Asian Office research papers - 2010 to 2011

Date Titles
Nov 2011

China's evolving reserve requirements

by Guonan Ma, Yan Xiandong and Liu Xi

Nov 2011

The Impact of the International Financial Crisis on Asia and the Pacific: Highlighting Monetary Policy Challenges from a Negative Asset Price Bubble Perspective

by Andrew Filardo

Aug 2011

Weathering the financial crisis: good policy or good luck?

by Stephen G Cecchetti, Michael R King and James Yetman

Jul 2011

Local currency bond markets and the Asian Bond Fund 2 Initiative

This report was prepared at the request of Mr Akinari Horii, former Assistant Governor of the Bank of Japan and Chair of the EMEAP Working Group on Financial Markets. It was prepared by Eric Chan, Michael Chui, Frank Packer and Eli M Remolona. It draws heavily from interviews with asset managers, investment strategists, interdealer brokers and central bank staff in several of the EMEAP economies.

by Eric Chan, Frank Packer, Eli M Remolona and Michael Chui

Jun 2011

BIS Quarterly Review, June 2011: Rating methodologies for banks

by Frank Packer and Nikola Tarashev

Apr 2011

Dislocations in the won-dollar swap markets during the crisis of 2007-09

by Naohiko Baba and Ilhyock Shim

Jan 2011

Renminbising China's Foreign Assets

Pacific Economic Review, 16 (1), pp 1-17

by Guonan Ma, Robert Neil McCauley and Yin-Wong Cheung

Jan 2011

Policymaking from a "macroprudential" perspective in emerging market economies

by Ramon Moreno

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Dec 2010

BIS Quarterly Review, December 2010: Derivatives in emerging markets

by Frank Packer and Dubravko Mihaljek

Dec 2010

To err is human: rating agencies and the interwar foreign government debt crisis

by Marc Flandreau, Norbert Gaillard and Frank Packer

Dec 2010

Why issue bonds offshore?

by Susan Black and Anella Munro

Nov 2010

The impact of CDS trading on the bond market: evidence from Asia

by Ilhyock Shim and Haibin Zhu

Sep 2010

BIS Quarterly Review, September 2010: The collapse of international bank finance during the crisis: evidence from syndicated loan markets

by Michael Chui, Dietrich Domanski, Peter Kugler and Jimmy Shek

Sep 2010

The evolving renminbi regime and implications for Asian currency stability

by Guonan Ma and Robert Neil McCauley

Sep 2010

Offshore markets for the domestic currency: monetary and financial stability issues

by Dong He and Robert Neil McCauley

Aug 2010

Systemic Risk Contributions

by Haibin Zhu, Hao Zhou and Xin Huang

Aug 2010

Implementing a macroprudential framework: balancing boldness and realism

by Claudio Borio

Jul 2010

The international financial crisis and policy challenges in Asia and the Pacific

BIS Papers No. 52

Jul 2010

The determinants of cross-border bank flows to emerging markets: new empirical evidence on the spread of financial crises

by Sabine Herrmann and Dubravko Mihaljek

Jun 2010

Financial Contagion and Vulnerability of Asian Financial Markets

for Asian Development Bank conference on Regional and Global Financial Integration

by James Yetman and Michael B Devereux

Jun 2010

BIS Quarterly Review, June 2010: Policy responses to dislocations in the FX swap market: the experience of Korea

by Ilhyock Shim and Naohiko Baba

Jun 2010

Banks and financial intermediation in emerging Asia: reforms and new risks

by Madhusudan Mohanty and Philip Turner

Jun 2010

China's high saving rate: myth and reality

by Guonan Ma and Wang Yi

Feb 2010

Monetary Policy Strategies in the Asia and Pacific Region: What Way Forward?

ADBI Working Paper

by Andrew Filardo and Hans Genberg

Jan 2010

Assessing the systemic risk of a heterogeneous portfolio of banks during the recent financial crisis

by Xin Huang, Hao Zhou and Haibin Zhu