Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Minneapolis Fed Working Papers

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Sticky Prices and Sectoral Real Exchange Rates

Paper: WP656, 24.10.2007

Intermediated Quantities and Returns

Paper: WP655, 28.09.2007

Reply to Solow

Paper: WP654, 21.09.2007

Asymmetric Expectation Effects of Regime Shifts and the Great Moderation

Paper: WP653, 13.07.2007

Sales and the Real Effects of Monetary Policy

Paper: WP652, 23.04.2007

Openness, Technology Capital, and Development

Paper: WP651, 04.04.2007

If Exchange Rates Are Random Walks Then Almost Everything We Say About Monetary Policy Is Wrong

Paper: WP650, 22.03.2007

New Goods and the Size Distribution of Firms

Paper: WP649, 22.01.2007

On the Needed Quantity of Government Debt

Paper: WP648, 28.12.2006

Comparing Alternative Representations and Alternative Methodologies in Business Cycle Accounting

Paper: WP647, 23.12.2006

Technology Capital and the U.S. Current Account

Paper: WP646, 29.11.2006

Consumer Search and Firm Growth

Paper: WP645, 17.10.2006

Investment-Specific Technological Change, Skill Accumulation, and Wage Inequality

Paper: WP644, 17.08.2006

Measurement with Minimal Theory

Paper: WP643, 05.07.2006

New Evidence on State Banking Before the Civil War

Paper: WP642, 26.05.2006

A Model of Banknote Discounts

Paper: WP641, 22.12.2005

Dynamic Contracting, Persistent Shocks and Optimal Taxation

Paper: WP640, 17.10.2005

Stochastic Optimal Growth with a Non-Compact State Space

Paper: WP639, 17.10.2005

JEL: C61, C62, O41

Accounting for the Heterogeneity in Retirement Wealth

Paper: WP638, 22.09.2005

JEL: E21, H31, H55

Smooth Nonexpected Utility without State Independence

Paper: WP637, 30.08.2005

Sweat Equity

Paper: WP636, 21.06.2005

Consumption Along the Life Cycle? How Different Is Housing?

Paper: WP635, 30.04.2005

JEL: E21, H31, J14, R21

Early State Banks in the United States: How Many Were There and When Did They Exist?

Paper: WP634, 27.04.2005

JEL: G21, N21

Business Cycle Accounting

Paper: wp625, 27.08.2004

The Size Distribution of Firms in an Economy with Fixed and Entry Costs

Paper: wp633, 25.06.2004

Taxation, Entrepreneurship and Wealth

Paper: wp632, 08.06.2004

An Economic Test of Structural VARs

Paper: wp631, 27.05.2004

Efficiency with Endogenous Population Growth

Paper: wp630, 15.04.2004

Banknote Prices in the United States Prior to 1860

Paper: wp629, 15.04.2004

Designing Optimal Disability Insurance

Paper: wp628, 15.04.2004

Time-Varying Risk, Interest Rates and Exchange Rates in General Equilibrium

Paper: wp627, 15.04.2004

The Optimal Degree of Discretion in Monetary Policy

Paper: wp626, 15.04.2004

Equilibrium and Government Commitment

Paper: wp624, 15.04.2004

Banknote Exchange Rate in the Antebellum United States

Paper: wp623, 15.04.2004

On the Robustness of Herds

Paper: wp622, 15.04.2004

Competitive Equilibria with Limited Enforcement

Paper: wp621, 15.04.2004

Accounting for the Great Depression

Paper: wp619, 15.04.2004

Prosperity and Depression: 2002 Richard T. Ely Lecture

Paper: wp618, 15.04.2004

Optimal Indirect and Capital Taxation

Paper: wp615, 15.04.2004

On the optimality of transparent monetary policy

Paper: wp613, 15.04.2004

A Game-Theoretic View of the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level

Paper: wp612, 15.04.2004

Exhuming Q: Market Power Capital Market Imperfections

Paper: wp611, 15.04.2004

Interest Rates and Inflation

Paper: wp609, 15.04.2004

Limited Enforcement and Efficient Interbank Arrangements

Paper: wp608, 15.04.2004

The 1990s in Japan: A Lost Decade

Paper: wp607, 15.04.2004

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