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Taylor Rules with Headline Inflation: A Bad Idea

Paper: 2007-14, 03.07.2007

U.S. Tax Policy and Health Insurance Demand: Can a Regressive Policy Improve Welfare?

Paper: 2007-13, 03.07.2007

Understanding the New Keynesian Model When Monetary Policy Switches Regimes

Paper: 2007-12, 03.07.2007

Commercial Lending Distance and Historically Underserved Areas

Paper: 2007-11, 03.07.2007

Information Criteria for Impulse Response FunctionMatching Estimation of DSGE Models

Paper: 2007-10, 03.07.2007

Multiple Safety Net Regulators and Agency Problems in the European Union: Is Prompt Corrective Action Partly the Solution?

Paper: 2007-09, 03.07.2007

Remittances and the Dutch Disease

Paper: 2007-08, 23.06.2007

Simple versus Optimal Rules as Guides to Policy

Paper: 2007-07, 23.06.2007

Corporate Social Responsibility and Shareholder's Value: An Event Study Analysis

Paper: 2007-06, 01.06.2007

Uninsurable Individual Risk and the Cyclical Behavior of Unemployment and Vacancies

Paper: 2007-05, 01.06.2007

Model Comparison Using the Hansen-Jagannathan Distance

Paper: 2007-04, 01.06.2007

The McKenna Rule and U.K. World War I Finance

Paper: 2007-03, 01.06.2007

Does Geography Matter to Bondholders?

Paper: 2007-02, 01.06.2007

The Role of Labor Market Intermittency in Explaining Gender Wage Differentials

Paper: 2007-01, 01.06.2007

Why Do Borrowers Pledge Collateral? New Empirical Evidence on the Role of Asymmetric Information

Paper: 2006-29, 18.12.2006

When Target CEOs Contract with Acquirers: Evidence from Bank Mergers and Acquisitions

Paper: 2006-28, 18.12.2006

Preconditions for a Successful Implementation of Supervisors' Prompt Corrective Action: Is There a Case for a Banking Standard in the European Union?

Paper: 2006-27, 18.12.2006

Why Do Banks Promise to Pay Par on Demand?

Paper: 2006-26, 28.11.2006

Credit and the No-Surcharge Rule

Paper: 2006-25, 28.11.2006

The Predictive Power of the Senior Loan Officer Survey: Do Lending Officers Know Anything Special?

Paper: 2006-24, 28.11.2006

Liquidity Creation without a Lender of Last Resort: Clearinghouse Loan Certificates in the Banking Panic of 1907

Paper: 2006-23, 28.11.2006

Methods for Inference in Large Multiple-Equation Markov-Switching Models

Paper: 2006-22, 28.11.2006

Business Cycles: A Role for Imperfect Competition in the Banking System

Paper: 2006-21, 14.11.2006

The Conquest of South American Inflation

Paper: 2006-20, 14.11.2006

Indeterminacy in a Forward-Looking Regime-Switching Model

Paper: 2006-19, 14.11.2006

Home Country versus Cross-Border Negative Externalities in Large Banking Organization Failures and How to Avoid Them

Paper: 2006-18, 01.11.2006

Business Cycles and Monetary Regimes in Emerging Economies: A Role for a Monopolistic Banking Sector

Paper: 2006-17, 01.11.2006

Forming Priors for DSGE Models (and How It Affects the Assessment of Nominal Rigidities)

Paper: 2006-16, 01.11.2006

Cross-Border Banking: Challenges for Deposit Insurance and Financial Stability in the European Union

Paper: 2006-15, 01.11.2006

Crude Substitution: The Cyclical Dynamics of Oil Prices and the College Premium

Paper: 2006-14, 05.10.2006

An Economic Explanation of the Early Bank of Amsterdam, Debasement, Bills of Exchange, and the Emergence of the First Central Bank

Paper: 2006-13, 05.10.2006

Smoking: Taxing Health and Social Security

Paper: 2006-12, 05.10.2006

The Long-Run Fisher Effect: Can It Be Tested?

Paper: 2006-11, 05.10.2006

Specification Tests of Asset Pricing Models Using Excess Returns

Paper: 2006-10, 05.10.2006

Energy Price Shocks and the Macroeconomy: The Role of Consumer Durables

Paper: 2006-09, 05.10.2006

Asymmetric Labor Force Participation Decisions over the Business Cycle: Evidence from U.S. Microdata

Paper: 2006-08, 13.07.2006

Welfare Recipiency, Job Separation Outcomes, and Postseparation Earnings: Insight from Linked Personnel and State Administrative Data

Paper: 2006-07, 24.05.2006

The Origins of Bubbles in Laboratory Asset Markets

Paper: 2006-06, 10.05.2006

Bank Relationships and Small Firms¿ Financial Performance

Paper: 2006-05, 10.05.2006

Interwar U.K. Unemployment: The Benjamin and Kochin Hypothesis or the Legacy of ¿Just¿ Taxes?

Paper: 2006-04, 10.05.2006

Transparency, Expectations, and Forecasts

Paper: 2006-03, 18.04.2006

An Analysis of the Systemic Risks Posed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and an Evaluation of the Policy Options for Reducing Those Risks

Paper: 2006-02, 18.04.2006

The Push-Pull Effects of the Information Technology Boom and Bust: Insight from Matched Employer-Employee Data

Paper: 2006-01, 03.03.2006

Debt, Hedging, and Human Capital

Paper: 2005-30, 23.12.2005

JEL: G32

The Price of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Case of Black Economic Empowerment Transactions in South Africa

Paper: 2005-29, 23.12.2005

JEL: F39, G14, G15, G18

SBA Guaranteed Lending and Local Economic Growth

Paper: 2005-28, 23.12.2005

JEL: G38, H81, O16

Markov-Switching Structural Vector Autoregressions: Theory and Application

Paper: 2005-27, 02.12.2005

JEL: C32, E10

Monetary Policy Analysis with Potentially Misspecified Models

Paper: 2005-26, 02.12.2005

JEL: C32

Housing Tenure and Wealth Distribution in Life-Cycle Economies

Paper: 2005-25, 19.10.2005

JEL: D30, E21

Monetary Policy and the House Price Boom across U.S. States

Paper: 2005-24, 19.10.2005

JEL: C11, E58, R31

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