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by Michael O'Grady , Jonathan Rice and Graeme Walsh

Paper: 09/RT/17, 07.11.2017

JEL: C33, E44, F41

by Michael Wosser

Paper: 08/RT/17, 20.10.2017

JEL: G01, G21, G28

by Peter G. Dunne and Giovanna Bua

Paper: 07/RT/17, 25.06.2017

JEL: G15, G23, G28

by Fergal McCann and James Carroll

Paper: 06/RT/17, 20.04.2017

by Reamonn Lydon and Tara McIndoe-Calder

Paper: 05/RT/17, 01.03.2017

JEL: D12, D31, E21

by Conor O'Toole , David Byrne and Robert Kelly

Paper: 04/RT/17, 01.03.2017

JEL: E52, E58, G01, G21

by Ansgar Rannenberg , Matija Lozej and Luca Onorante

Paper: 03/RT/17, 01.01.2017

JEL: E32, E44, F41, G21, G28

by Fergal McCann and James Carroll

Paper: 02/RT/17, 01.01.2017

by Peter G. Dunne and Frances Shaw

Paper: 01/RT/17, 01.01.2017

JEL: G15, G23, G28

by Fergal McCann and Sarah Holton

Paper: 09/RT/16, 01.12.2016

by Yvonne McCarthy and Kieran McQuinn

Paper: 13/RT/08, 16.10.2013

by Allen Monks , Peter Dunne , David Doran and Gerard O'Reilly

Paper: 13/RT/07, 18.09.2013

by David Cronin" onclick="fctNewWin and Thomas Conefrey

Paper: 13/RT/05, 20.07.2013

by Gerard Kennedy , Frank Browne and Thomas Conefrey

Paper: 13/RT/04, 10.06.2013

by Philip Du Caju , Julián Messina , Theodora Kosma , Martina Lawless and Tairi Room

Paper: 13/RT/03, 05.06.2013

by Martina Lawless

Paper: 13/RT/02, 25.04.2013

by Kieran McQuinn and Robert Kelly

Paper: 13/RT/01, 08.03.2013

by Mark Joy

Paper: 12/RT/10, 07.01.2013

by Thomas Conefrey and Karl Whelan

Paper: 12/RT/08, 07.01.2013

by Joelle Liebermann

Paper: 12/RT/07, 07.01.2013

by Colin Bermingham

Paper: 12/RT/09, 19.12.2012

by Tara McIndoe Calder and Fergal McCann

Paper: 12/RT/06, 18.09.2012

by Niall O'Hanlon and Reamonn Lydon

Paper: 12/RT/05, 27.08.2012

by Fergal McCann , Martina Lawless and Sarah Holton

Paper: 12/RT/04, 05.07.2012

by Fergal McCann and Martina Lawless

Paper: 12/RT/03, 05.07.2012

by Maria Woods. and Kieran McQuinn

Paper: 12/RT/02, 12.03.2012

JEL: G21

by Reamonn Lydon , Kieran McQuinn , Jean Goggin , Sarah Holton and Jane Kelly

Paper: 12/RT/01, 06.03.2012

by David Cronin and Kevin Dowd

Paper: 11/RT/15, 20.12.2011

by Colin Bermingham and Thomas Conefrey

Paper: 11/RT/10, 30.11.2011

by Yvonne McCarthy , Kieran McQuinn and Robert Kelly

Paper: 11/RT/09, 23.11.2011

by Yvonne McCarthy and Reamonn Lydon

Paper: 11/RT/14, 22.11.2011

by Robert Kelly

Paper: 11/RT/13, 22.11.2011

by Gerard Kennedy and Tara McIndoe Calder

Paper: 11/RT/12, 22.11.2011

by Fergal McCann and Martina Lawless

Paper: 11/RT/11, 10.11.2011