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Stress Tests and Small Business Lending

Paper: 1802, 01.03.2018


Hysteresis in Employment among Disadvantaged Workers

Paper: 1801, 06.02.2018

JEL: E24, J21, J24

The Unintended Consequences of Employer Credit Check Bans on Labor and Credit Markets

Paper: 1625, 10.01.2018

JEL: J08, J23, J78

Some Evidence on Secular Drivers of US Safe Real Rates

Paper: 1723, 21.12.2017

JEL: C32, E21, E22, E43

The Impact of Tobacco-Free School Laws on Student and Staff Smoking Behavior

Paper: 1724, 21.12.2017

JEL: I10, I20

Parental Proximity and Earnings after Job Displacements

Paper: 1722, 29.11.2017

JEL: J61, J64, R23

Costly Information Intermediation as a Natural Monopoly

Paper: 1721, 16.11.2017

JEL: D47, D83, D85

Convergence of Cultural Traits with Time-Varying Self-Confidence in the Panebianco (2014) Model--A Corrigendum

Paper: 1720, 15.11.2017

JEL: D83, D85, Z13

Comparison of Small Bank Failures and FDIC Losses in the 1986-92 and 2007-13 Banking Crises

Paper: 1719, 13.11.2017

JEL: G21, G28

Testing for Differences in Path Forecast Accuracy: Forecast-Error Dynamics Matter

Paper: 1717, 03.11.2017

JEL: C12, C22, C52, C53

Modeling Time-Varying Uncertainty of Multiple-Horizon Forecast Errors

Paper: 1715, 25.09.2017

JEL: C53, E37

Politicizing Consumer Credit

Paper: 1716, 25.09.2017

JEL: D72, G21

Dotcom Price Spiral

Paper: 1713, 25.07.2017

JEL: G14, G24, L1, O33

Dotcom Extreme Underpricing

Paper: 1714, 25.07.2017

JEL: G14, G24, L1, O33

Manufacturing Employment Losses and the Economic Performance of the Industrial Heartland

Paper: 1712, 22.06.2017

The Optimal Response of Bank Capital Requirements to Credit and Risk in a Model with Financial Spillovers

Paper: 1711, 06.06.2017

JEL: G20, G28

Redistributive Fiscal Policies and Business Cycles in Emerging Economies

Paper: 1709, 24.05.2017

JEL: E3, E6, F4

Origins of Too-Big-to-Fail Policy

Paper: 1710, 24.05.2017

JEL: G21, G28, N22

Forecasting GDP Growth with NIPA Aggregates

Paper: 1708, 19.05.2017

JEL: C32, C53, E01

Evidence on the Production of Cognitive Achievement from Moving to Opportunity

Paper: 1707, 12.05.2017

JEL: C31, C36, C50, D04, I20, I38, R23

A Theory of Sticky Rents: Search and Bargaining with Incomplete Information

Paper: 1705, 05.05.2017

JEL: C7, C78, D4, D83, D9, E3, R31

Organizations, Skills, and Wage Inequality

Paper: 1706, 05.05.2017

JEL: D02, D21, J2, J3

Growing Up without Finance

Paper: 1704, 02.05.2017

JEL: G21, K40, P48

Does Differential Treatment Translate to Differential Outcomes for Minority Borrowers? Evidence from Matching a Field Experiment to Loan-Level Data

Paper: 1703, 22.03.2017

JEL: G2, J15

Financial Nowcasts and Their Usefulness in Macroeconomic Forecasting

Paper: 1702, 17.03.2017

JEL: C11, C32, C53, G17

Is "Fintech" Good for Small Business Borrowers? Impacts on Firm Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Paper: 1701, 02.02.2017

JEL: C31, G21, G23, G28

An Empirical Analysis of Racial Segregation in Higher Education

Paper: 1435, 04.12.2014

JEL: I23, I24, I28, J15

Frequency Dependence in a Real-Time Monetary Policy Rule

Paper: 1430, 19.11.2014

JEL: C22, C32, E52

Do Tenant- and Place-Based Rental Housing Programs Complement Each Other? Evidence from Ohio

Paper: 1429, 17.11.2014

JEL: H71, R23, R38

Rebuilding after Disaster Strikes: How Local Lenders Aid in the Recovery

Paper: 1428, 11.11.2014

JEL: G21, O47

Estimating (Markov-Switching) VAR Models without Gibbs Sampling: A Sequential Monte Carlo Approach

Paper: 1427, 11.11.2014

JEL: C11, C15, C32, C52, E3, E4, E5

Drifting Inflation Targets and Monetary Stagflation

Paper: 1426, 31.10.2014

JEL: E31, E52

Debt-Overhang Banking Crises

Paper: 1425, 24.10.2014

JEL: G01, G28

The Impact of Missed Payments and Foreclosures on Credit Scores

Paper: 1423, 24.10.2014

JEL: D1, G2, R2

What is the Equity-Efficiency Tradeoff when Maintaining Wells in Rural Haiti?

Paper: 1424, 23.10.2014

JEL: I10, O1, O2, O3, Q2

Unemployment Flows, Participation, and the Natural Rate for Turkey

Paper: 1422, 18.10.2014

JEL: E24, E32, J64

Role of Interbank Relationships and Liquidity Needs

Paper: 1421, 17.10.2014

JEL: D44, D85, E58, G21, L14

Contracts, Aggregate Risk, and the Financial Accelerator

Paper: 1420, 11.10.2014

JEL: C68, E44, E61

Targeting Long Rates in a Model with Segmented Markets

Paper: 1419, 11.10.2014

JEL: C68, E44, E61

Differential Capital Requirements: Leverage Ratio versus Risk-Based Capital Ratio from a Monitoring Perspective

Paper: 1415, 02.10.2014


Filling in the Blanks: Network Structure and Interbank Contagion

Paper: 1416, 02.10.2014

JEL: C63, D85, G21, L14

Interbank Lending and Distress: Observables, Unobservables, and Network Structure

Paper: 1418, 02.10.2014

JEL: E31, G21

Volatile Lending and Bank Wholesale Funding

Paper: 1417, 02.10.2014

JEL: E44, G21

The Evolution of the Federal Reserve Swap Lines since 1962

Paper: 1414, 01.10.2014

JEL: F3, N2

Evaluating Conditional Forecasts from Vector Autoregressions

Paper: 1413, 01.10.2014

JEL: C12, C32, C52, C53

Tracing Out Capital Flows: How Financially Integrated Banks Respond to Natural Disasters

Paper: 1412, 11.09.2014

JEL: G20, G21

Have Standard VARs Remained Stable since the Crisis?

Paper: 1411, 09.09.2014

JEL: C11, C33, C53, E17

Labor Force Participation: Recent Developments and Future Prospects

Paper: 1410, 04.09.2014

JEL: E24, E32, E66, J21, J26

Transmission of the Financial Crisis in 1907: An Empirical Investigation

Paper: 1409, 03.09.2014

JEL: E44, G01, N11, N21

Ouside lending in the NYC Call Loan Market

Paper: 14-08, 26.08.2014

JEL: G01, N21

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