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Why Are Big Banks Getting Bigger?

Paper: 1604, 22.02.2016

JEL: C14, C81, E58, G21

Irregular Immigration in the European Union

Paper: 1603, 22.02.2016

JEL: J15, J31, J61

Targeted Business Incentives and the Debt Behavior of Households

Paper: 1602, 22.02.2016

JEL: C21, G02, H25, H31

Why Does the FDIC Sue?

Paper: 1601, 22.02.2016

JEL: G21, G28, G33, G34

Non-Renewable Resources, Extraction Technology, and Endogenous Growth

Paper: 1506, 30.12.2015

JEL: O30, O31, Q30

Seasonal Adjustment of State and Metro CES Jobs Data

Paper: 1505, 27.08.2015

JEL: C13, C8

The Other (Commercial) Real Estate Boom and Bust: The Effects of Risk Premia and Regulatory Capital Arbitrage

Paper: 1504, 04.06.2015

JEL: G12, G18, G21, G23, R33

Money and Velocity During Financial Crisis: From the Great Depression to the Great Recession

Paper: 1503, 29.05.2015

JEL: G11

Are Income Taxes Destined to Rise? The Fiscal Imbalance and Future Tax Policy

Paper: 1502, 15.04.2015

JEL: D78, H24, H68

Declining Female Labor Supply Elasticities in the U.S. and Implications for Tax Policy: Evidence from Panel Data

Paper: 1501, 08.04.2015

JEL: H21, H24, H31, J22

A Closer Look at the Phillips Curve Using State Level Data

Paper: 1409, 22.10.2014

JEL: E52, E58

Income Inequality and Political Polarization: Time Series Evidence Over Nine Decades

Paper: 1408, 28.08.2014

JEL: D31, D63, D72

Fuel Subsidies, the Oil Market and the World Economy

Paper: 1407, 27.08.2014

JEL: E62, F41, Q43

Deposit Interest Rate Ceilings as Credit Supply Shifters: Bank Level Evidence on the Effects of Regulation Q

Paper: 1406, 30.07.2014

JEL: E51, E52, E58, G18, G21

The Zero Lower Bound and Endogenous Uncertainty

Paper: 1405, 31.05.2014

JEL: E32, E47, E58

Heterogeneous Bank Lending Responses to Monetary Policy: New Evidence from a Real-time Identification

Paper: 1404, 18.03.2014

How Do E-Verify Mandates Affect Unauthorized Immigrant Workers?

Paper: 1403, 17.02.2014

A Theory of Targeted Search

Paper: 1402, 17.02.2014

What Drives the Shadow Banking System in the Short and Long Run?

Paper: 1401, 17.02.2014

Disastrous Disappointments: Asset-Pricing with Disaster Risk and Disappointment Aversion

Paper: 1309, 24.10.2013

A Closer Look at Potential Distortions in State RGDP: The Case of the Texas Energy Sector

Paper: 1308, 05.10.2013

Tobin LIVES: Integrating Evolving Credit Market Architecture into Flow of Funds Based Macro-models

Paper: 1307, 02.10.2013

Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Market

Paper: 1306, 24.09.2013

JEL: J15, J18, K37

Spurious Seasonal Patterns and Excess Smoothness in the BLS Local Area Unemployment

Paper: 1305, 24.09.2013

JEL: C13, C8

Monetary Policy, the Tax Code, and the Real Effects of Energy Shocks

Paper: 1304, 14.06.2013

The Long-run Macroeconomic Impacts of Fuel Subsidies

Paper: 1303, 14.06.2013

The Prospect of Higher Taxes and Weak Job Growth During the Recovery from The Great Recession: Macro versus Micro Frisch Elasticities

Paper: 1302, 14.06.2013

Fiscal Sentiment and the Weak Recovery from the Great Recession: A Quantitative Exploration

Paper: 1301, 14.06.2013

Campbell and Cochrane meet Melino and Yang: Reverse engineering the surplus ratio in a Mehra-Prescott economy

Paper: wp1205, 28.06.2012

JEL: E44, G12

Reentering Asset Poverty after an Exit: Evidence from the PSID

Paper: wp1204, 05.06.2012

JEL: D1, I3

PCE Inflation and Core Inflation

Paper: wp1203, 05.06.2012

JEL: E31, E37

How Should Monetary Policy Respond to Changes in the Relative Price of Oil? Considering Supply and Demand Shocks

Paper: wp1202, 05.06.2012

JEL: E31, E52, Q43

Time-Varying Oil Price Volatility and Macroeconomic Aggregates

Paper: wp1201, 05.06.2012

JEL: C32, E21, E22, Q43

Experimental Evidence on Rational Inattention

Paper: wp1112, 29.12.2011


Monetary Policy, Financial Stability, and the Distribution of Risk

Paper: wp1111, 16.11.2011


Financial Literacy and Mortgage Equity Withdrawals

Paper: wp1110, 28.09.2011

Trends in Poverty and Inequality among Hispanics

Paper: wp1109, 14.09.2011

Factors Behind the Convergence of Economic Performance Across U.S. States

Paper: wp1108, 28.07.2011

The Impact of the Maquiladora Industry on U.S. Border Cities

Paper: wp1107, 24.05.2011

Offshoring and Volatility: More Evidence from Mexico's Maquiladora Industry

Paper: wp1106, 24.05.2011

Did Residential Electricity Rates Fall After Retail Competition? A Dynamic Panel Analysis

Paper: wp1105, 24.05.2011

Shifting Credit Standards and the Boom and Bust in U.S. House Prices

Paper: wp1104, 03.05.2011

House Prices and Credit Constraints: Making Sense of the U.S. Experience

Paper: wp1103, 03.05.2011

Labor Matching: Putting the Pieces Together

Paper: wp1102, 24.03.2011

Did the Commercial Funding Paper Facility Prevent a Great Depression-Style Money Market Meltdown?

Paper: wp1101, 17.02.2011

The Impact of Hurricanes on Housing Prices: Evidence from U.S. Coastal Cities

Paper: wp1009, 20.12.2010


Yield Spreads As Predictors of Economic Activity: A Real-Time VAR Analysis

Paper: wp1008, 17.11.2010


Do Remittances Boost Economic Development? Evidence From Mexican States

Paper: wp1007, 22.10.2010


The Impact of LIHTC Program on Local Schools

Paper: wp1006, 06.10.2010


Rationally Inattentive Macroeconomic Wedges

Paper: wp1005, 06.10.2010

JEL: C44, C63, D81, D91

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