Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System International Financial Discussion Papers 2004

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The High-Frequency Effects of U.S. Macroeconomic Data Releases on Prices and Trading Activity in the Global Interdealer Foreign Exchange Market

Paper: 0823, 01.12.2004

JEL: F31, G14

Growth-Led Exports: Is Variety the Spice of Trade?

Paper: 0822, 01.12.2004

JEL: F1, F4

Global Financial Integration: A Collection of New Research

Paper: 0821, 01.11.2004

JEL: F21, F31, F36, G11, G12, G15, G2, G3

The Value of Financial Intermediaries: Empirical Evidence from Syndicated Loans to Emerging Market Borrowers

Paper: 0820, 01.10.2004

JEL: G15, G20, G21

What Makes Investors Over or Underweight? Explaining International Appetites for Foreign Equities

Paper: 0819, 01.10.2004

JEL: F3, G11, G15

Cash Flows and Discount Rates, Industry and Country Effects, and Co-Movement in Stock Returns

Paper: 0818, 01.10.2004

JEL: F36, G15

The Performance of International Portfolios

Paper: 0817, 01.10.2004

JEL: F21, G11, G12

Corporate Governance and the Shareholder Base

Paper: 0816, 01.09.2004

JEL: G11, G15, G32

Look at Me Now: The Role of Cross-Listing in Attracting U.S. Investors

Paper: 0815, 01.09.2004

JEL: C35, F21, G11

Is The Corporate Loan Market Globally Integrated? A Pricing Puzzle

Paper: 0813, 01.09.2004

JEL: G15, G20, G30

Does Monetary Policy Keep Up with the Joneses? Optimal Interest-Rate Smoothing with Consumption Externalities

Paper: 0812, 01.08.2004

JEL: E50, E52

The ET Interview: Professor David F. Hendry

Paper: 0811, 01.08.2004

JEL: C1, C5

The Delayed Response To A Technology Shock. A Flexible Price Explanation

Paper: 0810, 01.08.2004

JEL: D24, E24, E32, O47

Good News Is No News? The Impact of Credit Rating Changes on the Pricing of Asset-Backed Securities

Paper: 0809, 01.08.2004

The Information Content of Forward and Futures Prices: Market Expectations and the Price of Risk

Paper: 0808, 01.07.2004

JEL: C22, E17, G12

Is Inflation Targeting Best-Practice Monetary Policy?

Paper: 0807, 01.06.2004

Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy: A Linear-Quadratic Approach

Paper: 0806, 01.05.2004

JEL: E52, E61, E63

Understanding the Effects of Government Spending on Consumption

Paper: 0805, 01.05.2004

JEL: E32, E62

The Decline of Activist Stabilization Policy: Natural Rate Misperceptions, Learning, and Expectations

Paper: 0804, 01.05.2004

JEL: E52

Benefits and Spillovers of Greater Competition in Europe: A Macroeconomic Assessment

Paper: 0803, 01.05.2004

JEL: C51, E31, E52

Monetary Discretion, Pricing Complementarity and Dynamic Multiple Equilibria

Paper: 0802, 01.05.2004

JEL: D78, E5, E61

The Optimal Degree of Discretion in Monetary Policy.

Paper: 0801, 01.05.2004

JEL: E5, E52, E58, E6, E61

Equal Size, Equal Role? Interest Rate Interdependence Between the Euro Area and the United States

Paper: 0800, 01.05.2004

JEL: E43, E52, F42

The Great Inflation of the 1970s

Paper: 0799, 01.05.2004

JEL: E32, E52

Ramsey Monetary Policy and International Relative Prices

Paper: 0798, 01.05.2004

JEL: E52, F41

Indeterminacy with Inflation-Forecast-Based Rules in a Two-Bloc Model

Paper: 0797, 01.05.2004

JEL: E37, E52, E58

Sand in the Wheels of the Labor Market: The Effect of Firing Costs on Employment

Paper: 0796, 01.05.2004

JEL: E24, J50, L16

Price-level Determinacy, Lower Bounds on the Nominal Interest Rate, and Liquidity Traps

Paper: 0795, 01.05.2004

Foreign Participation in Local-Currency Bond Markets

Paper: 0794, 01.03.2004

JEL: F30, G11, G15, O16

International Diversification at Home and Abroad

Paper: 0793, 01.03.2004

JEL: G11, G15, G3

Can Long-Run Restrictions Identify Technology Shocks?

Paper: 0792, 01.02.2004

Is China "Exporting Deflation"?

Paper: 0791, 01.02.2004

The Response of Hours to a Technology Shock: Evidence Based on Direct Measures of Technology

Paper: 0790, 01.01.2004

JEL: E24, E32, O3

China and Emerging Asia: Comrades or Competitors?

Paper: 0789, 01.01.2004

How Does the Border Affect Productivity? Evidence from American and Canadian Manufacturing Industries

Paper: 0788, 01.01.2004

JEL: D24, F4

Breaks in the Variability and Co-Movement of G-7 Economic Growth

Paper: 0786, 01.01.2004

Interest Rate Rules and Multiple Equilibria in the Small Open Economy

Paper: 0785, 01.01.2004

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