Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Chicago Fed Working papers 2009

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Title Author(s)

The Impact of Rosenwald Schools on Black Achievement

Paper: WP-2009-26, 03.12.2009

On the Relationship between Mobility, Population Growth, and Capital Spending in the United States

Paper: WP-2009-25, 03.12.2009

The Economics of of 'Radiator Springs:' Industry Dynamics, Sunk Costs, and Spatial Demand Shifts

Paper: WP-2009-24, 03.12.2009

Health and the Savings of Insured Versus Uninsured, Working-Age Households in the U.S.

Paper: WP-2009-23, 03.12.2009

JEL: D1, G11, I11, I12, J22

Firm boundaries and buyer-supplier match in market transaction: IT system procurement of U.S. credit unions

Paper: WP-2009-22, 03.12.2009

JEL: L22, L86

Monetary Policy and Uncertainty in an Empirical Small Open Economy Model

Paper: WP-2009-21, 03.12.2009

Liquidity Constraints of the Middle Class

Paper: WP-2009-20, 03.12.2009

JEL: E21

Can Structural Small Open Economy Models Account for the Influence of Foreign Disturbances?

Paper: WP-2009-19, 03.12.2009

Too much right can make a wrong: Setting the stage for the financial crisis

Paper: WP-2009-18, 03.12.2009

Self-Enforcing Trade Agreements: Evidence from Antidumping Policy

Paper: WP-2009-17, 03.12.2009

JEL: F12, F13

Estimation of a Transformation Model with Truncation, Interval Observation and Time-Varying Covariates

Paper: WP-2009-16, 02.12.2009

The Price of Gasoline and the Demand for Fuel Economy: Evidence from Monthly New Vehicles Sales Data

Paper: WP-2009-15, 28.11.2009

Establishments Dynamics, Vacancies and Unemployment: A Neoclassical Synthesis

Paper: WP-2009-14, 28.11.2009

Paying for Performance: The Education Impacts of a Community College Scholarship Program for Low-income Adults

Paper: WP-2009-13, 26.11.2009

The Case of the Undying Debt

Paper: WP-2009-12, 26.11.2009

Regulating Two-Sided Markets: An Empirical Investigation

Paper: WP-2009-11, 23.11.2009

The Life and Times of Nicolas Dutot

Paper: WP-2009-10, 13.11.2009

Pay for Percentile

Paper: WP-2009-09, 06.11.2009

Perverse Incentives at the Banks? Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Paper: WP-2009-08, 23.10.2009

JEL: D3, G2, J3

Do Financial Counseling Mandates Improve Mortgage Choice and Performance? Evidence from a Legislative Experiment

Paper: WP-2009-07, 22.10.2009

The Effect of Disability Insurance Receipt on Labor Supply

Paper: WP-2009-06, 22.10.2009

Stochastic Volatility

Paper: WP-2009-04, 24.09.2009

Using Stock Returns to Identify Government Spending Shocks

Paper: WP-2009-03, 10.09.2009

Why do the Elderly Save? The Role of Medical Expenses

Paper: WP-2009-02, 16.07.2009

Why Has Home Ownership Fallen Among the Young?

Paper: WP-2009-01, 20.03.2009

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