Central bank research hub - Series: Bank for International Settlements BIS Papers 2012

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by Ramon Moreno

Paper: 68a, 04.12.2012

by Ramon Moreno

Paper: 68e, 04.12.2012

by Madhusudan Mohanty

Paper: 67a, 30.11.2012

by James Yetman , Carlos Montoro and Előd Takáts

Paper: 67b, 30.11.2012

by Aaron N. Mehrotra , Agustin Villar and Ken Miyajima

Paper: 67c, 30.11.2012

by Andrew Filardo , Madhusudan Mohanty and Ramon Moreno

Paper: 67d, 30.11.2012

by James Yetman and Andrew Filardo

Paper: 66c, 16.11.2012

by James Yetman and David Cook

Paper: 66d, 16.11.2012

by Andrew Filardo and Stephen Grenville

Paper: 66e, 16.11.2012

by Aaron N. Mehrotra

Paper: 66f, 16.11.2012

by Richhild Moessner and Philip Turner

Paper: 65a, 06.06.2012

by William A. Allen

Paper: 65b, 06.06.2012

by Geoff Tily

Paper: 65c, 06.06.2012

by Lex Hoogduin and Peter Wierts

Paper: 65d, 06.06.2012

by Fabrizio Zampolli

Paper: 65f, 06.06.2012

by Behzad Diba , Robert Cumby and Matthew Canzoneri

Paper: 65g, 06.06.2012

by Hans J Blommestein and Anja Hubig

Paper: 65i, 06.06.2012

by Alessandro Missale

Paper: 65j, 06.06.2012

by Albert Marcet , Andrew Scott and Elisa Faraglia

Paper: 65k, 06.06.2012

by Hans J Blommestein and Philip Turner

Paper: 65l, 06.06.2012

by Torsten Ehlers

Paper: 65n, 06.06.2012

by Morten L. Bech and Yvan Lengwiler

Paper: 65o, 06.06.2012

by Jagjit S Chadha , Alex Waters and Francis Breedon

Paper: 65p, 06.06.2012