Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System FEDS series 2003

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The GSE Implicit Subsidy and Value of Government Ambiguity

Paper: 2003-64, 24.12.2003

Cash Balance Pension Plan Conversions and the New Economy

Paper: 2003-63, 20.12.2003

Risk-based Pricing of Interest Rates in Household Loan Markets

Paper: 2003-62, 20.12.2003

Calculating and Using Second Order Accurate Solutions of Discrete Time Dynamic Equilibrium Models

Paper: 2003-61, 20.12.2003

Asset Prices and Rents in a GE Model with Imperfect Competition

Paper: 2003-60, 20.12.2003

JEL: E20, G00

Forecasting Exogenous Fiscal Variables in the United States

Paper: 2003-59, 03.12.2003

Getting Bad News Out Early: Does it Really Help Stock Prices?

Paper: 2003-58, 03.12.2003

What If Welfare had no Work Requirements? The Age of Youngest Child Exemption and the Rise in Employment of Single Mothers

Paper: 2003-57, 03.12.2003

JEL: I38, J21

The Effect of Restructuring on Unemployment

Paper: 2003-56, 03.12.2003

JEL: E24, E32, J64

Central Bank Talk: Does It Matter and Why?

Paper: 2003-55, 03.12.2003

Capital Flows Among the G-7 Nations: A Demographic Perspective

Paper: 2003-54, 18.11.2003

JEL: F21, F47, J10

Bank Risk Ratings and the Pricing of Agricultural Loans

Paper: 2003-53, 18.11.2003

Estimating the Worldwide Volume of Counterfeit U.S. Currency: Data and Extrapolation

Paper: 2003-52, 18.11.2003

JEL: C10, E49

Welfare Effects of Tax Policy in Open Economies: Stabilization and Cooperation

Paper: 2003-51, 18.11.2003

JEL: E6, F4

The Excess Sensitivity of Long-Term Interest Rates: Evidence and Implications for Macroeconomic Models

Paper: 2003-50, 18.11.2003

Does Mortgage Hedging Amplify Movements in Long-term Interest Rates?

Paper: 2003-49, 30.09.2003

Modeling Aggregate Investment: A Fundamentalist Approach

Paper: 2003-48, 30.09.2003

JEL: D92, E22

Further Evidence on the Link between Finance and Growth: An International Analysis of Community Banking and Economic Performance

Paper: 2003-47, 30.09.2003

JEL: F36, G21, G28, G34

Can Rational Expectations Sticky-Price Models Explain Inflation Dynamics?

Paper: 2003-46, 30.09.2003

"Interest Rates as Options": Assessing the Markets' View of the Liquidity Trap

Paper: 2003-45, 05.09.2003

JEL: E30, E43, G12

The Replacement Demand for Motor Vehicles: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances

Paper: 2003-44, 05.09.2003

Inflation Targets, Credibility, and Persistence in a Simple Sticky-Price Framework

Paper: 2003-43, 05.09.2003

An Empirical Test of a Two-Factor Mortgage Valuation Model: How Much Do House Prices Matter?

Paper: 2003-42, 27.08.2003

Inflation Scares and Forecast-Based Monetary Policy

Paper: 2003-41, 27.08.2003

JEL: E52

Volatility Puzzles: A Unified Framework for Gauging Return-Volatility Regressions

Paper: 2003-40, 27.08.2003

JEL: C22, C51, G12

Economic and Regulatory Capital Allocation for Revolving Retail Exposures

Paper: 2003-39, 22.08.2003

JEL: G0, G2

Did Pension Plan Accounting Contribute to a Stock Market Bubble?

Paper: 2003-38, 22.08.2003

Do Banks Strategically Time Public Bond Issuance Because of Accompanying Disclosure, Due Diligence, and Investor Scrutiny?

Paper: 2003-37, 22.08.2003

JEL: G21, G28, G31, G32

Historical Monetary Policy Analysis and the Taylor Rule

Paper: 2003-36, 22.08.2003

JEL: B2, E3, E5

Nationwide Branching and its Impact on Market Structure, Quality and Bank Performance

Paper: 2003-35, 22.08.2003

Coordination, Fair Treatment and Inflation Persistence

Paper: 2003-34, 22.08.2003

JEL: E3, E31, E5

Firm Specific Human Capital vs. Job Matching: A New Test

Paper: 2003-33, 22.08.2003

JEL: J24, J31, J63

Itô Conditional Moment Generator and the Estimation of Short Rate Processes

Paper: 2003-32, 22.08.2003

JEL: C51, C52, G12

Does Bank Lending Affect Output? Evidence from the U.S. States

Paper: 2003-31, 22.08.2003

JEL: E32, E41, E51

Sticky Prices, Coordination and Enforcement

Paper: 2003-30, 22.08.2003

JEL: D43, E12, E30, L13

Inflation Persistence and Relative Contracting

Paper: 2003-29, 22.08.2003

JEL: E3, E31, E5

Tunnels and Reserves in Monetary Policy Implementation

Paper: 2003-28, 22.07.2003

JEL: E4, E5

Declining Required Reserves, Funds Rate Volatility, and Open Market Operations

Paper: 2003-27, 22.07.2003

JEL: E0, E4, E5

Inventory Dynamics and Business Cycles: What Has Changed?

Paper: 2003-26, 22.07.2003

JEL: D24, E22, E32

What Did the Credit Market Expect of Argentina Default? Evidence from Default Swap Data

Paper: 2003-25, 22.07.2003

A Rolling Tide: Changes in the Distribution of Wealth in the U.S., 1989-2001

Paper: 2003-24, 22.07.2003

Minimum Wages, Labor Market Institutions, and Youth Employment: A Cross-National Analysis

Paper: 2003-23, 23.06.2003

JEL: J23, J38

The Recall and New Job Search of Laid-off Workers: A Bivariate Proportional Hazard Model with Unobserved Heterogeneity

Paper: 2003-22, 19.06.2003

JEL: C41, J64

Regime-Shifts, Risk Premiums in the Term Structure, and the Business Cycle

Paper: 2003-21, 19.06.2003

Wealth Effects and the Consumption of Leisure: Retirement Decisions During the Stock Market Boom of the 1990s

Paper: 2003-20, 19.06.2003

Estimates of the Term Premium on Near-dated Federal Funds Futures Contracts

Paper: 2003-19, 19.06.2003

The Effects of War Risk on U.S. Financial Markets

Paper: 2003-18, 06.06.2003

The Long-Run Relationship between House Prices and Income: Evidence from Local Housing Markets

Paper: 2003-17, 06.06.2003

Foreclosing on Opportunity: State Laws and Mortgage Credit

Paper: 2003-16, 06.06.2003

Monetary Policy and the Yield Curve

Paper: 2003-15, 06.06.2003

JEL: E43, G12

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