Central bank research hub - Series: Bank for International Settlements BIS Working Papers 2018

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by Hiro Ito and Robert N. McCauley

Paper: 762, 01.12.2018

JEL: F31, F32, F33, F41

by Anna Cieslak and Andreas Schrimpf

Paper: 761, 01.12.2018

JEL: E43, E52, E58, G12

by Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan , Luis Servén and Stefan Avdjiev

Paper: 760, 01.11.2018

JEL: F21, F41, O1

by Ken Miyajima and James Yetman

Paper: 759, 01.11.2018

JEL: E31, E58

by Bryan Hardy

Paper: 758, 01.11.2018

JEL: E44, F31, F41, F44, G31, G32

by Jonathan Kearns , Dora Xia and Andreas Schrimpf

Paper: 757, 01.11.2018


JEL: E44, F36, F42, F65

by Leonardo Gambacorta , Michael Brei and Giovanni Ferri

Paper: 756, 01.11.2018


JEL: D63, G10, G21, O15

by Marco Jacopo Lombardi , Andrew Filardo and Marek Raczko

Paper: 755, 01.11.2018


JEL: D80, E32, E58, E71, F32, F34, G01

by Fernando Avalos and Emmanuel C Mamatzakis

Paper: 754, 01.11.2018

JEL: E43, E52, G21

by Valentina Bruno and Hyun Song Shin

Paper: 753, 01.10.2018

JEL: E44, G15

by Leonardo Gambacorta , Enisse Kharroubi and Pierre-Richard Agénor

Paper: 752, 01.10.2018

JEL: E44, G28, O41

by Raphael Auer , Ariel Burstein and Sarah M Lein

Paper: 751, 01.10.2018

JEL: D4, E31, E50, F31, F41, L11

by Gaetano Gaballo , Philippe Andrade , Eric Mengus and Benoît Mojon

Paper: 750, 01.10.2018

JEL: E31, E52, E65

by Richhild Moessner , Martina Jašová and Előd Takáts

Paper: 748, 01.09.2018

JEL: E31, E58, F62

by Stijn Claessens , Andy Law and Teng Wang

Paper: 747, 01.09.2018

JEL: G21, G28

by Stefan Avdjiev , Uluc Aysun and Ralf Hepp

Paper: 746, 01.09.2018


JEL: E44, F32, G15, G21

by Kwanho Shin and Ilhyock Shim

Paper: 745, 01.09.2018


JEL: E44, F15, F21, F34, F38

by James Yetman and Mathias Drehmann

Paper: 744, 01.09.2018


JEL: E44, G01

by Semyon Malamud and Andreas Schrimpf

Paper: 743, 01.09.2018


JEL: E44, E52, F31, F33, G13, G15, G23

by Richhild Moessner , Özer Karagedikli and Gunda-Alexandra Detmers

Paper: 742, 01.08.2018

JEL: E43, E44, E52, E58, G12

by Michael Brei and Ramon Moreno

Paper: 741, 01.08.2018

JEL: C53, E43, E52, G21

by Ilhyock Shim , Björn Richter and Moritz Schularick

Paper: 740, 01.08.2018

JEL: E58, G28

by Raphael Auer , Andrei A Levchenko and Barthélémy Bonadio

Paper: 739, 01.08.2018


JEL: F11, F13, F16, F62, J62, R13

by Iñaki Aldasoro and Kyounghoon Park

Paper: 738, 01.08.2018


JEL: C50, G00, G10, G21

by Stefan Avdjiev , Goetz von Peter , Patrick McGuire and Catherine Koch

Paper: 737, 01.08.2018


JEL: E59, F42, G21

by Jouchi Nakajima

Paper: 736, 01.07.2018


JEL: D14, D81, D84, E21, G11

by Stefan Avdjiev , Bat-el Berger and Hyun Song Shin

Paper: 735, 01.07.2018


JEL: F32, F34, G01

by Monika Piazzesi and Martin Schneider

Paper: 734, 01.07.2018

JEL: E00, E13, E41, E42, E43, E44, E51, E52, E58, G1, G12, G21

by Ricardo J. Caballero and Alp Simsek

Paper: 733, 01.07.2018

JEL: E00, E12, E21, E22, E30, E40, G00, G01, G11

by Richard Clarida

Paper: 732, 01.07.2018

JEL: E4, E5, F3, F31

by Michal Franta

Paper: 731, 01.06.2018

JEL: C11, E37, E52

by Stefan Avdjiev and Galina Hale

Paper: 730, 01.06.2018

JEL: F21, F32, F34

by Nathan Sussman and Osnat Zohar

Paper: 729, 01.06.2018

JEL: E31, E32, E52, E58

by James Yetman and Rasmus Fatum

Paper: 728, 01.06.2018

JEL: F31, G15

by Emanuel Kohlscheen , Aaron N. Mehrotra and Dubravko Mihaljek

Paper: 726, 01.06.2018


JEL: E22, E32, E37, E43, E52, F44

by Dante B Canlas , Johnny Noe E Ravalo and Eli M. Remolona

Paper: 724, 01.05.2018


JEL: C21, G21, G28, O35

by Pierre L. Siklos and Andrew Filardo

Paper: 723, 01.05.2018


JEL: E32, E5, F15, F36, F44

by Mikael Juselius and Előd Takáts

Paper: 722, 01.05.2018


JEL: E31, E52, J11

by Richhild Moessner

Paper: 721, 01.05.2018


JEL: E58, G15

by Luis Ceballos , Sebastián Claro , Elias Albagli and Damian Romero

Paper: 719, 01.05.2018


JEL: E43, G12, G15

by Lorenzo Menna and Martín Tobal

Paper: 717, 01.05.2018


JEL: E52, F32

by Sergei Seleznev , Alexey Ponomarenko and Anna Rozhkova

Paper: 716, 01.04.2018

JEL: C32, G2, O16

by Benjamin K Johannsen and Elmar Mertens

Paper: 715, 01.04.2018

JEL: C32, C34, C53, E43, E47

by Güneş Kamber and Madhusudan Mohanty

Paper: 714, 01.04.2018


JEL: C22, E5, G14

by James M. Nason and Elmar Mertens

Paper: 713, 01.04.2018


JEL: C11, C32, E31

by José María Serena Garralda and Ramon Moreno

Paper: 712, 01.03.2018

JEL: F24, F36, G15, G30

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