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by Guofeng Sun

Paper: 822, 01.11.2019

JEL: E44, E51, G28

by Massimiliano Affinito

Paper: 821, 01.11.2019

JEL: C30, E52, G21

by Youngsuk Yook and Gazi I Kara

Paper: 820, 01.10.2019

JEL: G21, G28

by Valentina Bruno and Hyun Song Shin

Paper: 819, 01.10.2019

JEL: F34, F42

by Dora Xia , Claudio Borio and Mathias Drehmann

Paper: 818, 01.10.2019

JEL: C33, E37, E44

by Piti Disyatat , Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul and Claudio Borio

Paper: 817, 01.10.2019

JEL: E43, E52, E58

by Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul , Andrew Filardo and Paul Hubert

Paper: 816, 01.10.2019

JEL: E50, E52, G00, G01, G12

by Stijn Claessens

Paper: 815, 01.10.2019

JEL: F30, G11, G12, G15

by Richhild Moessner , Aaron N. Mehrotra and Chang Shu

Paper: 814, 01.09.2019

JEL: E43, E52, F42, F65

by Peter Hördahl and Oreste Tristani

Paper: 813, 01.09.2019

JEL: E31, E40, E44, E52, E58, E62, E63

by Jouchi Nakajima and Emanuel Kohlscheen

Paper: 812, 01.09.2019

JEL: C11, C15, E30, O40

by Raphael Auer

Paper: 811, 01.09.2019

JEL: D20, D40, E42, E51, F31, G12, G18, G28, G32, G38, K22, K24, L10, L50, M40

by Iñaki Aldasoro , Andreas Barth , Egemen Eren and Florian Balke

Paper: 810, 01.09.2019

JEL: G21, G28

by Gabriele Galati , Richhild Moessner , Federica Teppa and Nikos Apokoritis

Paper: 809, 01.09.2019

JEL: E31, E58, F62

by Hiro Ito and Robert N. McCauley

Paper: 808, 01.08.2019

JEL: F32, G15, G22, Q54

by Michael Brei and Claudio Borio

Paper: 807, 01.08.2019

JEL: C53, E43, E52, G21

by Yin-Wong Cheun and Robert N. McCauley

Paper: 806, 01.08.2019

JEL: C24, F31, F33, G15, G18

by Charles Engel and Feng Zhu

Paper: 805, 01.08.2019

JEL: E43, F31

by Oreste Tristani and Fiorella De Fiore

Paper: 804, 01.08.2019

JEL: E44, E52, E61

by José Bustamante , Walter Cuba and Rafael Nivin

Paper: 803, 01.07.2019

JEL: E44, G21, G32, L25

by Calixto López , Carlos Cantú , Roberto Lobato and Fabrizio Lopez-Gallo

Paper: 802, 01.07.2019

JEL: E44, E51, E52, E58, G21

by Paola Morales , Daniel Osorio and Juan Sebastian Lemus-Esquivel

Paper: 801, 01.07.2019

JEL: E43, E52, F23, F34, F44

by Miguel Biron , Antonio Lemus and Felipe Córdova

Paper: 800, 01.07.2019

JEL: E40, E44, E51, E52, E58, G21

by Rodrigo Barbone Gonzalez

Paper: 799, 01.07.2019

JEL: E51, E52, G21, G28

by Leonardo Gambacorta and Carlos Cantú

Paper: 798, 01.07.2019

JEL: E51, E58, G21

by Georgios Georgiadis and Feng Zhu

Paper: 797, 01.07.2019

JEL: C50, E52, F42

by Paolo Giudici , Stefan Avdjiev and Alessandro Spelta

Paper: 796, 01.07.2019

JEL: C58, C63, G01

by Gazi Kabaş , Yavuz Arslan and Ahmet Degerli

Paper: 795, 01.07.2019

JEL: D14, G21, J65

by François R. Velde , Benoît Mojon and Magali Marx

Paper: 794, 01.07.2019

JEL: E00, E40

by Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Hélène Rey

Paper: 793, 01.07.2019

JEL: E21, E40, E43

by Paul Tucker

Paper: 792, 01.07.2019

JEL: E44, E58, G28

by Kristin Forbes

Paper: 791, 01.07.2019

JEL: E31, E37, E52, E58, F62

by Harry Huizinga , Ata Can Bertay and Asli Demirgüç-Kunt

Paper: 790, 01.06.2019

JEL: F36, G21, G28

by Michael J. Lamla , Damjan Pfajfar and Lea Rendell

Paper: 789, 01.06.2019

JEL: D84, E31, E37, E58

by Maarten Dossche , Jef Boeckx , Gert Peersman , Boris Hofmann and Alessandro Galesi

Paper: 788, 01.06.2019

JEL: C32, E52

by Camila Casas

Paper: 787, 01.05.2019

JEL: F1, F2, L2, L6

by Thierry Mayer and Walter Steingress

Paper: 786, 01.05.2019

JEL: F11, F12, F31, F32

by Renzo Castellares and Hiroshi Toma

Paper: 785, 01.05.2019

JEL: D04, D49

by Fernando Giuliano and Emiliano Luttini

Paper: 784, 01.05.2019

JEL: F3, F4

by Egemen Eren and Semyon Malamud

Paper: 783, 01.05.2019

JEL: E44, E52, F33, F34, F41, F42, F44, G01, G15, G32

by Judit Temesvary and Előd Takáts

Paper: 782, 01.05.2019

JEL: F34, F42, G21, G38

by Serafin Frache and Rodrigo Lluberas

Paper: 781, 01.04.2019

JEL: D22, D84, E31

by Mauricio Calani

Paper: 780, 01.04.2019

JEL: G21, R31

by Carlos Urrutia and Enrique Alberola-Ila

Paper: 778, 01.04.2019


JEL: E26, E31, E52

by Piti Disyatat , Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul and Claudio Borio

Paper: 777, 26.03.2019


JEL: E32, E40, E44, E50, E52

by Benoît Mojon and Xavier Ragot

Paper: 776, 20.03.2019


JEL: E5, J3

by Boris Hofmann , Ilhyock Shim and Hyun Song Shin

Paper: 775, 18.03.2019


JEL: G12, G15, G23

by Boris Hofmann and Hyun Song Shin

Paper: 774, 18.03.2019


JEL: E58, F31, F33, F41, G20

by Bryan Hardy and Felipe Saffie

Paper: 773, 11.03.2019


JEL: E44, G15