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Monetary Conservatism and Fiscal Policy

Paper: RWP07-01, 13.02.2007

Endogenous Monetary Policy Regime Changes

Paper: RWP06-11, 09.09.2006

JEL: E31, E32, E52, E58

Consumption Amenities and City Crowdedness

Paper: RWP06-10, 17.08.2006

JEL: I31, J00, R00

Forecasting with Small Macroeconomic VARs in the Presence of Instabilities

Paper: RWP06-09, 23.06.2006

JEL: C53, E17, E37


Paper: RWP06-08, 18.06.2006

JEL: R12, R23, R42


Paper: RWP06-07, 03.06.2006

JEL: D60, E63, F41, O23

A Productivity Model of City Crowdedness

Paper: RWP06-06, 02.06.2006

JEL: O40, R12, R13

Regime Changes and Monetary Stagflation

Paper: RWP06-05, 11.05.2006

JEL: E31, E52

How and Why Do Consumers Choose Their Payment Methods?

Paper: RWP06-04, 24.04.2006

Real Rigidities and Nominal Price Changes

Paper: RWP06-03, 11.04.2006

JEL: E3, L16

Net Exports, Consumption Volatility and International Real Business Cycle Models

Paper: RWP06-01, 08.03.2006

JEL: E32, F32, F41

Combining Forecasts From Nested Models

Paper: RWP06-02, 08.03.2006

JEL: C52, C53

Monetary and Fiscal Policy Switching

Paper: RWP05-12, 05.01.2006

Generalizing the Taylor Principle

Paper: RWP05-13, 05.01.2006

Optimal Monetary Policy under Commitment with a Zero Bound on Nominal Interest Rates

Paper: RWP05-07, 30.12.2005

Discretionary Monetary Policy and the Zero Lower Bound on Nominal Interest Rates

Paper: RWP05-08, 30.12.2005

A Park By Any Other Name: National Park Designation as a Natural Experiment in Signaling

Paper: RWP05-09, 30.12.2005

The Impact of Wildlife Recreation on Farmland Values

Paper: RWP05-10, 30.12.2005

Convenient Prices, Currency, and Nominal Rigidity: Theory with Evidence from Newspaper Prices

Paper: RWP05-11, 30.12.2005

Minding the Gap: Central Bank Estimates of the Unemployment Natural Rate

Paper: RWP05-03, 22.12.2005

JEL: E3, E5, N1

Perhaps the FOMC Did What It Said It Did: An Alternative Interpretation of the Great Inflation

Paper: RWP05-04, 22.12.2005

JEL: E3, E5, N1

Approximately Normal Tests for Equal Predictive Accuracy in Nested Models

Paper: RWP05-05, 22.12.2005

JEL: C52, C53

Term Structure Transmission of Monetary Policy

Paper: RWP05-06, 22.12.2005

JEL: E3, E5, N1

Do We Really Know How Inflation Targeters Set Interest Rates?

Paper: RWP05-02, 26.07.2005

JEL: E52, E61, F41, F42, F47

The Performance of Monetary and Fiscal Rules in an Open Economy with Imperfect Capital Mobility

Paper: RWP05-01, 22.01.2005

JEL: E5, E6, F4, H3, H6

Why Are Some Cities So Crowded?

Paper: RWP04-12, 15.01.2005

JEL: O40, O51, R11, R12

Barriers to Network-Specific Innovation

Paper: RWP04-11, 18.11.2004

JEL: L14

Improving Forecast Accuracy by Combining Recursive and Rolling Forecasts

Paper: RWP04-10, 05.11.2004

JEL: C12, C52, C53

Identification and Normalization in Markov Switching Models of "Business Cycles"

Paper: RWP04-09, 03.11.2004

JEL: C22, E32, E37

Estimating Equilibrium Real Interest Rates in Real Time

Paper: RWP04-08, 14.09.2004

JEL: C3, C5, E4, E52

Aggregate Consumption Wealth Ratio: Does It Work Internationally?

Paper: RWP04-07, 11.09.2004

JEL: E21, G12, G14

Specific Factors Meet Intermediate Inputs: Implications for Strategic Complementarities and Persistence

Paper: RWP04-06, 26.06.2004

JEL: E24, E32, E52

Multiple Stages of Processing and the Quantity Anomaly in International Business Cycle Models

Paper: RWP04-05, 18.06.2004

JEL: E32, F31, F41

Production Interdependence and Welfare

Paper: RWP04-04, 18.06.2004

JEL: E32, F31, F41

Using Out-of-Sample Mean Squared Prediction Errors to Test the Martingale Difference Hypothesis

Paper: RWP04-03, 27.05.2004

JEL: C12, C52, C53, F31

Financial Intermediaries, Markets, and Growth

Paper: RWP04-02, 27.05.2004

JEL: E44, G10, G20

Forecast-Based Model Selection in the Presence of Structural Breaks

Paper: RWP02-05, 23.04.2004

JEL: C12, C52, C53

Coyote Crossings: The Role of Smugglers in Illegal Immigration and Border Enforcement

Paper: RWP02-04, 23.04.2004

JEL: E61, F22, J61, O15

Alternative Sources of the Lag Dynamics of Inflation

Paper: RWP02-12, 23.04.2004

JEL: D8, E31, E52

The Cost of Labor Adjustment: Inferences from the Gap

Paper: RWP02-11, 23.04.2004

JEL: E24, J23, J6

Reconciling Bagehot with the Fed's Response to Sept. 11

Paper: RWP02-10, 23.04.2004

JEL: E4, E5, G2

Why Does the Cyclical Behavior of Real Wages Change Over Time?

Paper: RWP02-09, 23.04.2004

JEL: E24, E32, E52

Implementing Arrow-Debreu Equilibria by Trading Infinitely-Lived Securities

Paper: RWP02-08, 23.04.2004

JEL: D50, E44, G12

Term Premia: Endogenous Constraints on Monetary Policy

Paper: RWP02-07, 23.04.2004

JEL: E4, E5, G1

Measuring R&D Spillovers: On the Importance of Geographic and Technological Proximity

Paper: RWP02-06, 23.04.2004

JEL: L6, O3, R1

Optimization in Production of Corporate Governance: Evidence from Auditor Independence and Implications for Public Policy

Paper: RWP03-13, 23.04.2004

JEL: G30, G38, M42

Dynamics of Labor Demand: Evidence from Plant-level Observations and Aggregate Implications

Paper: RWP03-12, 23.04.2004

JEL: E24, J23, J6

Disaggregate Evidence on the Persistence of Consumer Price Inflation

Paper: RWP03-11, 23.04.2004

JEL: C22, E31, E52

Inflation Targeting: What Inflation to Target?

Paper: RWP03-10, 23.04.2004

JEL: E31, E32, E52

Permanent and Transitory Policy Shocks in an Empirical Macro Model with Asymmetric Information

Paper: RWP03-09, 23.04.2004

JEL: D82, D83, E43, E52

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