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Measuring Productivity Growth in Asia: Do Market Imperfections Matter?

Paper: WP-2003-15, 01.04.2004

The Past, Present, and Probable Future for Community Banks

Paper: WP-2003-14, 01.04.2004

JEL: G18, G21, L11, O33

The Cost of Business Cycles under Endogenous Growth

Paper: WP-2003-13, 01.04.2004

Market Size Matters

Paper: WP-2003-12, 01.04.2004

A Structural Empirical Model of Firm Growth, Learning, and Survival

Paper: WP-2003-11, 01.04.2004

JEL: C34, D83, L11, L83

The Importance of Check-Cashing Businesses to the Unbanked: Racial/Ethnic Differences

Paper: WP-2003-10, 01.04.2004

JEL: D12, D14, G21

Inside-Outside Money Competition

Paper: WP-2003-09, 01.04.2004

JEL: E40, E50, E58, E60

The Case of the Missing Productivity Growth

Paper: WP-2003-08, 01.04.2004

Resolving Large Complex Financial Organizations

Paper: WP-2003-07, 01.04.2004

JEL: G28, K23, K41

Distinguishing Limited Commitment from Moral Hazard in Models of Growth with Inequality

Paper: WP-2003-06, 01.04.2004

Tenure Choice With Location Selection: The Case Of Hispanic Neighborhoods In Chicago

Paper: WP-2003-05, 01.04.2004

JEL: C35, J1, R12

When is Inter-Transaction Time Informative?

Paper: WP-2003-04, 01.04.2004

Subordinated Debt and Prompt Corrective Regulatory Action

Paper: WP-2003-03, 01.04.2004

Depositor Liquidity and Loss-Sharing in Bank Failure Resolutions

Paper: WP-2003-02, 01.04.2004

A Proposal for Efficiently Resolving Out-of-the-Money Swap Positions at Large Insolvent Banks

Paper: WP-2003-01, 01.04.2004

Estimating the Returns to Community College Schooling for Displaced Workers

Paper: WP-2002-31, 01.04.2004

Trade Structure, Industrial Structure, and International Business Cycles

Paper: WP-2002-30, 01.04.2004

The Crime of 1873: Back to the Scene

Paper: WP-2002-29, 01.04.2004

JEL: E42, N10

Teachers and Student Achievement in the Chicago Public High Schools

Paper: WP-2002-28, 01.04.2004

Private School Location and Neighborhood Characteristics

Paper: WP-2002-27, 01.04.2004

Life-Cycle Dynamics in Industrial Sectors. The Role of Banking Market Structure

Paper: WP-2002-26, 01.04.2004

Local Market Consolidation and Bank Productive Efficiency

Paper: WP-2002-25, 01.04.2004

State-Contingent Bank Regulation With Unobserved Action and Unobserved Characteristics

Paper: WP-2002-24, 01.04.2004

Inter-industry Contagion and the Competitive Effects of Financial Distress Announcements: Evidence from Commercial Banks and Life Insurance Companies

Paper: WP-2002-23, 01.04.2004

JEL: G1, G2, G21, G28

The Effects of Progressive Taxation on Labor Supply when Hours and Wages are Jointly Determined

Paper: WP-2002-22, 01.04.2004

On the Distribution and Dynamics of Health Costs

Paper: WP-2002-21, 01.04.2004

The Value of Banking Relationships During a Financial Crisis: Evidence from Failures of Japanese Banks

Paper: WP-2002-20, 01.04.2004

Location of Headquarter Growth during the 90s

Paper: WP-2002-19, 01.04.2004

Bank Procyclicality, Credit Crunches, and Asymmetric Monetary Policy Effects: A Unifying Model

Paper: WP-2002-18, 01.04.2004

JEL: E32, E51, G21

Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations and the Dynamics of Retail Trade Industries on the U.S.-Canada Border

Paper: WP-2002-17, 01.04.2004

Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Equivalence Results

Paper: WP-2002-16, 01.04.2004

JEL: E31, E40, E52, E58, E62, E63

Money as a Mechanism in a Bewley Economy

Paper: WP-2002-15, 01.04.2004

Technology Shocks Matter

Paper: WP-2002-14, 01.04.2004

Do Safeguard Tariffs and Antidumping Duties Open or Close Technology Gaps?

Paper: WP-2002-13, 01.04.2004

On the cyclical behavior of employment, unemployment and labor force participation

Paper: WP-2002-12, 01.04.2004

The Costs and Benefits of Moral Suasion: Evidence from the Rescue of Long-Term Capital Management

Paper: WP-2002-11, 01.04.2004

Maternal Employment and Overweight Children

Paper: WP-2002-10, 01.04.2004

The Immediacy Implications of Exchange Organization

Paper: WP-2002-09, 01.04.2004

Choosing the Right Parents: Changes in the Intergenerational Transmission of Inequality Between 1980 and the Early 1990s

Paper: WP-2002-08, 01.04.2004

Technological Progress and the Geographic Expansion of the Banking Industry

Paper: WP-2002-07, 01.04.2004

JEL: G21, G28, G34, L11

Regulatory Incentives and Consolidation: The Case of Commercial Bank Mergers and the Community Reinvestment Act

Paper: WP-2002-06, 01.04.2004

Monetary Policy in a Financial Crisis

Paper: WP-2002-05, 01.04.2004

JEL: E5, F3, F4

Expectation Traps and Monetary Policy

Paper: WP-2002-04, 01.04.2004

JEL: E5, E61, E63

The Optimal Mix of Taxes on Money, Consumption and Income

Paper: WP-2002-03, 01.04.2004

JEL: E31, E41, E58, E62

Strategic Responses to Regulatory Threat in the Credit Card Market

Paper: WP-2002-02, 01.04.2004

Outsourcing Business Services and the Role of Central Administrative Offices

Paper: WP-2002-01, 01.04.2004

JEL: L0, R3

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