Central Bank Research Hub - Series: New York Fed Staff reports 2008

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Rethinking the Measurement of Household Inflation Expectations: Preliminary Findings

Paper: 359, 19.12.2008

JEL: C81, E31, E60, E66

Seismic Effects of the Bankruptcy Reform

Paper: 358, 25.11.2008

JEL: G21, G33, K35

The Federal Home Loan Bank System:The Lender of Next-to-Last Resort?

Paper: 357, 19.11.2008

JEL: E40, E59, G21, G28

Which Bank Is the ¿Central¿ Bank?An Application of Markov Theory to the CanadianLarge Value Transfer System

Paper: 356, 19.11.2008

JEL: C11, E50, G20

Imperfectly Credible Disinflation under EndogenousTime-Dependent Pricing

Paper: 355, 13.11.2008

JEL: E31, E52

The Topology of the Federal Funds Market

Paper: 354, 07.11.2008

JEL: E40, E58, E59, G10

Systemic Risk and Liquidity in Payment Systems

Paper: 352, 07.11.2008

JEL: D85, E44, E58, G21


Paper: 348, 07.11.2008

JEL: G10, G18, G20

ESOP Fables: The Impact of Employee Stock Ownership Plans on Labor Disputes

Paper: 347, 07.11.2008

JEL: C78, D82, J52

Financial Intermediaries, Financial Stability,and Monetary Policy

Paper: 346, 07.11.2008

JEL: E50, G20

What Drives Housing Prices?

Paper: 345, 07.11.2008

JEL: E22, E32, O41, O51

Stabilizing Expectations under Monetary and FiscalPolicy Coordination

Paper: 343, 07.11.2008

JEL: D83, D84, E52

Pricing the Term Structure with Linear Regressions

Paper: 340, 07.11.2008

JEL: G10, G12

The Advantage of Flexible Targeting Rules

Paper: 339, 07.11.2008

JEL: E61, E63

Financial Intermediary Leverage and Value-at-Risk

Paper: 338, 07.11.2008

JEL: D02, G20, G32

Should There Be Intraday Money Markets?

Paper: 337, 07.11.2008

JEL: E44, E58

A Study of Competing Designs for a Liquidity-Saving Mechanism

Paper: 336, 07.11.2008

JEL: E42, E58, G21

Interpreting the Great Moderation: Changes in the Volatility of Economic Activity at the Macro and Micro Levels

Paper: 334, 07.11.2008

JEL: E20, E32

The Welfare Effects of a Liquidity-Saving Mechanism

Paper: 331, 07.11.2008

JEL: E42, E58, G21

Corporate Performance, Board Structure, and Their Determinants in the Banking Industry

Paper: 330, 07.11.2008

JEL: G21, G34, J41, L22

Inflation Dynamics in a Small Open-Economy Model under Inflation Targeting: Some Evidence from Chile

Paper: 329, 07.11.2008

JEL: C11, C32, E52, F41

Liquidity and Leverage

Paper: 328, 07.11.2008

JEL: E32, E44, G10, G20

Dynamic Factor Models with Time-Varying Parameters: Measuring Changes in International Business Cycles

Paper: 326, 07.11.2008

JEL: C11, C32, F02

Globalization and Inflation Dynamics: The Impact of Increased Competition

Paper: 324, 07.11.2008

JEL: E31

Monetary Policy Analysis with Potentially Misspecified Models

Paper: 321, 07.11.2008

JEL: C32

Understanding the Securitization of SubprimeMortgage Credit

Paper: 318, 07.11.2008

JEL: G24, G28

Macroeconomic Interdependence and the International Role of the Dollar

Paper: 316, 07.11.2008

JEL: F41, F42

Impact of Voucher Design on Public School Performance: Evidence from Florida and Milwaukee Voucher Programs

Paper: 315, 07.11.2008

JEL: H40, I21, I28

What Can We Learn from Privately Held Firms about Executive Compensation?

Paper: 314, 07.11.2008

JEL: G32, H24, H25, J33

The Case for TIPS: An Examination of the Costsand Benefits

Paper: 353, 30.10.2008

JEL: E6, G10, H63

Aggregation and the PPP Puzzle in a Sticky-Price Model

Paper: 351, 23.10.2008

JEL: E00, F30, F41

Housing Busts and Household Mobility

Paper: 350, 11.10.2008

JEL: R21, R23, R51

Liquidity and Congestion

Paper: 349, 08.10.2008

JEL: D40, G12

Have Amenities Become Relatively More Important Than Firm Productivity Advantages in Metropolitan Areas?

Paper: 344, 04.09.2008

JEL: R23, R30

Central Bank Transparency and Nonlinear Learning Dynamics

Paper: 342, 02.09.2008

JEL: D83, D84, E52, E58

Juvenile Delinquent Mortgages: Bad Credit or Bad Economy?

Paper: 341, 27.08.2008

JEL: G21, R21

The Effect of the Term Auction Facilityon the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate

Paper: 335, 22.07.2008

JEL: G10, G12, G18, G19

Banking Globalization, Monetary Transmission,and the Lending Channel

Paper: 333, 18.07.2008

Human Capital and Economic Activity in Urban America

Paper: 332, 15.07.2008

JEL: J24, O40, R11

Revisiting Useful Approaches to Data-Rich Macroeconomic Forecasting

Paper: 327, 20.05.2008

JEL: C22, C53, E37, E47

Durable Goods Inventories and the Great Moderation

Paper: 325, 16.05.2008

JEL: D21, E20, N12

Optimal Monetary Policy under Sudden Stops

Paper: 323, 11.04.2008

JEL: E52, F30, F41

Investment Shocks and Business Cycles

Paper: 322, 14.03.2008

JEL: C11, E22, E30

Forming Priors for DSGE Models (and How It Affectsthe Assessment of Nominal Rigidities)

Paper: 320, 13.03.2008

JEL: C32, E30

Settlement Delays in the Money Market

Paper: 319, 13.03.2008

JEL: C78, G21, L14

Forecasting Economic and Financial Variableswith Global VARs

Paper: 317, 28.02.2008

JEL: C32, C51, C53

Investment Principles and Practices of the Federal Reserve¿s Domestic Securities Portfolio

Paper: 313, 11.01.2008

JEL: E52, E58

Run Equilibria in a Model of Financial Intermediation

Paper: 312, 09.01.2008

JEL: D82, D84, G21

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