Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Chicago Fed Working papers 2007

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Title Author(s)

Labor Market Transitions and Self-Employment

Paper: WP-2007-14, 28.12.2007

How the Credit Channel Works: Differentiating the Bank Lending Channel and the Balance Sheet Channel

Paper: WP-2007-13, 08.12.2007

Nonparametric Analysis of Intergenerational Income Mobility with Application to the United States

Paper: WP-2007-12, 08.12.2007

Portfolio Choice over the Life-Cycle when the Stock and Labor Markets are Cointegrated

Paper: WP-2007-11, 19.11.2007

The Reaction of Consumer Spending and Debt to Tax Rebates ¿ Evidence from Consumer Credit Data

Paper: WP-2007-10, 17.11.2007

JEL: D91, E21, E51, E62, G2, H31

Conflict of Interest and Certification in the U.S. IPO Market

Paper: WP-2007-09, 15.10.2007

Estate Taxation, Entrepreneurship, and Wealth

Paper: WP-2007-08, 25.08.2007

Monetary Policy, Output Composition and the Great Moderation

Paper: WP-2007-07, 19.07.2007

Information Acquisition in Financial Markets: a Correction

Paper: WP-2007-06, 25.06.2007

The Age of Reason: Financial Decisions Over the Lifecycle

Paper: WP-2007-05, 14.06.2007

JEL: D1, D8, G2, J14

Debit Card and Cash Usage: A Cross-Country Analysis

Paper: WP-2007-04, 23.04.2007

JEL: D23, E41, G21

Assessing a Decade of Interstate Bank Branching

Paper: WP-2007-03, 23.04.2007

Fast Micro and Slow Macro: Can Aggregation Explain the Persistence of Inflation?

Paper: WP-2007-02, 02.03.2007

JEL: E31, E32

Risk Taking and the Quality of Informal Insurance: Gambling and Remittances in Thailand

Paper: WP-2007-01, 07.02.2007

JEL: D8, G11, L83, O12

Oligopoly Dynamics with Barriers to Entry

Paper: WP-2006-29, 01.01.2007

JEL: L13, L41

Last-In First-Out Oligopoly Dynamics

Paper: WP-2006-28, 01.01.2007

JEL: L13

Welfare Implications of the Transition to High Household Debt

Paper: WP-2006-27, 01.01.2007

JEL: E44, E65

Bank Imputed Interest Rates: Unbiased Estimates of Offered Rates?

Paper: WP-2006-26, 01.01.2007

JEL: G21, L11

What Can We Learn about Financial Access from U.S. Immigrants?

Paper: WP-2006-25, 01.01.2007

Manufacturing Plants¿ Use of Temporary Workers: An Analysis Using Census Micro Data

Paper: WP-2006-24, 01.01.2007

JEL: J2, J3

How Did Schooling Laws Improve Long-Term Health and Lower Mortality? (REVISED January, 2007)

Paper: WP-2006-23, 01.01.2007

The Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures: Tying One's Hand through the WTO

Paper: WP-2006-22, 01.01.2007

Mortality, Mass-Layoffs, and Career Outcomes: An Analysis using Administrative Data

Paper: WP-2006-21, 01.01.2007

JEL: I10, J65, J68

Evolving Agglomeration in the U.S. auto supplier industry

Paper: WP-2006-20, 01.01.2007

JEL: L62, R15, R30

How Professional Forecasters View Shocks to GDP

Paper: WP-2006-19, 01.01.2007

Will Writing and Bequest Motives: Early 20th Century Irish Evidence

Paper: WP-2006-18, 01.01.2007

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