Conference on Risk Management

November 2006

Basel, Switzerland 07.11-08.11.2006

Note: Open only to banking, securities and insurance regulators and supervisors.

The event will focus on innovations in risk management, the characteristics of financial intermediaries in complex and rapidly changing markets and the implications for supervision.

Keynote speakers:

Sir Andrew Crockett, President, JP Morgan Chase International, on "Developments in Risk Management and Key Challenges for Financial Institutions".

Mr Gerald Corrigan, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Co, on "How Can Supervisors More Fully Relate to Risk Characteristics of Financial Intermediaries in Complex and Rapidly Changing Markets".

In addition:

Nineteen high-level speakers from financial institutions and supervisory authorities will lead the discussions and promote an exchange of knowledge.

The event is hosted by Mr Josef Tošovský, Chairman, Financial Stability Institute of the Bank for International Settlements.