Central bank research hub - Series: Central Bank of the Russian Federation Working Papers 2018

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by Konstantin Styrin , Anna Kruglova and Yulia Ushakova

Paper: wps38, 01.12.2018

JEL: E52, F34, G21

by Konstantin Styrin

Paper: wps39, 01.12.2018

JEL: C5, C53, E37

by Sergei Seleznev , Alexey Ponomarenko and Ramis Khabibullin

Paper: wps37, 12.11.2018

JEL: C53, C63, E51, E58, F31, G21

by Elena Deryugina , Alexey Ponomarenko , Natalia Karlova and Anna Tsvetkova

Paper: wps36, 24.07.2018

JEL: C38, D4, E31

by Elena Deryugina , Alexey Ponomarenko and Anna Rozhkova

Paper: wps34, 01.07.2018

JEL: C63, E37, E44, E51

by Arina Sapova , Aleksey Porshakov , Andrey Andreev and Evgenia Shatilo

Paper: wps33, 29.06.2018

JEL: C18, C43, E31

by Alexey Vasilenko

Paper: wps35, 01.06.2018

JEL: E44, E52, E58, G01, G02

by Alexey Vasilenko

Paper: wps30, 01.03.2018

JEL: C58, E44, G2

by Elena Deryugina , Svetlana Popova , Alexey Ponomarenko and Natalia Karlova

Paper: wps29, 01.02.2018

JEL: C23, D24, E44, G32

by Sergey Vlasov and Elena Deryugina

Paper: wps28, 01.01.2018

JEL: E62, H20, H50, O47