Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Atlanta Fed Working papers 2003

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Female Labor Force Intermittency and Current Earnings: A Switching Regression Model with Unknown Sample Selection

Paper: 2003-33, 25.12.2003

Reserve Requirements, Bank Runs, and Optimal Policies in Small Open Economies

Paper: 2003-39, 25.12.2003

The Ups and Downs of Jobs in Georgia: What Can We Learn about Employment Dynamics from State Administrative Data?

Paper: 2003-38, 25.12.2003

The Economics of International Monies

Paper: 2003-37, 25.12.2003

Does Opening a Stock Exchange Increase Economic Growth?

Paper: 2003-36, 25.12.2003

Comparing Solution Methods for Dynamic Equilibrium Economies

Paper: 2003-32, 25.12.2003

Stabilization Programs and Policy Credibility: Peru in the 1990s

Paper: 2003-40, 25.12.2003

The Influence of Year-End Bonuses on Colorectal Cancer Screening

Paper: 2003-41, 25.12.2003

New York and the Politics of Central Banks, 1781 to the Federal Reserve Act

Paper: 2003-42, 25.12.2003

The Call Loan Market in the U.S. Financial System Prior to the Federal Reserve System

Paper: 2003-43, 25.12.2003

Some Results on the Solution of the Neoclassical Growth Model

Paper: 2003-34, 25.12.2003

Home Bias in Financial Markets: Robust Satisficing with Info Gaps

Paper: 2003-35, 25.12.2003

The Present-Value Model of the Current Account Has Been Rejected: Round Up the Usual Suspects

Paper: 2003-7a, 04.11.2003

Optimal Fear of Floating: The Role of Currency Mismatches and Fiscal Constraints

Paper: 2003-31, 24.10.2003

Bulk Commodities and the Liverpool and London Markets of the Mid-19th Century

Paper: 2003-29, 24.10.2003

Choosing the Best Volatility Models: The Model Confidence Set Approach

Paper: 2003-28, 24.10.2003

Comparing Solution Methods for Dynamic Equilibrium Economies

Paper: 2003-27, 24.10.2003

Discussion of Cogley and Sargent¿s ¿Drifts and Volatilities: Monetary Policy and Outcomes in the Post WWII U.S.¿

Paper: 2003-26, 08.10.2003

Modest Policy Interventions

Paper: 2003-24, 08.10.2003

Learning and Monetary Policy Shifts

Paper: 2003-23, 08.10.2003

Irrational Expectations and Econometric Practice Discussion of Orphanides and Williams, ¿Inflation Scares and Forecast-Based Monetary Policy¿

Paper: 2003-22, 08.10.2003

Did the Great Inflation Occur Despite Policymaker Commitment to a Taylor Rule?

Paper: 2003-20, 08.10.2003

Discussion of Preston, ¿Learning about Monetary Policy Rules when Long-Horizon Expectations Matter¿

Paper: 2003-19, 08.10.2003

Learning about Monetary Policy Rules when Long-Horizon Expectations Matter

Paper: 2003-18, 08.10.2003

Policy Interaction, Expectations, and the Liquidity Trap

Paper: 2003-16, 08.10.2003

Money and Prices in Models of Bounded Rationality

Paper: 2003-15, 08.10.2003

Impacts of Priors on Convergence and Escapes from Nash Inflation

Paper: 2003-14, 08.10.2003

An Experimental Examination of the House Money Effect in a Multi-Period Setting

Paper: 2003-13, 18.09.2003

What¿s in a Name? An Experimental Examination of Investment Behavior

Paper: 2003-12, 18.09.2003

Which Industries Are the Best Employers for Women? An Application of a New Equal Employment Opportunity Index

Paper: 2003-11, 22.07.2003

Race, Wages, and Assimilation among Cuban Immigrants

Paper: 2003-10, 11.07.2003

Are TIPS Really Tax Disadvantaged? Rethinking the Tax Treatment of U.S. Treasury Inflation Indexed Securities

Paper: 2003-9, 08.07.2003

Firm-Level Evidence on International Stock Market Comovement

Paper: 2003-8, 28.03.2003

JEL: G11, G15

Playing the Field: Geomagnetic Storms and International Stock Markets

Paper: 2003-5a, 06.03.2003

Dynamic Strategies, Asset Pricing Models, and the Out-of-Sample Performance of the Tangency Portfolio

Paper: 2003-6, 21.02.2003

JEL: G11, G12, G15

Playing the Field: Geomagnetic Storms and International Stock Markets

Paper: 2003-5, 21.02.2003


Stare Down the Barrel and Center the Crosshairs: Targeting the Ex Ante Equity Premium

Paper: 2003-4, 21.02.2003

JEL: C13, C15, C22, G12

Does the Beige Book Move Financial Markets?

Paper: 2003-3, 21.02.2003

JEL: E44, E5

Does Immigration Affect Wages? A Look at Occupation-Level Evidence

Paper: 2003-2, 31.01.2003

JEL: J61

Asset Allocation and Section 529 Plans

Paper: 2003-1, 31.01.2003

JEL: G11, G20, G29

Incorporating Insurance Rate Estimates and Differential Mortality into Net Marginal Social Security Tax Rate Calculations

Paper: 2002-29, 31.01.2003

JEL: H2, I30, J26

Forecasting Brazilian Output in the Presence of Breaks: A Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Models

Paper: 2002-28, 31.01.2003

JEL: C32, E32

Identifying Business Cycle Turning Points in Real Time

Paper: 2002-27, 31.01.2003

JEL: C32, C50, E3

Asset Prices and Informed Traders¿ Abilities: Evidence from Experimental Asset Markets

Paper: 2002-26, 31.01.2003

JEL: D82

Circuit Breakers with Uncertainty about the Presence of Informed Agents: I Know What You Know . . . I Think

Paper: 2002-25, 31.01.2003

JEL: D82, G18

Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets: Irrational Exuberance No More

Paper: 2002-24, 31.01.2003

JEL: C92, G14

International Diversification Strategies

Paper: 2002-23, 31.01.2003

JEL: G11, G15

Forecasting Using Relative Entropy

Paper: 2002-22, 31.01.2003

JEL: C53, E44

A Dynamic Model with Vertical Specialization, Credit Chains, and Incomplete Enforcement

Paper: 2002-21, 31.01.2003

JEL: E10, E23

International Stock Returns and Market Integration: A Regional Perspective

Paper: 2002-20, 31.01.2003

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