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The Illusion of School Choice: Empirical Evidence from Barcelona

Paper: wp712, 06.01.2015

JEL: C78, D63, I24

The Glass Ceiling and the Paper Floor: Gender Differences among Top Earners, 19812012

Paper: WP716, 23.10.2014

JEL: E24, G10, J31

An Assignment Model of Knowledge Diffusion and Income Inequality

Paper: WP715, 18.09.2014

JEL: L2, O3, O4

Portfolio Choices and Risk Preferences in Village Economies

Paper: WP706, 17.06.2013

Reconciling Consumption Inequality with Income Inequality

Paper: WP705, 01.05.2013

Women's Emancipation through Education: A Macroeconomic Analysis

Paper: WP704, 19.04.2013

JEL: D13, E24, J12

The Stolper-Samuelson Effects of a Decline in Aggregate Consumption

Paper: WP703, 26.02.2013

JEL: E25, E32, L16

Optimal Devaluations

Paper: WP702, 08.02.2013

Unconventional Fiscal Policy at the Zero Bound

Paper: WP698, 14.08.2012

JEL: E31, E40, E52, E58, E62, E63

Understanding the Long-Run Decline in Interstate Migration

Paper: WP697, 05.04.2012

JEL: D83, J11, J24, J61, R12, R23

Slow Convergence in Economies with Firm Heterogeneity

Paper: WP696, 06.03.2012

JEL: E10, L10

Clearing Arrangements in the United States before the Federal Reserve System

Paper: WP695, 17.02.2012

The Labor Productivity Puzzle

Paper: WP694, 16.02.2012

Catch-up Growth Followed by Stagnation: Mexico, 1950-2010

Paper: WP693, 20.12.2011

On Efficiently Financing Retirement

Paper: WP692, 30.11.2011

Buyers, Sellers and Middlemen: Variations in Search Theory

Paper: WP691, 12.10.2011

Sticky Prices: A New Monetarist Approach

Paper: WP690, 12.10.2011

Endogenous Credit Cycles

Paper: WP689, 12.10.2011

Innovation and Growth with Financial, and other, Frictions

Paper: WP688, 12.10.2011

Technology Capital Transfer

Paper: WP687, 06.05.2011

Do Newspapers Matter? Short-Run and Long-Run Evidence from the Closure of The Cincinnati Post

Paper: WP686, 08.04.2011

Costly Financial Intermediation in Neoclassical Growth Theory

Paper: WP685, 05.04.2011

Intergenerational Redistribution in the Great Recession

Paper: WP684, 29.03.2011

Heterogeneity and Risk Sharing in Village Economies

Paper: WP683, 05.01.2011

Negative Equity Does Not Reduce Homeowners' Mobility

Paper: WP682, 23.12.2010

Interstate Migration Has Fallen Less Than You Think: Consequences of Hot Deck Imputation in the Current Population Survey

Paper: WP681, 09.11.2010

Short and Long Interest Rate Targets

Paper: WP680, 01.09.2010

JEL: E3, E4, E5

Bank Liability Insurance Schemes Before 1865

Paper: WP679, 24.04.2010

JEL: E42, N21

Models of Firm Heterogeneity and Growth

Paper: WP678, 10.04.2010

Moving Back Home: Insurance Against Labor Market Risk

Paper: WP677, 06.03.2010

A Simple Model of Bank Employee Compensation

Paper: WP676, 10.12.2009

Boomerang Kids: Labor Market Dynamics and Moving Back Home

Paper: WP675, 27.10.2009

Risk Sharing, Inequality, and Fertility

Paper: WP674, 10.09.2009

Prizes and Patents: Using Market Signals to Provide Incentives for Innovations

Paper: WP673, 04.09.2009

Technology Diffusion and Growth

Paper: WP672, 12.06.2009

Transition to FDI Openness

Paper: WP671, 28.04.2009

Capital Taxation During the U.S. Great Depression

Paper: WP670, 21.04.2009

A Theory of Outsourcing and Wage Decline

Paper: WP669, 28.03.2009

Economies of Density versus Natural Advantage: Crop Choice on the Back Forty

Paper: WP668, 30.01.2009

Technical Notes on Facts and Myths about the Financial Crisis of 2008

Paper: WP667, 01.11.2008

Myths about the Financial Crisis of 2008

Paper: WP666, 22.10.2008

Business Start-Ups and Productive Efficiency

Paper: WP665, 30.09.2008

New Keynesian Models: Not Yet Useful for Policy Analysis

Paper: WP664, 03.07.2008

Accounting for Private Information

Paper: WP663, 29.06.2008

On the Need for a New Approach to Analyzing Monetary Policy

Paper: WP662, 23.05.2008

Temporary Price Changes and the Real Effects of Monetary Policy

Paper: WP661, 07.05.2008

Taxation, Aggregates and the Household

Paper: WP660, 30.04.2008

JEL: E62, H31, J12, J22

Sophisticated Monetary Policies

Paper: WP659, 25.04.2008

Coin Sizes and Payments in Commodity Money Systems

Paper: WP658, 02.04.2008

On the Mechanics of Firm Growth

Paper: WP657, 21.02.2008

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