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Imperfect information, macroeconomic dynamics and the yield curve: an encompassing macro-finance model

Paper: 144, 20.10.2008

JEL: E43, E44, E52

Liquidity, inflation and asset prices in a timevarying framework for the euro area

Paper: 142, 20.10.2008

JEL: E31, E32, E44, E51, E52

Monetary aggregates and liquidity in a neo-Wicksellian framework

Paper: 141, 20.10.2008

The bond premium in a DSGE model with long-run real and nominal risks

Paper: 143, 14.10.2008

The efficiency frontier as a method for gauging the performance of public expenditure: a Belgian case study

Paper: 138, 12.09.2008

Agency problems in structured finance ¿ a case study of European CLOs

Paper: 137, 26.08.2008

Multivariate structural time series models with dual cycles : implications for measurement of output gap and potential growth

Paper: 136, 22.08.2008

Imperfect exchange rate pass-through: the role of distribution services and variable demand elasticity

Paper: 135, 22.08.2008

Economic importance of the Belgian ports: Flemish maritime ports, Liège port complex and the port of Brussels - Report 2006

Paper: 134, 30.06.2008

Short-term forecasting of GDP using large monthly datasets - A pseudo real-time forecast evaluation exercise

Paper: 133, 30.06.2008

Importance et évolution des investissements directs en Belgique

Paper: 107, 30.06.2008

Searching for additional sources of inflation persistence: the micro-price panel data approach

Paper: 132, 07.04.2008

JEL: C51, C81, D21, E1, E13, L11

Do survey indicators let us see the business cycle? A frequency decomposition

Paper: 131, 27.03.2008

JEL: C22, E32

Job creation, job destruction and firms' international trade involvement

Paper: 130, 17.03.2008

JEL: F16, J63

Estimation of monetary policy preferences in a forward-looking model: a Bayesian approach

Paper: 129, 13.03.2008

JEL: E42, E52, E58, E61

Exports and productivity ¿ comparable evidence for 14 countries

Paper: 128, 13.02.2008

JEL: D21, F14


How do firms adjust their wage bill in Belgium? A decomposition along the intensive and extensive margins

Paper: 127, 31.01.2008

JEL: J30, J60

Some evidence on late bidding in eBay auctions

Paper: 126, 25.01.2008

JEL: D44

Economic Importance of Belgian Transport Logistics

Paper: 125, 09.01.2008

JEL: C67, J21, L91, L92, L93, L96, R15, R41

Downward wage rigidity for different workers and firms: an evaluation for Belgium using the IWFP procedure

Paper: 124, 21.12.2007

JEL: J31

Failure prediction models: performance, disagreements, and internal rating systems

Paper: 123, 13.12.2007

JEL: D40, G21, G24, G28, G33

The gas chain: influence of its specificities on the liberalisation process

Paper: 122, 16.11.2007

JEL: D23, D43, L13, L43, L95, L97

Dynamic order submission strategies with competition between a dealer market and a crossing network

Paper: 121, 15.11.2007

JEL: G10, G20

Monitoring pro-cyclicality under the capital requirements directive: preliminary concepts for developing a framework

Paper: 120, 31.10.2007

JEL: E32, G18

The determinants of stock and bond return comovements

Paper: 119, 18.10.2007

JEL: E43, E44, G11, G12, G14

The performance of credit rating systems in the assessment of collateral used in Eurosystem monetary policy operations

Paper: 118, 07.09.2007

JEL: C49, G20, G28

Can excess liquidity signal an asset price boom?

Paper: 117, 03.08.2007

JEL: E41, E51, E52

Temporal Distribution of Price Changes: Staggering in the Large and Synchronization in the Small

Paper: 116, 28.06.2007

JEL: D21, E31, L11, L16

Economic importance of the Belgian ports: Flemish maritime ports and Liège port complex - report 2005

Paper: 115, 01.06.2007

JEL: C67, H57, J21, L22, L91, L92, R15, R41

Imports and Exports at the Level of the Firm: Evidence from Belgium

Paper: 114, 03.05.2007

JEL: F10, F16, J21

The spread of Keynesian economics: a comparison of the Belgian and Italian experiences

Paper: 113, 30.04.2007

Assessing the Gap between Observed and Perceived Inflation in the Euro Area: Is the Credibility of the HICP at Stake?

Paper: 112, 23.04.2007

JEL: C22, C23, D12, E31

Price setting in the euro area: Some stylized facts from individual producer price data

Paper: 111, 29.03.2007

JEL: C25, D40, E31

Economic impact of port activity - the case of Antwerp

Paper: 110, 08.02.2007

JEL: C67, L90, R12, R15, R41

Shocks and Frictions in US Business Cycles: a Bayesian DSGE Approach

Paper: 109, 05.02.2007

JEL: E4, E5

Investment-Specific Technology Shocks and Labor Market Frictions

Paper: 108, 01.02.2007

JEL: E24, E32, J64

R&D in the Belgian Pharmaceutical Sector

Paper: 106, 14.12.2006

JEL: I18, L65, O3

Sector Concentration in Loan Portfolios and Economic Capital

Paper: 105, 17.11.2006

JEL: C1, G18, G21

Exploring the CDS-Bond Basis

Paper: 104, 16.11.2006

JEL: C12, C19, C23, G15, G19

Macroeconomic fluctuations and firm entry: theory and evidence

Paper: 103, 13.10.2006

JEL: E30, E32

Reasons for wage rigidity in Germany - paper not available

Paper: 101, 12.10.2006

Lumpy price adjustments: a microeconomic analysis

Paper: 100, 12.10.2006

JEL: C51, C81, D21

The kinked demand curve and price rigidity: evidence from scanner data

Paper: 099, 12.10.2006

JEL: C33, D12, E3

Dynamics and monetary policy in a fair wage model of the business cycle

Paper: 098, 12.10.2006

JEL: E4, E5

How wages change: micro evicence from the International Wage Flexibility Project

Paper: 096, 12.10.2006

JEL: E3, J3, J5

Inflation persistence and price-setting behaviour in the euro area: a summary of the Inflation Persistence Network evidence

Paper: 095, 12.10.2006

JEL: E31, E42, E52

Simulation, estimation and welfare implications of monetary policies in a 3-country NOEM model

Paper: 094, 12.10.2006

JEL: D21, E31, F41, P24

Price and wage setting in an integrating Europe: firm level evidence

Paper: 093, 12.10.2006

JEL: F16, J50, L13

A new Keynesian model with unemployment

Paper: 092, 12.10.2006

JEL: E32, E50

The dynamics of trade and competition

Paper: 091, 12.10.2006

JEL: E31, F12, F15, L16

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