Asian Office research papers - 2006 to 2007

Date Titles
Dec 2007

International diversification gains and home bias in banking

IMF Working Papers WP/07/281

by Alicia García-Herrero and Francisco Vazquez

Dec 2007

Risk in carry trades: a look at target currencies in Asia and the Pacific

BIS Quarterly Review December 2007, pp 73-82

by Jacob Gyntelberg and Eli M Remolona

Dec 2007

The evolving instrument composition of official holdings of US dollars

BIS Quarterly Review December 2007, pp 27-28

by Robert Neil McCauley

Dec 2007

Distress selling and asset market feedback

Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments, Vol 16, Issue 5, pp 243-91. Also available as BIS Working Papers no 229

by Ilhyock Shim and Goetz von Peter

Dec 2007

What can (macro-)prudential policy do to support monetary policy?

BIS Working Papers no 242

by Claudio Borio and Ilhyock Shim

Oct 2007

Building an Integrated Capital Market in East Asia

ADB Institute Discussion Paper No 83

by Robert Neil McCauley

Sep 2007

To Dollarize or to De-dollarize: Consequences for Monetary Policy

ADB Volume on Monetary and Exchange Rate policies in ASEAN Small Open Economies, forthcoming

by Patricia Alvarez-Plata and Alicia García-Herrero

Sep 2007

Global and regional financial integration: progress in emerging markets

BIS Quarterly Review, September 2007, pp 57-70

by Alicia García-Herrero and Philip Wooldridge

Aug 2007

Do China's capital controls still bind? Implications for monetary autonomy and capital liberalisation

BIS Working Papers no 233

by Guonan Ma and Robert Neil McCauley

Jul 2007

How effective are China's capital controls?

in Ross Garnaut and Ligang Song, eds, China: Linking markets for growth (Canberra: Australian National University E Press, Asia Pacific Press and Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2007), pp 267-289

by Guonan Ma and Robert Neil McCauley

Jul 2007

Does China have an impact on foreign direct investment to Latin America?

China Economic Review, Vol 28, issue 3, pp 266-87, July 2007

by Alicia García-Herrero and Daniel Santabarbara

Jul 2007

Do trade and financial links foster business cycle synchronization in a small economy?

Mondea y Credito, No 226, 2008, forthcoming

by Alicia García-Herrero and Juan M. Ruiz

Jun 2007

India's monetary integration with east and south-east Asia: a feasibility study

invited paper under review

by Sweta C Saxena

Jun 2007

The role of global risk aversion in explaining sovereign spreads

Economia, Vol 7, no 1 fall 2006

by Alicia García-Herrero and Alvaro Ortiz

Jun 2007

The mix of international banks' foreign claims: determinants and implications

Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol 31 issue 6, pp 1613-31

by Alicia García-Herrero and Maria Soledad Martinez-Peria

Jun 2007

Assessing the Benefits and Costs of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves

Chapter in Age Bakker and Ingmar van Herpt, eds., Central bank reserve management: New trends, from liquidity to return, (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2007), pp 19-36

by Robert Neil McCauley

Jun 2007

The Laffer curve of macroeconomic volatility and growth: Can it be explained by the different nature of crises?

Money Affairs, Vol XX, Number 1, January-June 2007

by Alicia García-Herrero and Josep Vilarrubia

Jun 2007

Recent episodes of credit card distress in Asia

BIS Quarterly Review, June 2007

by Tae Soo Kang and Guonan Ma

Mar 2007

Can the Chinese trade surplus be reduced through exchange rate policy?

BOFIT Discussion Papers no 6/2007

by Alicia García-Herrero and Tuuli Koivu

Mar 2007

Exchange rates and global volatility: implications for Aisa-Pacific currencies

BIS Quarterly Review March 2007, pp 41-52

by John Cairns, Corrinne Ho and Robert Neil McCauley

Mar 2007

Interpreting sovereign spreads

BIS Quarterly Review, March 2007

by Eli M Remolona, Michela Scatigna and Eliza Wu

Mar 2007

Emerging countries' sovereign risk: balance sheets, contagion and risk aversion

FLAR Revista, vol 3

by Alicia García-Herrero

Feb 2007

Economic reforms and exchange rate pass-through to domestic prices in India

BIS Working Papers no 225

by Jeevan Khundrakpam

Feb 2007

Who pays China's bank restructuring bill

Asian Economic Papers, Winter 2007, 6(1), pp 46-71

by Guonan Ma

Dec 2006

Monetary policy in Asia: approaches and implementation

BIS Papers No. 31