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Some Like It Hot: Assessing Longer-Term Labor Market Benefits from a High-Pressure Economy

Paper: 2018-1, 31.01.2018

JEL: E24, E60, J31, J64

Too Good to Be True? Fallacies in Evaluating Risk Factor Models

Paper: 2017-9, 01.11.2017

JEL: C12, C13, G12

General Aggregation of Misspecified Asset Pricing Models

Paper: 2017-10, 01.11.2017

JEL: C13, C52, G12

Asset Co-movements: Features and Challenges

Paper: 2017-11, 01.11.2017

JEL: G13, G14, G17

Optimal Time-Consistent Taxation with Default

Paper: 2017-12, 01.11.2017

JEL: D52, E43, E62, H21, H63

A Tax Plan for Endogenous Innovation

Paper: 2017-13, 01.11.2017

JEL: E32, E62, H21, H63, O3

Overconfidence, Subjective Perception, and Pricing Behavior

Paper: 2017-14, 01.11.2017

JEL: D4, D8, E3

Family Welfare and the Cost of Unemployment

Paper: 2017-7, 01.09.2017

JEL: D19, E52, I30, J22

Taxes and Market Hours: The Role of Gender and Skill

Paper: 2017-8, 01.09.2017

JEL: E24, E62, J22

Losing Public Health Insurance: TennCare Disenrollment and Personal Financial Distress

Paper: 2017-6, 01.08.2017

JEL: D14, H75, I13

An Early Experiment with "Permazero"

Paper: 2017-5, 01.05.2017

JEL: E58, E65, N13

Agency Conflicts in Residential Mortgage Securitization: What Does the Empirical Literature Tell Us?

Paper: 2017-1, 01.03.2017

JEL: G01, G21, G23, G28

Foreign Investment, Regulatory Arbitrage, and the Risk of U.S. Banking Organizations

Paper: 2017-2, 01.03.2017

JEL: G15, G21, G28

Old, Frail, and Uninsured: Accounting for Puzzles in the U.S. Long-Term Care Insurance Market

Paper: 2017-3, 01.03.2017

JEL: D82, D91, E62, G22, H30, I13

Fracking and Mortgage Default

Paper: 2017-4, 01.03.2017

JEL: G21, Q51, R11

The Systematic Component of Monetary Policy in SVARs: An Agnostic Identification Procedure

Paper: 2016-15, 01.12.2016

JEL: C51, E52

Narrative Sign Restrictions for SVARs

Paper: 2016-16, 01.12.2016

JEL: C32, E52, Q35

Optimal Long-Term Contracting with Learning

Paper: 2016-10, 01.11.2016

JEL: D8, D86, M12

A Quantitative Theory of Time-Consistent Unemployment Insurance

Paper: 2016-11, 01.11.2016

JEL: E61, H21, J64, J65

Wage Determination in Social Occupations: The Role of Individual Social Capital

Paper: 2016-12, 01.11.2016

JEL: C34, J24, J31

The Usefulness of the Median CPI in Bayesian VARs Used for Macroeconomic Forecasting and Policy

Paper: 2016-13, 01.11.2016

JEL: C11, E31, E37, E52

Killer Debt: The Impact of Debt on Mortality

Paper: 2016-14, 01.11.2016

JEL: D14, I1

Impacts of Monetary Stimulus on Credit Allocation and Macroeconomy: Evidence from China

Paper: 2016-9, 01.09.2016

JEL: C13, C3, E02, E5

Forecasting China's Economic Growth and Inflation

Paper: 2016-7, 01.07.2016

JEL: C53, E10, E40

Are Lemons Sold First? Dynamic Signaling in the Mortgage Market

Paper: 2016-8, 01.07.2016

JEL: G17, G21, G23

Fiscal austerity in ambiguous times

Paper: 2016-6, 01.03.2016

JEL: D80, E62, H21, H63

Forecasts of inflation and interest rates in no-arbitrage affine models

Paper: 2016-3, 01.02.2016

JEL: C32, E43, E44, G12

Uninsured risk, stagnation, and fiscal policy

Paper: 2016-4, 01.02.2016

JEL: D31, E13, E16

The role of commodity prices in forecasting U.S. core inflation

Paper: 2016-5, 01.02.2016

JEL: C53, E37, G12

What we learn from China's rising shadow banking: exploring the nexus of monetary tightening and banks' role in entrusted lending

Paper: 2016-1, 01.01.2016

JEL: E02, E5, G11, G12, G28

The federal home loan bank system and U.S. housing finance

Paper: 2016-2, 01.01.2016

JEL: G21, G28

Fitting a distribution to survey data for the half-life of deviations from PPP

Paper: 2015-15, 15.12.2015

JEL: C11, C14, F31

Liquidity backstops and dynamic debt runs

Paper: 2015-13, 01.12.2015

JEL: G10, G20, G21

Project modifications and bidding in highway procurement auctions

Paper: 2015-14, 01.12.2015

JEL: D4, L1, L2

Impact of Allowing Sunday Alcohol Sales in Georgia on Employment and Hours

Paper: 2015-10, 01.11.2015

JEL: C21, L38, L89

Cross-border banking on the two sides of the Atlantic: does it have an impact on bank crisis management?

Paper: 2015-11, 01.11.2015

JEL: G01, G21, G28, K20, L51

Robust estimation of nonstationary, fractionally integrated, autoregressive, stochastic volatility

Paper: 2015-12, 01.11.2015

JEL: C11, C14, C22

Asymptotic variance approximations for invariant estimators in uncertain asset-pricing models

Paper: 2015-9, 01.10.2015

JEL: C12, C13, G12

Foreign exchange predictability during the financial crisis: implications for carry trade profitability

Paper: 2015-6, 01.08.2015

JEL: C32, C53, F31, F37, G15

Multivariate return decomposition: theory and implications

Paper: 2015-7, 01.08.2015

JEL: C13, C32, C51, G12

Assessing the macroeconomic impact of bank intermediation shocks: a structural approach

Paper: 2015-8, 01.08.2015

JEL: C51, C81, C82, E32, E44, G21

Trends and cycles in China's macroeconomy

Paper: 2015-5, 01.06.2015

JEL: E2, E3, E5, F4, G1

Will talent attraction and retention improve metropolitan labor markets?

Paper: 2015-4, 17.04.2015

JEL: J10, O21, R11

The rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Paper: 2015-2, 01.03.2015

JEL: G1, G21, H12

The failure of supervisory stress testing: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and OFHEO

Paper: 2015-3, 01.03.2015

JEL: G21, G23, G28

Lessons for forecasting unemployment in the United States: use flow rates, mind the trend

Paper: 2015-1, 01.02.2015

JEL: C53, E24, E32, J64

Home Hours in the United States and Europe

Paper: 2014-05, 24.06.2014

JEL: D13, J22

The Effect of Large Investors on Asset Quality: Evidence from Subprime Mortgage Securities

Paper: 2014-04, 02.04.2014

JEL: G17, G21, G23

Trimmed-Mean Inflation Statistics: Just Hit the One in the Middle

Paper: 2014-03, 06.03.2014

JEL: E31, E37

Human Capital Dynamics and the U.S. Labor Market

Paper: 2014-02, 14.02.2014

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