Central bank research hub - Series: IJCB International Journal of Central Banking 2019

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by Benjamin D Nelson

Paper: 8, 01.12.2019

JEL: E23, E32

by Juan R. Hernández , Daniel Chiquiar and Carlos Capistrán

Paper: 6, 01.12.2019

JEL: C32, C51, E10, E17

by Laura Bartiloro , Alfonso Rosolia and Marco Bottone

Paper: 5, 01.12.2019

JEL: D22, D8, E31

by Lucrezia Reichlin , Domenico Giannone and Michele Lenza

Paper: 4, 01.12.2019

JEL: C32, C51, E32, E51, E52

by Giuseppe Cappelletti and Giovanni Guazzarotti

Paper: 3, 01.12.2019

JEL: C23, C24, G21, G28

by Jesper Pedersen

Paper: 2, 01.12.2019

JEL: E17, E32, E62, E65, F41

by Peter G. Dunne and Giovanna Bua

Paper: 1, 01.12.2019

JEL: C72, C82, D72, H00

by Fergal McCann and Conor O'Toole

Paper: 19q4a8, 01.10.2019

JEL: G21

by Dean Croushore

Paper: 19q4a7, 01.10.2019

JEL: E01, E37, E52

by Elizabeth Klee , Emre Yoldas and Zeynep Senyuz

Paper: 19q4a5, 01.10.2019

JEL: C32, E43, E52, G21, G28

by Isabella Moder

Paper: 19q4a4, 01.10.2019

JEL: C11, C32, E52, F42

by Maik H. Wolters , Nils Jannsen and Galina Potjagailo

Paper: 3, 01.10.2019

JEL: C33, E52, E58, G01

by Valentina Aprigliano , Libero Monteforte and Guerino Ardizzi

Paper: 19q4a2, 01.10.2019

JEL: C53, E17, E27, E32, E37, E42

by Jamie Coen , May Rostom and William B. Francis

Paper: 6, 01.10.2019

JEL: G21, G28, G38

by José María Serena Garralda and Garima Vasishtha

Paper: 19q3a7, 01.09.2019

JEL: F14, F19

by John Krainer , Reint Gropp and Elizabeth Laderman

Paper: 19q3a6, 01.09.2019

JEL: E21, G21

by Tianxi Wang

Paper: 19q3a4, 01.09.2019

JEL: E5, E65, G21

by Jakub Matějů

Paper: 19q3a3, 01.09.2019

JEL: C54, E52

by Richhild Moessner , Martina Jašová and Elöd Takáts

Paper: 19q3a2, 01.09.2019

JEL: E31, E58, F31

by Kuk Mo Jung

Paper: 19q3a1, 01.09.2019

JEL: E43, E50, E52, G12

by Serkan Imisiker and Bedri Kamil Onur Tas

Paper: 19q2a8, 01.06.2019

JEL: E52, E58

by Yasin Mimir and Enes Sunel

Paper: 19q2a7, 01.06.2019

JEL: E44, E52, F41

by Helena Glebocki Keefe and Erick W. Rengifo

Paper: 19q2a6, 01.06.2019

JEL: F31, G15

by Christian Hepenstrick , Alain Galli and Rolf Scheufele

Paper: 19q2a5, 01.06.2019

JEL: C32, C53, E37

by Diana Bonfim and Moshe Kim

Paper: 19q2a4, 01.06.2019

JEL: G21, G28

by Eric Schaling , Alain Kabundi and Modeste Some

Paper: 19q2a3, 01.06.2019

JEL: C51, E52, E58

by Pierre L. Siklos , Domenico Lombardi and Samantha St. Amand

Paper: 19q2a2, 01.06.2019

JEL: E52, E58, G12, G28

by Martien Lamers , Frederik Mergaerts , Elien Meuleman and Rudi Vander Vennet

Paper: 19q2a1, 01.06.2019

JEL: E52, G21, G32

by William Oman

Paper: 19q1a8, 01.03.2019


JEL: E32, E44, E58, F36, F44, F45

by Alex Haberis , Kate Reinold and Riccardo M. Masolo

Paper: 19q1a6, 01.03.2019


JEL: E31, E37, E43, E47, E52

by Elena Bobeica and Marek Jarociński

Paper: 19q1a5, 01.03.2019


JEL: E31, E32, F44

by Desislava C. Andreeva and Thomas Vlassopoulos

Paper: 19q1a4, 01.03.2019


JEL: G01, G11, G21, H6

by Alexander H. von Hafften and Wayne Passmore

Paper: 19q1a3, 01.03.2019


JEL: G01, G18, G21

by Judit Temesvary and Elöd Takáts

Paper: 19q1a2, 01.03.2019


JEL: F34, F42, G21, G38

by Jose A. Lopez and Scott A. Brave

Paper: 19q1a1, 01.03.2019


JEL: G17, G18, G28