Central Bank Research Hub - Series: IJCB International Journal of Central Banking 2016

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Title Author(s)

Consumer Cash Usage: A Cross-Country Comparison with Payment Diary Survey Data

Paper: 16q4a01, 01.12.2016

JEL: D12, E41, E58

Death of a Reserve Currency

Paper: 16q4a02, 01.12.2016

JEL: E58, F33, N13

What Is Learned from a Currency Crisis, Fear of Floating, or Hollow Middle? Identifying Exchange Rate Policy in Crisis Countries

Paper: 16q4a03, 01.12.2016

JEL: C32, E52, F31, F33

Which Aspects of Central Bank Transparency Matter? A Comprehensive Analysis of the Effect of Transparency on Survey Forecasts

Paper: 16q4a04, 01.12.2016

JEL: C53, D83, E50

Bank Lending in Times of Large Bank Reserves

Paper: 16q4a05, 01.12.2016

JEL: E42, E43, E51, G21

Fedspeak: Who Moves U.S. Asset Prices?

Paper: 16q4a06, 01.12.2016

JEL: C1, E5

Globalization, Pass-Through, and Inflation Dynamics

Paper: 16q4a07, 01.12.2016

JEL: F40, F60

The Demand for Short-Term, Safe Assets and Financial Stability: Some Evidence and Implications for Central Bank Policies

Paper: 16q4a08, 01.12.2016

JEL: E4, E5, G12, G18, G2

The Financial and Macroeconomic Effects of the OMT Announcements

Paper: 16q3a01, 01.09.2016

JEL: C54, E47, E58

Beggar-Thy-Neighbor? The International Effects of ECB Unconventional Monetary Policy Measures

Paper: 16q3a02, 01.09.2016

JEL: C11, C32, E52, F42, G15

Options-Implied Probability Density Functions for Real Interest Rates

Paper: 16q3a03, 01.09.2016

JEL: C58, E43, G12

The Effect of Unconventional Monetary Policy on Inflation Expectations: Evidence from Firms in the United Kingdom

Paper: 16q3a04, 01.09.2016

JEL: D22, E31, E52

Long-Run Inflation Uncertainty

Paper: 16q3a05, 01.09.2016

JEL: E31, E44, G13

Policy Spillovers and Synergies in a Monetary Union

Paper: 16q3a06, 01.09.2016

JEL: D42, E44, E63

Financial Intermediation in a Global Environment

Paper: 16q3a07, 01.09.2016

JEL: E44, F40, G01, G21

Rule-of-Thumb Consumers and Labor Tax Cut Policy at the Zero Lower Bound

Paper: 16q3a08, 01.09.2016

JEL: E52, E62

Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models and Their Discontents

Paper: 16q3a09, 01.09.2016

JEL: E32, E37, E62, F15

Eurosystem Household Finance and Consumption Survey: Main Results on Assets, Debt, and Saving

Paper: 16q2a01, 01.06.2016

Household Saving Behavior in the Euro Area

Paper: 16q2a02, 01.06.2016

JEL: C8, D12, D14, D91

The Distribution of Debt across Euro-Area Countries: The Role of Individual Characteristics, Institutions, and Credit Conditions

Paper: 16q2a03, 01.06.2016

JEL: D14, G21, G28, K35

How Do Households Allocate Their Assets? Stylized Facts from the Eurosystem Household Finance and Consumption Survey

Paper: 16q2a04, 01.06.2016

JEL: D1, D3

Supranational Supervision: How Much and For Whom?

Paper: 16q2a05, 01.06.2016

JEL: G21, G28

ECB Unconventional Monetary Policy and the Italian Economy during the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Paper: 16q2a06, 01.06.2016

JEL: E44, E52, E58

The Transmission of Federal Reserve Tapering News to Emerging Financial Markets

Paper: 16q2a07, 01.06.2016

JEL: F3, F36, G14

Optimal Inflation Weights in the Euro Area

Paper: 16q2a08, 01.06.2016

JEL: E52, F41

The Effects of Liquidity Regulation on Bank Assets and Liabilities

Paper: 16q2a09, 01.06.2016

JEL: E44, G21, G28

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