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Home Hours in the United States and Europe

Paper: 2014-05, 24.06.2014

JEL: D13, J22

The Effect of Large Investors on Asset Quality: Evidence from Subprime Mortgage Securities

Paper: 2014-04, 02.04.2014

JEL: G17, G21, G23

Trimmed-Mean Inflation Statistics: Just Hit the One in the Middle

Paper: 2014-03, 06.03.2014

JEL: E31, E37

Human Capital Dynamics and the U.S. Labor Market

Paper: 2014-02, 14.02.2014

Inference Based on SVARs Identified with Sign and Zero Restrictions: Theory and Applications

Paper: 2014-01, 14.02.2014

Estimating the Holdout Problem in Land Assembly

Paper: 2013-19, 08.01.2014

High-Growth Firms in Georgia

Paper: 2013-20, 08.01.2014

Do Homeowners Associations Mitigate or Aggravate Negative Spillovers from Neighboring Homeowner Distress?

Paper: 2013-18, 08.01.2014

Labor Market Polarization and International Macroeconomic Dynamics

Paper: 2013-17, 08.01.2014

Flexible Prices, Labor Market Frictions, and the Response of Employment to Technology Shocks

Paper: 2013-16, 03.12.2013

Measuring Capital Adequacy Supervisory Stress Tests in a Basel World

Paper: 2013-15, 03.12.2013

The Adoption of Stress Testing: Why the Basel Capital Measures Were Not Enough

Paper: 2013-14, 03.12.2013

Small and Orthodox Fiscal Multipliers at the Zero Lower Bound

Paper: 2013-13, 03.12.2013

Monetary Policy Surprises, Positions of Traders, and Changes in Commodity Futures Prices

Paper: 2013-12, 20.11.2013

Minimum Distance Estimation of Possibly Non-Invertible Moving Average Models

Paper: 2013-11, 20.11.2013

Entry, Exit, and the Determinants of Market Structure

Paper: 2013-10, 01.11.2013

Misspecification-Robust Inference in Linear Asset Pricing Models with Irrelevant Risk Factors

Paper: 2013-09, 01.11.2013

A Staggered Pricing Approach to Modeling Speculative Storage: Implications for Commodity Price Dynamics

Paper: 2013-08, 28.09.2013

JEL: C15, E21, G12, O13, Q11

Optimal Fiscal Policy with Recursive Preferences

Paper: 2013-07, 28.09.2013

JEL: D80, E62, H21, H63

Land Prices and Unemployment

Paper: 2013-06, 28.09.2013

JEL: E21, E27, E32, E44

A Moment-Matching Method for Approximating Vector Autoregressive Processes by Finite-State Markov Chains

Paper: 2013-05, 28.09.2013

JEL: C15, C32, C60, E13, E32, E62

Unemployment, Negative Equity, and Strategic Default

Paper: 2013-04, 08.08.2013

Even One Is Too Much: The Economic Consequences of Being a Smoker

Paper: 2013-03, 15.07.2013

Old, Sick, Alone, and Poor: A Welfare Analysis of Old-Age Social Insurance Programs

Paper: 2013-02, 09.07.2013

Perturbation Methods for Markov-Switching DSGE Models

Paper: 2013-01, 21.03.2013

Housing Wealth and Wage Bargaining

Paper: 2012-20, 20.12.2012

Home Production Technology and Time Allocation: Empirics, Theory, and Implications

Paper: 2012-19, 20.12.2012

Analytical Solution for the Constrained Hansen-Jagannathan Distance under Multivariate Ellipticity

Paper: 2012-18, 08.11.2012

JEL: G12

Robust Inference in Linear Asset Pricing Models

Paper: 2012-17, 08.11.2012

JEL: C13, C32, G12

Wages and Unemployment across Business Cycles: A High-Frequency Investigation

Paper: 2012-16, 29.10.2012

Comparative Advantage and Risk Premia in Labor Markets

Paper: 2012-15, 29.10.2012

The Bank of Amsterdam through the Lens of Monetary Competition

Paper: 2012-14, 17.09.2012

The Safety and Soundness Effects of Bank M and A in the EU

Paper: 2012-13, 17.09.2012

The Devil's in the Tail: Residential Mortgage Finance and the U.S. Treasury

Paper: 2012-12, 27.08.2012

JEL: G18, G28

A Closer Look at Nonparticipants During and After the Great Recession

Paper: 2012-10, 14.08.2012

JEL: J21, J22

Foreclosure Externalities: Some New Evidence

Paper: 2012-11, 14.08.2012

JEL: G21, K11, R31

Bayesian Semiparametric Multivariate GARCH Modeling

Paper: 2012-09, 23.07.2012

JEL: C11, C14, C53, C58

Responding to a Shadow Banking Crisis: The Lessons of 1763

Paper: 2012-08, 27.06.2012

JEL: E58, G01, G21, N21

Why Did So Many People Make So Many Ex Post Bad Decisions? The Causes of the Foreclosure Crisis

Paper: 2012-07, 16.05.2012

JEL: D14, D18, D53, D82, G01, G02, G38

Estimating a Semiparametric Asymmetric Stochastic Volatility Model with a Dirichlet Process Mixture

Paper: 2012-06, 28.04.2012

JEL: C11, C14, C53, C58

Some Unpleasant Properties of Log-Linearized Solutions When the Nominal Rate Is Zero

Paper: 2012-05, 23.03.2012

JEL: E12, E50, E62, H30

The Wage Impact of Undocumented Workers

Paper: 2012-04, 19.03.2012

JEL: J15, J30

Human Capital Portfolios

Paper: 2012-00, 15.02.2012

Does Employing Undocumented Workers Give Firms a Competitive Advantage?

Paper: 2012-02, 15.02.2012

Making the Case for a Low Intertemporal Elasticity of Substitution

Paper: 2012-01, 23.01.2012

Systematic and Liquidity Risk in Subprime-Mortgage Backed Securities

Paper: 2011-15, 30.11.2011

Do Borrower Rights Improve Borrower Outcomes? Evidence from the Foreclosure Process

Paper: 2011-16, 30.11.2011

Impact of the Business Environment on Output and Productivity in Africa

Paper: 2011-14, 29.11.2011

Making the Case for a Low Intertemporal Elasticity of Substitution

Paper: 2011-13, 23.11.2011

Reexamining the Empirical Relation between Loan Risk and Collateral: The Roles of Collateral Characteristics and Types

Paper: 2011-12, 14.09.2011

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