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International financial integration, crises, and monetary policy: evidence from the euro area interbank crises

Paper: 17-6, 01.07.2017

JEL: E58, F30, G01, G21, G28

Banks' search for yield in the low interest rate environment: a tale of regulatory adaptation

Paper: 17-3, 01.06.2017

JEL: E41, E52, G11, G18, G21

Population aging, labor demand, and the structure of wages

Paper: 17-1, 31.05.2017

JEL: J11, J21, J26

Payment discounts and surcharges: the role of consumer preferences

Paper: 17-4, 14.02.2017

JEL: D03, D14, G02

The effect of changing employers' access to criminal histories on ex-offenders' labor market outcomes: evidence from the 2010-2012 Massachusetts CORI Reform

Paper: 16-30, 01.02.2017

JEL: K14, K40, K42

Does changing employers' access to criminal histories affect ex-offenders' recidivism?: evidence from the 2010-2012 Massachusetts CORI Reform

Paper: 16-31, 01.02.2017

JEL: K14, K40, K42

Predicting Health Behaviors with Economic Preferences and Perceived Control

Paper: 12-16, 28.12.2012

Selecting Public Goods Institutions: Who Likes to Punish and Reward?

Paper: 12-05, 28.12.2012

Uncertainty Shocks in a Model of Effective Demand

Paper: 12-15, 21.12.2012

Nice to be on the A-List

Paper: 12-13, 10.11.2012

Sovereign Default Risk and Uncertainty Premia

Paper: 12-11, 19.10.2012

Fiscal Devaluations

Paper: 12-10, 19.10.2012

Are American Homeowners Locked into Their Houses? The Impact of Housing Market Conditions on State-to-State Migration

Paper: 12-01, 08.02.2012

Games with Synergistic Preferences

Paper: 11-15, 08.12.2011

Managing Self-Confidence: Theory and Experimental Evidence

Paper: 11-14, 08.12.2011

Further Investigations into the Origin of Credit Score Cutoff Rules

Paper: 11-12, 08.12.2011

The Role of Expectations in U.S. Inflation Dynamics

Paper: 11-11, 08.12.2011

Trade Adjustment and Productivity in Large Crises

Paper: 11-09, 14.09.2011

On the Distribution of College Dropouts: Household Wealth and Uninsurable Idiosyncratic Risk

Paper: 11-08, 26.07.2011

Customer Recognition and Competition

Paper: 11-07, 16.07.2011

House Price Growth When Kids are Teenagers: A Path to Higher Intergenerational Achievement?

Paper: 11-06, 09.07.2011

Self-Employment in the Global Economy

Paper: 11-05, 01.07.2011

Estimation of Forward-Looking Relationships in Closed Form: An Application to the New Keynesian Phillips Curve

Paper: 11-03, 17.06.2011

The Financial Structure of Startup Firms: The Role of Assets, Information, and Entrepreneur Characteristics

Paper: 10-17, 31.12.2010

Affective Decision Making: A Theory of Optimism Bias

Paper: 10-16, 24.12.2010

Internal Sources of Finance and the Great Recession

Paper: 10-15, 21.12.2010

Characterizing the Amount and Speed of Discounting Procedures

Paper: 10-14, 21.12.2010

The Distress Premium Puzzle

Paper: 10-13, 21.12.2010

Inputing Household Spending in the Panel Study of Income Dynamics: A Comparison of Approaches

Paper: 10-12, 09.12.2010

Some Evidence on the Importance of Sticky Wages

Paper: 10-11, 03.12.2010

Strategic Choice of Preferences: The Persona Model

Paper: 10-10, 29.09.2010

JEL: C70, C72, D03

In Search of Real Rigidities

Paper: 10-09, 30.07.2010

JEL: F1, F3, F4

Wage Setting Patterns and Monetary Policy: International Evidence

Paper: 10-08, 01.07.2010

JEL: E1, E31, E32, E52, E58

The Sensitivity of Long-Term Interest Rates to Economic News: Comment

Paper: 10-07, 01.07.2010

JEL: E31, E42, E52, E58

Moral Hazard, Peer Monitoring, and Microcredit: Field Experimental Evidence from Paraguay

Paper: 10-06, 01.07.2010

JEL: C93, D03, D14, G21, O16, O54

Public and Private Values

Paper: 10-05, 29.06.2010

JEL: E24, J11, J64

The Asymmetric Effects of Tariffs on Intra-Firm Trade and Offshoring Decisions

Paper: 10-04, 17.06.2010

JEL: F10, F23, L22, L23

A Short Survey of Network Economics

Paper: 10-03, 06.04.2010

JEL: D4, L1, L8, Z1

What Explains Differences in Foreclosure Rates?

Paper: 10-02, 17.03.2010

Seeds to Succeed: Sequential Giving to Public Projects

Paper: 09-21, 31.12.2009

State-Dependent Pricing and Optimal Monetary Policy

Paper: 09-20, 31.12.2009

JEL: E31, E52, E61

Productivity, Welfare, and Reallocation: Theory and Firm-Level Evidence

Paper: 09-19, 28.12.2009

The Valuation Channel of External Adjustment

Paper: 09-18, 24.12.2009

Multiple Selves in Intertemporal Choices

Paper: 09-17, 24.12.2009

Estimating Demand in Search Markets: The Case of Online Hotel Bookings

Paper: 09-16, 16.12.2009

JEL: C14, D43, D83, L13

Closed-Form Estimates of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve with Time-Varying Trend Inflation

Paper: 09-15, 14.12.2009

Inflation Persistence

Paper: 09-14, 08.12.2009

Financial Leverage, Corporate Investment, and Stock Returns

Paper: 09-13, 17.11.2009

Housing and Debt Over the Life Cycle and Over the Business Cycle

Paper: 09-12, 17.11.2009

Social and Private Learning with Endogenous Decision Timing

Paper: 09-11, 26.09.2009

JEL: C91, D83, L15

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