Central bank research hub - Series: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Working Papers 2007

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by Chunlin Liu , Sumit Agarwal and Nicholas Souleles

Paper: wp07-34, 20.12.2007

by Nicholas Souleles and Todd Sinai

Paper: wp07-33, 19.12.2007

by David Humphrey and Wilko Bolt

Paper: wp07-32, 28.11.2007

by Hülya Eraslan , Pierre-Daniel Sarte and Wenli Li

Paper: wp07-31, 20.11.2007

by Francisco Covas and Shigeru Fujita

Paper: wp07-30, 19.11.2007

by Joseph Kaboski and George Alessandria

Paper: wp07-29, 15.11.2007

by Robert M. Hunt and Gerald A. Carlino

Paper: wp07-28, 29.10.2007

by Andreas Hornstein and Michael Dotsey

Paper: wp07-27, 23.10.2007

by William Roberds and Cyril Monnet

Paper: wp07-26, 23.10.2007

by Jeffrey Lin

Paper: wp07-25, 19.10.2007

by Julia K. Thomas and Aubhik Khan

Paper: wp07-24, 18.10.2007

by Jeffrey Lin and Hoyt Bleakley

Paper: wp07-23, 15.10.2007

by Thorsten V. Koeppl , Cyril Monnet and Ted Temzelides

Paper: wp07-22, 12.10.2007

by Robert M. Hunt

Paper: wp07-21, 22.09.2007

by Tuomas Takalo , Robert M. Hunt and Samuli Simojoki

Paper: wp07-20, 22.09.2007

by Shigeru Fujita and Garey Ramey

Paper: wp07-19, 22.09.2007

by R. Jason Faberman

Paper: wp07-18, 15.08.2007

by George Alessandria and Horag Choi

Paper: wp07-17, 15.08.2007

by Esteban Rossi-Hansberg and Satyajit Chatterjee

Paper: wp07-15, 01.06.2007

by Dean Corbae , Satyajit Chatterjee and José-Víctor Ríos-Rull

Paper: wp07-14, 01.06.2007

by Robert H. DeFina

Paper: wp07-13, 01.06.2007

by Shigeru Fujita

Paper: wp07-12, 01.06.2007

by Keith Sill , Robert DeFina and Gerald A. Carlino

Paper: wp07-11, 01.06.2007

by Piero Gottardi and Ronel Elul

Paper: wp07-10, 01.05.2007

by Todd A. Vermilyea , Loretta J. Mester and William W. Lang

Paper: wp07-09, 01.05.2007

by Tom Stark and Leonard I. Nakamura

Paper: wp07-08, 01.05.2007

by Robert M. Hunt

Paper: wp07-07, 01.05.2007

by Robert M. Hunt

Paper: wp07-06, 01.05.2007

by Christopher J. Nekarda , Shigeru Fujita and Garey Ramey

Paper: wp07-05, 01.05.2007

by Qinglai Meng and Kevin X.D. Huang

Paper: wp07-04, 01.05.2007

by Frank Caliendo and Kevin X.D. Huang

Paper: wp07-03, 01.05.2007

by Shigeru Fujita and Garey Ramey

Paper: wp07-02, 01.05.2007