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Global Imbalances and Taxing Capital Flows

Paper: 13q2a1, 03.06.2013

Like a Good Neighbor: Monetary Policy, Financial Stability, and the Distribution of Risk

Paper: 13q2a3, 03.06.2013

Imbalances and Policies

Paper: 13q2a5, 03.06.2013

Capital Injection, Monetary Policy, and Financial Accelerators

Paper: 13q2a6, 03.06.2013

Financial Frictions

Paper: 13q2a8, 03.06.2013

Unconventional Monetary Policy and the Great Recession: Estimating the Macroeconomic Effects of a Spread Compression at the Zero Lower Bound

Paper: 13q2a9, 03.06.2013

Term Structure Modeling with Supply Factors and the Federal Reserve's Large-Scale Asset Purchase Programs

Paper: 13q1a1, 07.03.2013

The Impact of Policy Initiatives on Credit Spreads during the 2007-09 Financial Crisis

Paper: 13q1a3, 07.03.2013

A European History Lesson for Today's Central Bankers

Paper: 13q1a5, 07.03.2013

Monetary Policy, Macroprudential Policy, and Banking Stability: Evidence from the Euro Area

Paper: 13q1a6, 07.03.2013

Banks' Equity Capital Frictions, Capital Ratios, and Interest Rates: Evidence from Spanish Banks

Paper: 13q1a8, 07.03.2013

Central Banks' Voting Records and Future Policy

Paper: 12q4a1, 30.11.2012

Extracting Deflation Probability Forecasts from Treasurey Yields

Paper: 12q4a2, 30.11.2012

DSGE Model Restrictions for Structural VAR Identification

Paper: 12q4a3, 30.11.2012

Using Estimated Models to Assess Nominal and Real Rigidities in the United Kingdom

Paper: 12q4a4, 30.11.2012

Modeling the Share of Cash Payments in the Economy: An Application to France

Paper: 12q4a5, 30.11.2012

Spoilt and Lazy: The Impact of State Support on Bank Behavior in the International Loan Market

Paper: 12q4a6, 30.11.2012

The Rise and Fall of U.S. Inflation Persistence

Paper: 12q3a2, 28.09.2012

Contagion in the Interbank Market with Stochastic Loss Given Default

Paper: 12q3a5, 28.09.2012

Estimated Impact of the Federal Reserve's Mortgage-Backed Securities Purchase Program

Paper: 12q2a1, 01.06.2012

JEL: E52, E58, G01

Traditional versus New Keynesian Phillips Curves: Evidence from Output Effects

Paper: 12q2a3, 01.06.2012

JEL: E31, E32, E40

Estimating Inflation Expectations with a Limited Number of Inflation-Indexed Bonds

Paper: 12q2a4, 01.06.2012

JEL: E31, E43, G12

Diagnosing the Financial System: Financial Conditions and Financial Stress

Paper: 12q2a6, 01.06.2012

JEL: C43, G01, G17

A Review of Allan Meltzer's A History of the Federal Reserve, Volume 2

Paper: 12q2a7, 01.06.2012

JEL: E52, E58

Is Exchange Rate Stabilization an Appropriate Cure for the Dutch Disease?

Paper: 12q1a1, 01.03.2012

JEL: E52, F31, F41

DSGE Models: I Smell a Rat (and It Smells Good)

Paper: 12q1a3, 01.03.2012

JEL: E20, E30, E60

Reserve Requirements for Price and Financial Stability: When Are They Effective?

Paper: 12q1a4, 01.03.2012

JEL: E52, E58, F41, G18

The Federal Reserve as an Informed Foreign Exchange Trader: 1973-1995

Paper: 12q1a6, 01.03.2012

JEL: E52, E58, F31

Central Banking in an Open Economy

Paper: 12q1a8, 01.03.2012

JEL: E50, F33

Food Price Pass-Through in the Euro Area: Non-Linearities and the Role of the Common Agricultural Policy

Paper: 12q1a9, 01.03.2012

JEL: C32, C53, E30, Q17

Tactics and Strategy in Monetary Policy: Benjamin Friedman's Thinking and the Swiss National Bank.

Paper: 12q0a1, 09.02.2012

How Flexible Can Inflation Targeting Be and Still Work?.

Paper: 12q0a3, 09.02.2012

Inflation Targeting: A Canadian Perspective

Paper: 12q0a5, 09.02.2012

The Role of Expectations in Inflation Dynamics

Paper: 12q0a7, 09.02.2012

Get Real: Interpreting Nominal Exchange Rate Fluctuations

Paper: 12q0a9, 09.02.2012

A Pigovian Approach to Liquidity Regulation

Paper: 11q4a1, 01.12.2011

Macroeconomic Propagation under Different Regulatory Regimes: Evidence from an Estimated DSGE Model for the Euro Area

Paper: 11q4a3, 01.12.2011

Capital Regulation and Tail Risk

Paper: 11q4a5, 01.12.2011

The Capital Conundrum

Paper: 11q4a7, 01.12.2011

Anchoring Countercyclical Capital Buffers: The Role of Credit Aggregatres

Paper: 11q4a8, 01.12.2011

Anticipated Alternative Policy Rate Paths in Policy Simulations

Paper: 11q3a1, 01.09.2011

A Bivariate Model of Federal Reserve and ECB Main Policy Rates

Paper: 11q3a2, 01.09.2011

Interest Rate Smoothing and "Calvo-Type" Interest Rate Rules: A Comment on Levine, McAdam, and Pearlman (2007)

Paper: 11q3a3, 01.09.2011

Does Monetary Policy React to Asset prices? Some International Evidence

Paper: 11q3a4, 01.09.2011

The Financial Market Impact of Quantitative Easing in the united Kingdom

Paper: 11q3a5, 01.09.2011

Determinants of house Prices in Nine Asia-Pacific Economies

Paper: 11q3a6, 01.09.2011

Imperfect Central Bank Communication: Information versus Distraction

Paper: 11q2a1, 31.05.2011

Inflation Conservatism and Monetary-Fiscal Policy Interactions

Paper: 11q2a2, 31.05.2011

Endogenous Central Bank Information and the Optimal Degree of Transparency

Paper: 11q2a3, 31.05.2011

Inflation Risk Premia and Survey Evidence on Macroeconomic Uncertainty

Paper: 11q2a4, 31.05.2011

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