This document comprises the answers formulated by Hongkong Clearing with respect to the Central Clearing and Settlement System (CCASS) in response to the Disclosure Framework Questionnaire developed by the joint CPSS and IOSCO Working Group on Disclosure by Securities Settlement Systems.

The Disclosure Framework questionnaire has been completed by Hongkong Clearing for the information of potential participants in CCASS and is intended to assist such persons in making an informed general assessment of Hongkong Clearing and CCASS.

While Hongkong Clearing believes that the information to be accurate at the time of completing the questionnaire, no warranty of accuracy or reliability is given and no responsibility to any person will be accepted by Hongkong Clearing for any errors or omissions howsoever arising.

The nature of the Disclosure Framework questionnaire entails that Hongkong Clearing cannot accept responsibility for the completeness, accuracy or actuality of the information stated herein or construed with respect thereto and references to other sources will be necessary.

Interested persons are advised to make their own enquiry and to seek further information from Hongkong Clearing or seek independent advice before acting on any information contained in this document.

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