivations for swap-covered foreign currency borrowing

Anella Munro (BIS) and Philip Wooldridge (BIS)

Aug 2009

Exchange Rate Policies

by Charles Engel, PBC-BIS Shanghai conference proceedings

Aug 2009

Banks and the Public Sector Authorities

by C.A.E. Goodhart, PBC-BIS Shanghai conference proceedings

Aug 2009

Development of Financial Markets in Asia and the Pacific

by Suresh Sundaresan, PBC-BIS Shanghai conference proceedings

Aug 2009

Determinants of House Prices in Nine Asia-Pacific Economies

PBC-BIS Shanghai conference proceedings

Aug 2009

International portfolio rebalancing and exchange rate fluctuations in Thailand

BIS Working Paper no 287

Jun 2009

Short-term Policy Responses to the International Financial Crisis and Risks to sustainable Medium-term Policy Frameworks in Asia: Complications arising from Enduring Global Imbalances

ADBI conference proceedings

Apr 2009

China's exchange rate policy and Asian trade

BIS Working Papers no 282

Feb 2009

Private information, stock markets, and exchange rates

Dec 2008

The domestic financial consequences of reserve accumulation: some evidence from Asia

in "Exchange rate, monetary and financial issues and policies in Asia", edited by Ramkishen S Rajan, Shandre Thangavelu and Rasyed A Pariduri, World Scientific

Dec 2008

Effective exchange rates in Asia with entrepot and growing intra-regional trade

in "China and Asia: Economic and Financial Interactions" edited by Yin-Wong Cheung and Kar-yiu Wong, Riutledge