Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Czech National Bank Working papers

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Title Author(s)

Perception is always Right: CNB´s Monetary Policy in the Media

Paper: 2009/10, 19.08.2010

JEL: E52, E58

Changes in the Czech Wage Structure: Does Immigration Matter?

Paper: 2009/11, 07.06.2010

JEL: J21, J31

Heterogeneity in Bank Pricing Policies:The Czech Evidence

Paper: 2009/08, 17.05.2010

JEL: E43, E58, G21

Housing Price Bubbles and their Determinants in the Czech Republic and its Regions

Paper: 2009/12, 27.04.2010

JEL: C23, R21, R31

The Impact of Early Retirement Incentives on Labor Market Participation: Evidence from a Parametric Change in the Czech Republic

Paper: 2009/07, 07.04.2010

JEL: J21, J26

Reform Redux: Measurement, Determinants and Reversals

Paper: 2009/06, 07.04.2010

JEL: D72, E23, H26, O17

The Determination of Wages of Newly Hired Employees: Survey Evidence on Internal versus External Factors

Paper: 2009/05, 07.04.2010

JEL: J31, J41

Downward Nominal and Real Wage Rigidity: Survey Evidence from European Firms

Paper: 2009/04, 07.04.2010

JEL: C81, J30, J31, J32, P5

Implementing the New Structural Model of the Czech National Bank

Paper: 2009/02, 07.04.2010

JEL: C53, D58, E32, E47, E58

Macroeconomic adjustment to monetary union

Paper: 2008/14, 07.04.2010

JEL: E21, F32, F36

Openness, financial markets, and policies: Cross-country and dynamic patterns

Paper: 2008/13, 07.04.2010

JEL: F36, G1

Survey on wage and price formation of Czech firms

Paper: 2008/12, 07.04.2010

JEL: C83, J31, J41, L11

The measurement of capital services in the Czech Republic

Paper: 2008/11, 07.04.2010

JEL: E23, O11, O12, O47

Time aggregation bias in discrete time models of aggregate duration data

Paper: 2008/10, 07.04.2010

JEL: C41, E24, J64

Stress testing credit risk: Is the Czech Republic different from Germany?

Paper: 2008/09, 07.04.2010

JEL: G21, G28, G33

Monetary policy rules with financial instability

Paper: 2008/08, 07.04.2010

JEL: E52, E58, G21

The origins of global imbalances

Paper: 2008/07, 07.04.2010

JEL: F12, F21, F34, F36

The effect of oil price shocks on the Czech economy

Paper: 2008/05, 05.03.2009

JEL: C68, Q43

The price effects of an emerging retail market, forthcoming

Paper: 2008/06, 08.12.2008

The effects of monetary policy in the Czech Republic: An empirical study,forthcoming

Paper: 2008/04, 08.12.2008

Policy rate decisions and unbiased parameter estimation in conventionally estimated monetary policy rules

Paper: 2008/02, 02.12.2008

U.S. Unemployment Duration: Has Long Become Longer or Short Become Shorter?

Paper: 2007/17, 18.11.2008

JEL: C14, C21, C41, J64

Central bank losses and economic convergence

Paper: 2008/03, 23.10.2008

Measuring the Financial Markets' Perception of EMU Enlargement: The Role of Ambiguity Aversion

Paper: 2007/13, 19.08.2008

Welfare-Based Optimal Monetary Policy in a Two-Sector Small Open Economy

Paper: 2007/16, 02.07.2008

Inflation Targeting and Communication: Should the Public Read Inflation Reports or Tea Leaves?

Paper: 2007/14, 02.07.2008

The Effects of Anticipated Future Change in the Monetary Policy Regime

Paper: 2007/15, 02.07.2008

Transmission of Exchange Rate Shocks into Domestic Inflation: The Case of the Czech Republic

Paper: 2007/12, 02.07.2008

Why and How to Assess Inflation Target Fulfilment

Paper: 2007/11, 02.07.2008

Inflation Persistence in New EU Member States: Is It Different Than in the Euro Area Members?

Paper: 2007/10, 02.07.2008

Unemployment and Inactivity Traps in the Czech Republic: Incentive Effects of Policies

Paper: 2007/09, 02.07.2008

Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity Spillovers: Updated Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe

Paper: 2007/08, 02.07.2008

Financial Integration of Stock Markets among New EU Member States and the Euro Area

Paper: 2007/07, 02.07.2008

Market Power and Efficiency in the Czech Banking Sector

Paper: 2007/06, 02.07.2008

Bad Luck or Bad Management? Emerging Banking Market Experience

Paper: 2007/05, 02.07.2008

The Time-Varying Policy Neutral Rate in Real Time: A Predictor for Future Inflation?

Paper: 2007/04, 12.03.2008

Does Reform Work? An Econometric Examination of the Reform-Growth Puzzle

Paper: 2007/02, 04.03.2008

Measuring and Explaining Inflation Persistence: Disaggregate Evidence on the Czech Republic

Paper: 2007/01, 04.03.2008

Cross-Border Lending Contagion in Multinational Banks

Paper: 2006/09, 04.03.2008

The Maastricht Inflation Criterion: 'Saints" and 'Sinners"

Paper: 2006/08, 04.03.2008

Fiscal Implications of Personal Tax Adjustments in the Czech Republic

Paper: 2006/07, 04.03.2008

Issues in Adopting DSGE Models for Use in the Policy Process

Paper: 2006/06, 04.03.2008

New Keynesian Model Dynamics under Heterogeneous Expectations and Adaptive Learning

Paper: 2006/05, 04.03.2008

Supply-Side Performance and Structure in the Czech Republic (1995-2005)

Paper: 2006/04, 04.03.2008

Fiscal Sustainability - Definition, Indicators and Assessment of Czech Public Finance Sustainability

Paper: 2006/03, 04.03.2008

Aggregate Wage Flexibility in Selected New EU Member States

Paper: 2006/01, 04.03.2008

Exchange rate variability, pressures and optimum currency area criteria: Implications for the central and eastern european countries

Paper: 2005/08, 04.03.2008

Foreign exchange interventions and interest rate policy in the Czech Republic: Hand in glove?

Paper: 2005/07, 04.03.2008

Deteriorating cost efficiency in commercial banks signals an increasing risk of failure

Paper: 2005/06, 04.03.2008

The behavioural equilibrium exchange rate of the Czech koruna

Paper: 2005/05, 04.03.2008

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