Central Bank Research Hub - Series: New York Fed Economic policy review 2004

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Are Home Prices the Next "Bubble"?

Paper: 0412mcca, 07.12.2004

JEL: E32, R21, R31

The Historical and Recent Behavior of Goods and Services Inflation

Paper: 0412peac, 07.12.2004

JEL: C32, E31

Origins of the Federal Reserve Book-Entry System

Paper: 0412garb, 07.12.2004

JEL: G21, G28, H41, H63

Economizing on Liquidity with Deferred Settlement Mechanisms

Paper: 0412mcan, 07.12.2004

JEL: E42, E58, G21

Treasury Inflation-Indexed Debt: A Review of the U.S. Experience

Paper: 0405sack, 01.06.2004

JEL: E60, G10

Exchange Rate Changes and Net Positions of Speculators in the Futures Market

Paper: 0405klit, 01.06.2004

JEL: F31, G13, G15

Industry-Specific Exchange Rates for the United States

Paper: 0405gold, 01.06.2004

JEL: F3, F4

The Institutionalization of Treasury Note and Bond Auctions, 1970-75

Paper: 0405garb, 01.06.2004

JEL: G28, H63

Productivity Measurement Issues in Services Industries: "Baumol's Disease" Has Been Cured

Paper: 0309trip, 01.01.2004

Remarks on the Measurement, Valuation, and Reporting of Intangible Assets

Paper: 0309levy, 01.01.2004

Price Hedonics: A Critical Review

Paper: 0309hult, 01.01.2004

What Market Risk Capital Reporting Tells Us about Bank Risk

Paper: 0309hirt, 01.01.2004

JEL: G21, G28

Formulating the Imputed Cost of Equity Capital for Priced Services at Federal Reserve Banks

Paper: 0309gree, 01.01.2004

JEL: E5, G12, G2, G3

Measuring Treasury Market Liquidity

Paper: 0309flem, 01.01.2004

JEL: G14

The Corporate Governance of Banks

Paper: 0304mace, 01.01.2004

JEL: G2, G3, L2, L5

Incentive Features in CEO Compensation in the Banking Industry

Paper: 0304john, 01.01.2004

JEL: G21, G30, J33

A Survey of Blockholders and Corporate Control

Paper: 0304hold, 01.01.2004

JEL: G30, G32

Boards of Directors as an Endogenously Determined Institution: A Survey of the Economic Literature

Paper: 0304herm, 01.01.2004

JEL: D2, G3, L2

Executive Equity Compensation and Incentives: A Survey

Paper: 0304core, 01.01.2004

JEL: G32, G34, J33, M41

Transparency, Financial Accounting Information, and Corporate Governance

Paper: 0304bush, 01.01.2004

JEL: D8, G3, M4

Is Corporate Governance Different for Bank Holding Companies?

Paper: 0304adam, 01.01.2004

JEL: G21, G34, J41, L22

Measuring the Effects of the September 11 Attack on New York City

Paper: 0211rapa, 01.01.2004

JEL: R0, R1

Liquidity Effects of the Events of September 11, 2001

Paper: 0211mcan, 01.01.2004

JEL: E41, E58, G21

What Will Homeland Security Cost?

Paper: 0211hobi, 01.01.2004

JEL: H56, O47

Terrorism and the Resilience of Cities

Paper: 0211harr, 01.01.2004

JEL: H56, R1, R12

When the Back Office Moved to the Front Burner: Settlement Fails in the Treasury Market after 9/11

Paper: 0211flem, 01.01.2004

JEL: G21, G23, G24, G28

Has September 11 Affected New York City¿s Growth Potential?

Paper: 0211bram, 01.01.2004

JEL: R11, R15, R30

Financial Market Efficiency and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy

Paper: 0205wood, 01.01.2004

Monetary Policy Transmission:Past and Future Challenges

Paper: 0205volck, 01.01.2004

Does Bank Capital Matter for Monetary Transmission?

Paper: 0205vand, 01.01.2004

Monetary Policy Transmission to Residential Investment

Paper: 0205mcca, 01.01.2004

Monetary Policy Transmission through the Consumption-Wealth Channel

Paper: 0205ludv, 01.01.2004

Credit Effects in the Monetary Mechanism

Paper: 0205lown, 01.01.2004

The Monetary Transmission Mechanism: Some Answersand Further Questions

Paper: 0205kutt, 01.01.2004

On the Causes of the Increased Stability of the U.S. Economy

Paper: 0205kahn, 01.01.2004

Interest on Reserves and Monetary Policy

Paper: 0205good, 01.01.2004

Understanding Financial Consolidation

Paper: 0205ferg, 01.01.2004

Securitization and the Efficacy of Monetary Policy

Paper: 0205estr, 01.01.2004

Financial Consolidation and Monetary Policy

Paper: 0205engl, 01.01.2004

The Announcement Effect: Evidence from Open MarketDesk Data

Paper: 0205demi, 01.01.2004

Assessing Changes in the Monetary Transmission Mechanism: A VAR Approach

Paper: 0205boiv, 01.01.2004

Are U.S. Reserve Requirements Still Binding?

Paper: 0205benn, 01.01.2004

The Effect of Employee Stock Options on the Evolution of Compensation in the 1990s

Paper: 0112mehr, 01.01.2004

JEL: G10, G3, J3, J33

Personal On-Line Payments

Paper: 0112kutt, 01.01.2004

JEL: E51, G21, L23

The Effect of Interest Rate Options Hedging on Term-Structure Dynamics

Paper: 0112kamb, 01.01.2004

JEL: E43, G1, G14

Infrastructure and Social Welfare in Metropolitan America

Paper: 0112haug, 01.01.2004

JEL: H7, R3, R5

What Drives Productivity Growth?

Paper: 0103stir, 01.01.2004

JEL: O3, O4

Leading Economic Indexes for New York State and New Jersey

Paper: 0103orr, 01.01.2004

JEL: C5, R10, R11, R12

Using Credit Risk Models for Regulatory Capital: Issues and Options

Paper: 0103hirt, 01.01.2004

JEL: G21, G28

Actual Federal Reserve Policy Behavior and Interest Rate Rules

Paper: 0103fair, 01.01.2004

JEL: E0, E5

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