Central Bank Research Hub - Series: New York Fed Staff reports 2010

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The Financial Crisis at the Kitchen Table: Trends in Household Debt and Credit

Paper: 480, 30.12.2010

An Introduction to the FRBNY Consumer Credit Panel

Paper: 479, 01.12.2010

Double Majors: One for Me, One for the Parents?

Paper: 478, 26.11.2010

The Tri-Party Repo Market before the 2010 Reforms

Paper: 477, 26.11.2010

Fitting Observed Inflation Expectations

Paper: 476, 26.11.2010

Equity Premium Predictions with Adaptive Macro Indexes

Paper: 475, 06.10.2010

JEL: G17

Firm Value and Cross-Listings: The Impact of Stock Market Prestige

Paper: 474, 29.09.2010

JEL: G15, G20

Bailouts and Financial Fragility

Paper: 473, 17.09.2010

JEL: E61, G21, G28

Do Charter Schools Crowd Out Private School Enrollment? Evidence from Michigan

Paper: 472, 15.09.2010

JEL: H4, I21, I28

Effect of Constraints on Tiebout Competition: Evidence from the Michigan School Finance Reform

Paper: 471, 08.09.2010

JEL: H4, I2

Knowledge in Cities

Paper: 470, 03.09.2010

JEL: J24, O18, R11

Caught between Scylla and Charybdis? Regulating Bank Leverage When There Is Rent Seeking and Risk Shifting

Paper: 469, 02.09.2010

JEL: G21, G28, G32, G35, G38

TBA Trading and Liquidity in the Agency MBS Market

Paper: 468, 19.08.2010

JEL: G12, G19, G21

Tax Buyouts

Paper: 467, 07.08.2010

JEL: E62, H21

A Private Lender Cooperative Model for Residential Mortgage Finance

Paper: 466, 05.08.2010

JEL: E02, G01, G21, G28

Jump-Robust Volatility Estimation using Nearest Neighbor Truncation

Paper: 465, 05.08.2010

JEL: C14, C15, C22, C80, G10

Funding Liquidity Risk and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns

Paper: 464, 02.08.2010

JEL: G1, G12, G21

The Central-Bank Balance Sheet as an Instrument of Monetary Policy

Paper: 463, 29.07.2010

JEL: E50, E52, E58

The Impact of Competition on Technology Adoption: An Apples-to-PCs Analysis

Paper: 462, 26.07.2010

JEL: D40, L10, L63, O30

Financial Amplification of Foreign Exchange Risk Premia

Paper: 461, 26.07.2010

JEL: F31, G01, G15, G17

The Information Value of the Stress Test and Bank Opacity

Paper: 460, 26.07.2010

JEL: G01, G21

Do Underwriters Matter? The Impact of the Near Loss of an Equity Underwriter

Paper: 459, 10.07.2010

JEL: G14, G2, G24, G3, G30

Shadow Banking

Paper: 458, 09.07.2010

JEL: G01, G20, G28

Resolving Troubled Systemically Important Cross-Border Financial Institutions: Is a New Corporate Organizational Form Required?

Paper: 457, 03.07.2010

JEL: G20, G21, G28, G38

Executive Compensation and Risk Taking

Paper: 456, 01.07.2010

JEL: G21, G34

State-Dependent Pricing under Infrequent Information: A Unified Framework

Paper: 455, 23.06.2010

JEL: E00, E31

Can Subjective Expectations Data Be Used in Choice Models? Evidence on Cognitive Biases

Paper: 454, 18.06.2010

JEL: D8, I2, J1, J7

Bayesian Social Learning, Conformity, and Stubbornness: Evidence from the AP Top 25

Paper: 453, 15.06.2010

JEL: D80, D83, D84

Bootstrapping Density-Weighted Average Derivatives

Paper: 452, 28.05.2010

JEL: C12, C14, C21, C24

Subsidizing Job Creation in the Great Recession

Paper: 451, 28.05.2010

JEL: E24, J65

Is Economics Coursework, or Majoring in Economics, Associated with Different Civic Behaviors?

Paper: 450, 26.05.2010

JEL: A13, A22, D71

MBS Ratings and the Mortgage Credit Boom

Paper: 449, 26.05.2010

JEL: G01, G21, G24

Design of Contingent Capital with a Stock Price Trigger for Mandatory Conversion

Paper: 448, 21.05.2010

JEL: G12, G23

Quantifying the Benefits of a Liquidity-Saving Mechanism

Paper: 447, 14.05.2010

JEL: E42, E58, G21

Global Banks and International Shock Transmission: Evidence from the Crisis

Paper: 446, 12.05.2010

JEL: E44, F36, G32

Deferred Compensation, Risk, and Company Value:Investor Reactions to CEO Incentives

Paper: 445, 30.04.2010

JEL: G14, G32

Repo Runs

Paper: 444, 23.04.2010

JEL: E44, E58, G24

The Effect of Question Wording on Reported Expectations and Perceptions of Inflation

Paper: 443, 20.04.2010

JEL: C83, D84, E31

Short-Run Fiscal Policy: Welfare, Redistribution,and Aggregate Effects in the Short and Long Run

Paper: 442, 06.04.2010

JEL: E2, E62, H24, H6

Large-Scale Asset Purchases by the Federal Reserve:Did They Work?

Paper: 441, 19.03.2010

Productivity and the Density of Human Capital

Paper: 440, 12.03.2010

The Changing Nature of Financial Intermediationand the Financial Crisis of 2007-09

Paper: 439, 11.03.2010

Liquidity-Saving Mechanisms in Collateral-Based RTGS Payment Systems

Paper: 438, 11.03.2010

Stressed, Not Frozen: The Federal Funds Marketin the Financial Crisis

Paper: 437, 04.03.2010

Social Security, Benefit Claiming, and Labor Force Participation: A Quantitative General Equilibrium Approach

Paper: 436, 03.03.2010

Labor-Dependent Capital Income TaxationThat Encourages Work and Saving

Paper: 435, 24.02.2010

Correlated Disturbances and U.S. Business Cycles

Paper: 434, 24.02.2010

The Paradox of Toil

Paper: 433, 23.02.2010

Subprime Mortgage Lending in New York City: Prevalence and Performance

Paper: 432, 19.02.2010

Financial Amplification Mechanisms and the Federal Reserve¿s Supply of Liquidity during the Crisis

Paper: 431, 18.02.2010

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