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Are Covered Bonds a Substitute for Mortgage-Backed Securities?

Paper: WP-2011-14, 06.12.2011

Business Networks, Production Chains, and Productivity: A Theory of Input-Output Architecture

Paper: WP-2011-12, 01.12.2011

Can Standard Preferences Explain the Prices of Out-of-the-Money S&P 500 Put Options?

Paper: WP-2011-11, 29.11.2011

Black-White Differences in Intergenerational Economic Mobility in the US

Paper: WP-2011-10, 29.11.2011

Fertility Transitions Along the Extensive and Intensive Margins

Paper: WP-2011-09, 29.11.2011

Estimation of Panel Data Regression Models with Two-Sided Censoring or Truncation

Paper: WP-2011-08, 18.11.2011

A Leverage-based Model of Speculative Bubbles (Revised)

Paper: WP-2011-07, 17.11.2011

Survival and Long-Run Dynamics with Heterogeneous Beliefs under Recursive Preferences

Paper: WP-2011-06, 10.11.2011

The Financial Labor Supply Accelerator

Paper: WP-2011-05, 29.06.2011

Federal Reserve Policies and Financial Market Conditions During the Crisis

Paper: WP-2011-04, 20.05.2011

Market-Based Loss Mitigation Practices for Troubled Mortgages Following the Financial Crisis

Paper: WP-2011-03, 04.02.2011

The Role of Securitization in Mortgage Renegotiation

Paper: WP-2011-02, 04.02.2011

Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards and the Market for New Vehicles

Paper: WP-2011-01, 20.12.2010

Simple Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics

Paper: WP-2010-21, 06.12.2010

Commodity Money with Frequent Search

Paper: WP-2010-22, 04.12.2010

The Impact of the Originate-to-Distribute Model on Banks Before and During the Financial Crisis

Paper: WP-2010-20, 04.12.2010

Why Do Banks Reward Their Customers to Use Their Credit Cards?

Paper: WP-2010-19, 04.12.2010

The Role of Housing in Labor Reallocation

Paper: WP-2010-18, 02.12.2010

Complex Mortgages

Paper: WP-2010-17, 02.12.2010

Cognitive Abilities and Household Financial Decision Making

Paper: WP-2010-16, 01.12.2010

Summer Workshop on Money, Banking, Payments and Finance: An Overview

Paper: WP-2010-15, 30.11.2010

Introduction to the Macroeconomic Dynamics: Special issues on money, credit, and liquidity

Paper: WP-2010-14, 30.11.2010

Did Adhering to the Gold Standard Reduce the Cost of Capital?

Paper: WP-2010-13, 25.11.2010

Mortgage Choices and Housing Speculation

Paper: WP-2010-12, 23.11.2010

Does Sex-Selective Abortion Improve Girls' Well-Being? Evidence from India

Paper: WP-2010-11, 23.11.2010

Explaining Asset Pricing Puzzles Associated with the 1987 Market Crash

Paper: WP-2010-10, 18.11.2010

Public Pensions and Labor Supply Over the Life Cycle

Paper: WP-2010-09, 08.11.2010

Identification of Models of the Labor Market

Paper: WP-2010-08, 02.09.2010

Gathering Insights on the Forest from the Trees: A New Metric for Financial Conditions

Paper: WP-2010-07, 01.09.2010

The Effect of Sales Tax Holidays on Household Consumption Patterns

Paper: WP-2010-06, 19.08.2010

Benefits of Relationship Banking: Evidence from Consumer Credit Markets

Paper: WP-2010-05, 26.07.2010

Robustness and Macroeconomic Policy

Paper: WP-2010-04, 26.07.2010

Accounting for Non-annuitization

Paper: WP-2010-03, 07.05.2010

Macroeconomic Implications of Agglomeration

Paper: WP-2010-02, 26.04.2010

Letting Different Views about Business Cycles Compete

Paper: WP-2010-01, 26.04.2010

The Impact of Rosenwald Schools on Black Achievement

Paper: WP-2009-26, 03.12.2009

On the Relationship between Mobility, Population Growth, and Capital Spending in the United States

Paper: WP-2009-25, 03.12.2009

The Economics of of 'Radiator Springs:' Industry Dynamics, Sunk Costs, and Spatial Demand Shifts

Paper: WP-2009-24, 03.12.2009

Health and the Savings of Insured Versus Uninsured, Working-Age Households in the U.S.

Paper: WP-2009-23, 03.12.2009

JEL: D1, G11, I11, I12, J22

Firm boundaries and buyer-supplier match in market transaction: IT system procurement of U.S. credit unions

Paper: WP-2009-22, 03.12.2009

JEL: L22, L86

Monetary Policy and Uncertainty in an Empirical Small Open Economy Model

Paper: WP-2009-21, 03.12.2009

Liquidity Constraints of the Middle Class

Paper: WP-2009-20, 03.12.2009

JEL: E21

Can Structural Small Open Economy Models Account for the Influence of Foreign Disturbances?

Paper: WP-2009-19, 03.12.2009

Too much right can make a wrong: Setting the stage for the financial crisis

Paper: WP-2009-18, 03.12.2009

Self-Enforcing Trade Agreements: Evidence from Antidumping Policy

Paper: WP-2009-17, 03.12.2009

JEL: F12, F13

Estimation of a Transformation Model with Truncation, Interval Observation and Time-Varying Covariates

Paper: WP-2009-16, 02.12.2009

The Price of Gasoline and the Demand for Fuel Economy: Evidence from Monthly New Vehicles Sales Data

Paper: WP-2009-15, 28.11.2009

Establishments Dynamics, Vacancies and Unemployment: A Neoclassical Synthesis

Paper: WP-2009-14, 28.11.2009

Paying for Performance: The Education Impacts of a Community College Scholarship Program for Low-income Adults

Paper: WP-2009-13, 26.11.2009

The Case of the Undying Debt

Paper: WP-2009-12, 26.11.2009

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