Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Philadelphia Fed Working Papers 2004

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Financial Intermediaries, Markets, and Growth

Paper: wp04-24, 02.12.2004

On the Stability of Employment Growth: A Postwar View from the U.S. States

Paper: wp04-21, 25.10.2004

Hedonic Estimates of the Cost of Housing Services: Rental and Owner-Occupied Units

Paper: wp04-22, 25.10.2004

Vacancy Persistence

Paper: wp04-23, 25.10.2004

Trade and the (Dis) Incentive to Reform Labor Markets: The Case of Reform in the European Union

Paper: wp04-18, 25.10.2004

Violating Purchasing Power Parity

Paper: wp04-19, 25.10.2004

Transactions Accounts and Loan Monitoring

Paper: wp04-20, 25.10.2004

Matching and Learning in Cities: Evidence from Patent Data

Paper: wp04-16, 04.10.2004

The CPI for Rents: A Case of Understated Inflation

Paper: wp04-17, 04.10.2004

A Redefinition of Economic Regions in the U.S.

Paper: wp04-12, 09.09.2004

Modeling Inventories over the Business Cycle

Paper: wp04-13, 09.09.2004

Bankruptcy Exemptions, Credit History, and the Mortgage Market

Paper: wp04-14, 09.09.2004

Idiosyncratic Shocks and the Role of Nonconvexities in Plant and Aggregate Investment Dynamics

Paper: wp04-15, 09.09.2004

Specific Factors Meet Intermediate Inputs: Implications for Strategic Complementarities and Persistence

Paper: wp04-07, 03.09.2004

Multiple Stages of Processing and the Quantity Anomaly in International Business Cycle Models

Paper: wp04-08, 03.09.2004

Consistent Economic Indexes for the 50 States

Paper: wp04-09, 03.09.2004

Life Insurance and Household Consumption

Paper: wp04-10, 03.09.2004

Inventories and the Business Cycle: An Equilibrium Analysis of (S, s) Policies

Paper: wp04-11, 03.09.2004

Inflation Targeting: What Inflation Rate to Target?

Paper: wp04-06, 02.08.2004

Fresh Start or Head Start? The Effect of Filing for Personal Bankruptcy on the Labor Supply

Paper: wp04-05, 16.07.2004

Why Is Manufacturing Trade Rising Even as Manufacturing Output is Falling?

Paper: wp04-04, 20.04.2004

How Did the Miami Labor Market Absorb the Mariel Immigrants?

Paper: wp04-03, 20.04.2004

The Rise of the Skilled City

Paper: wp04-02, 20.04.2004

Local Open Economies Within the U.S.: How Do Industries Respond to Immigration?

Paper: wp04-01, 20.04.2004

On the Contribution of Agglomeration Economies to the Spatial Concentration of U.S. Employment

Paper: wp03-24, 01.01.2004

An Alternative Definition of Economic Regions in the U.S. Based on Similarities in State Business Cycles

Paper: wp03-23, 01.01.2004

Monetary Policy, Oil Shocks, and TFP: Accounting for the Decline in U.S. Volatility

Paper: wp03-22, 01.01.2004

The Evolution of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange: 1964-2002

Paper: wp03-21, 01.01.2004

On the Welfare Gains of Eliminating a Small Likelihood of Economic Crises: A Case for Stabilization Policies?

Paper: wp03-20, 01.01.2004

International Risk-Sharing and the Transmission of Productivity Shocks

Paper: wp03-19, 01.01.2004

Postwar Period Changes in Employment Volatility: New Evidence from State/Industry Panel Data

Paper: wp03-18, 01.01.2004

An Empirical Look At Software Patents

Paper: wp03-17, 01.01.2004

Cost Savings From Electronic Payments and ATMS in Europe

Paper: wp03-16, 01.01.2004

Growth Effects of Progressive Taxes

Paper: wp03-15, 01.01.2004

The Macroeconomics of U.S. Consumer Bankruptcy Choice: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?

Paper: wp03-14, 01.01.2004

Applying Efficiency Measurement Techniques to Central Banks

Paper: wp03-13, 01.01.2004

Immigration and Housing Rents in American Cities

Paper: wp03-12, 01.01.2004

A Note on Global Welfare in Pharmaceutical Patenting

Paper: wp03-11, 01.01.2004

Urban Decline and Housing Reinvestment: The Role of Construction Costs and the Supply Side

Paper: wp03-09, 01.01.2004

A Short-Term Model of the Fed's Portfolio Choice

Paper: wp03-08, 01.01.2004

Credit Card Securitization and Regulatory Arbitrage

Paper: wp03-07, 01.01.2004

What Is the Value of Recourse to Asset Backed Securities? A Clinical Study of Credit Card Banks

Paper: wp03-06, 01.01.2004

How Strong Is Co-Movement in Employment Over the Business Cycle? Evidence from State/Industry Data

Paper: wp03-05, 01.01.2004

Backward-Looking Interest-Rate Rules, Interest-Rate Smoothing, and Macroeconomic Instability

Paper: wp03-04, 01.01.2004

Non-Exclusive Contracts, Collateralized Trade, and a Theory of an Exchange

Paper: wp03-03, 01.01.2004

The Effects of a Baby Boom on Stock Prices and Capital Accumulation in the Presence of Social Security

Paper: wp03-02, 01.01.2004

Data Revisions and the Identification of Monetary Policy Shocks

Paper: wp03-01, 01.01.2004

Collateral and Competition

Paper: wp02-22, 01.01.2004

The Development and Regulation of Consumer Credit Reporting in America

Paper: wp02-21, 01.01.2004

Inventories and the Business Cycle: An Equilibrium Analysis of (S,s) Policies

Paper: wp02-20, 01.01.2004

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