Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Philadelphia Fed Working Papers 2007

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The Reaction of Consumer Spending and Debt to Tax Rebates: Evidence from Consumer Credit Data

Paper: wp07-34, 20.12.2007

Net Worth and Housing Equity in Retirement

Paper: wp07-33, 19.12.2007

Payment Network Scale Economies, SEPA, and Cash Replacement

Paper: wp07-32, 28.11.2007

The Anatomy of U.S. Personal Bankruptcy Under Chapter 13

Paper: wp07-31, 20.11.2007

Private Risk Premium and Aggregate Uncertainty in the Model of Uninsurable Investment Risk

Paper: wp07-30, 19.11.2007

Pricing-to-Market and the Failure of Absolute PPP

Paper: wp07-29, 15.11.2007

Innovation Across U.S. Industries: The Effects of Local Economic Characteristics

Paper: wp07-28, 29.10.2007

Interest Rate Versus Money Supply Instruments: On the Implementation of Markov-Perfect Optimal Monetary Policy

Paper: wp07-27, 23.10.2007

Optimal Pricing of Payment Services When Cash Is An Alternative

Paper: wp07-26, 23.10.2007

Innovation, Cities, and New Work

Paper: wp07-25, 19.10.2007

Idiosyncratic Shocks and the Role of Nonconvexities in Plant and Aggregate Investment Dynamics

Paper: wp07-24, 18.10.2007

Thick-Market Effects and Churning in the Labor Market: Evidence from U.S. Cities

Paper: wp07-23, 15.10.2007

A Dynamic Model of the Payment System

Paper: wp07-22, 12.10.2007

Business Method Patents for U.S. Financial Services

Paper: wp07-21, 22.09.2007

Intellectual Property Rights and Standard Setting in Financial Services: The Case of the Single European Payments Area

Paper: wp07-20, 22.09.2007

The Cyclicality of Separation and Job Finding Rates

Paper: wp07-19, 22.09.2007

The Relationship Between the Establishment Age Distribution and Urban Growth

Paper: wp07-18, 15.08.2007

Establishment Heterogeneity, Exporter Dynamics, and the Effects of Trade Liberalization

Paper: wp07-17, 15.08.2007

A Quantitative Theory of Unsecured Consumer Credit with Risk of Default

Paper: wp07-16, 23.06.2007

Spin-Offs and the Market for Ideas

Paper: wp07-15, 01.06.2007

A Finite-Life Private-Information Theory of Unsecured Consumer Debt

Paper: wp07-14, 01.06.2007

A Comparison of Poverty Trends and Policy Impacts for Working Families Using Different Poverty Indexes

Paper: wp07-13, 01.06.2007

Dynamics of Worker Flows and Vacancies: Evidence from the Agnostic Identification Approach

Paper: wp07-12, 01.06.2007

The Long and Large Decline in State Employment Growth Volatility

Paper: wp07-11, 01.06.2007

Bankruptcy: Is It Enough to Forgive or Must We Also Forget?

Paper: wp07-10, 01.05.2007

Competitive Effects of Basel II on U.S. Bank Credit Card Lending

Paper: wp07-09, 01.05.2007

Mismeasured Personal Saving and the Permanent Income Hypothesis

Paper: wp07-08, 01.05.2007

Matching Externalities and Inventive Productivity

Paper: wp07-07, 01.05.2007

Economics and the Design of Patent Systems

Paper: wp07-06, 01.05.2007

The Cyclicality of Worker Flows: New Evidence from the SIPP

Paper: wp07-05, 01.05.2007

Capital and Macroeconomic Instability in a Discrete-Time Model with Forward-Looking Interest Rate Rules

Paper: wp07-04, 01.05.2007

Overconfidence in Financial Markets and Consumption Over the Life Cycle

Paper: wp07-03, 01.05.2007

Reassessing the Shimer Facts

Paper: wp07-02, 01.05.2007

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