Central bank research hub - Series: Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review

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by Margaret M. McConnell , James A. Kahn and Gabriel Pérez-Quirós

Paper: 0205kahn, 01.01.2004

by Marvin Goodfriend

Paper: 0205good, 01.01.2004

by Roger W. Ferguson

Paper: 0205ferg, 01.01.2004

by Arturo Estrella

Paper: 0205estr, 01.01.2004

by William B. English

Paper: 0205engl, 01.01.2004

by Selva Demiralp and Òscar Jordá

Paper: 0205demi, 01.01.2004

by Marc Giannoni and Jean Boivin

Paper: 0205boiv, 01.01.2004

by Stavros Peristiani and Paul Bennett

Paper: 0205benn, 01.01.2004

by Joseph Tracy and Hamid Mehran

Paper: 0112mehr, 01.01.2004


JEL: G10, G3, J3, J33

by James J. McAndrews and Kenneth N. Kuttner

Paper: 0112kutt, 01.01.2004


JEL: E51, G21, L23

by Patricia C. Mosser and John Kambhu

Paper: 0112kamb, 01.01.2004


JEL: E43, G1, G14

by Andrew F. Haughwout

Paper: 0112haug, 01.01.2004


JEL: H7, R3, R5

by Kevin J. Stiroh

Paper: 0103stir, 01.01.2004


JEL: O3, O4

by Robert Rich , James Orr and Rae Rosen

Paper: 0103orr, 01.01.2004


JEL: C5, R10, R11, R12

by David Wright , Stefan Walter , Mark Levonian , Beverly J. Hirtle and Marc Saidenberg

Paper: 0103hirt, 01.01.2004


JEL: G21, G28

by Ray C. Fair

Paper: 0103fair, 01.01.2004


JEL: E0, E5

by Christine M. Cumming and Beverly J. Hirtle

Paper: 0103cumm, 01.01.2004


JEL: G21, G28