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Trade with China and skill upgrading: Evidence from Belgian firm level data

Paper: 194, 23.09.2010

Wages, labor or prices: How do firms react to shocks?

Paper: 193, 19.07.2010

Economic importance of the Belgian ports: Flemish maritime ports, Liège port complex and the port of Brussels - Report 2008

Paper: 192, 15.07.2010

The incidence of nominal and real wage rigidity: An individual-based sectoral approach

Paper: 191, 30.06.2010

What determines euro area bank CDS spreads?

Paper: 190, 07.05.2010

Inter-industry wage differentials in EU countries: What do cross-country time-varying data add to the picture?

Paper: 189, 30.04.2010

A century of macroeconomic and monetary thought at the National Bank of Belgium

Paper: 188, 29.04.2010

Getting rid of Keynes? A survey of the history of macroeconomics from Keynes to Lucas and beyond

Paper: 187, 29.04.2010

The development of monetary policy in the 20th century ¿ some reflections

Paper: 186, 29.04.2010

Self-fulfilling liquidity dry-ups

Paper: 185, 02.03.2010

Discriminatory fees, coordination and investment in shared ATM network

Paper: 184, 28.01.2010

The margins of labour cost adjustment: Survey evidence from European firms

Paper: 183, 20.11.2009

Downward nominal and real wage rigidity: Survey evidence from European firms

Paper: 182, 20.11.2009

Empirical evidence on the aggregate effects of anticipated and unanticipated US tax policy shocks

Paper: 181, 13.11.2009

Optimal monetary policy and firm entry

Paper: 178, 26.10.2009

Inter-industry wage differentials: How much does rent sharing matter?

Paper: 180, 26.10.2009

Staying, dropping, or switching: the impacts of bank mergers on small firms

Paper: 179, 26.10.2009

Incentives and trance retention in securitisation: a screening model

Paper: 177, 17.10.2009

On the origins of the BIS macro-prudential approach to financial stability: Alexandre Lamfalussy and financial fragility

Paper: 176, 09.10.2009

Micro data on nominal rigidity, inflation persistence and optimal monetary policy

Paper: 175, 10.09.2009

How are firms' wages and prices linked: survey evidence in Europe

Paper: 174, 27.08.2009

Evaluating a monetary business cycle model with unemployment for the euro area

Paper: 173, 27.07.2009

Importance économique des ports belges: Ports maritimes flamands, complexe portuaire liégeois et port de Bruxelles ¿ Rapport 2007

Paper: 172, 14.07.2009

A global assessment of the degree of price stickiness - results from the NBB business survey

Paper: 171, 03.07.2009

Analysis of business demography using markov chains: an application to Belgian data

Paper: 170, 03.07.2009

The use of fixed-term contracts and the labour adjustment in Belgium

Paper: 169, 02.07.2009

Model misspecification, learning and the exchange rate disconnect puzzle

Paper: 168, 02.07.2009

Back to the basics in banking? A micro-analysis of banking system stability

Paper: 167, 25.06.2009

Input-output connections between sectors and optimal monetary policy

Paper: 166, 25.06.2009

Understanding inflation dynamics: Where do we stand?

Paper: 165, 11.06.2009

Inflation dynamics with labour market matching: assessing alternative specifications

Paper: 164, 19.05.2009

The young Lamfalussy: an empirical and policy-oriented growth theorist

Paper: 163, 30.04.2009

Labour flows in Belgium

Paper: 162, 09.04.2009

JEL: I20, J21, J23

Trade, wages and productivity

Paper: 161, 23.03.2009

JEL: F12, F15, F17

The Belgian iron and steel industry in the international context

Paper: 160, 18.03.2009

JEL: C67, J21, L22, L61, Q5

Rigid labour compensation and flexible employment? Firm-level evidence with regard to productivity for Belgium

Paper: 159, 18.03.2009

JEL: J30, J60

Economic Importance of Air Transport and Airport Activities in Belgium

Paper: 158, 18.03.2009

JEL: C67, D40, J21, L93, R15, R41

Sequential bargaining in a New Keynesian model with frictional unemployment and staggered wage negotiation

Paper: 157, 18.03.2009

JEL: E31, E32, E52, J64

Understanding sectoral differences in downward real wage rigidity: workforce composition, institutions, technology and competition

Paper: 156, 18.03.2009

JEL: J31

Fiscal sustainability and policy implications for the euro area

Paper: 155, 18.03.2009

JEL: H55, H60

Institutional features of wage bargaining in 23 European countries, the US and Japan

Paper: 154, 18.03.2009

JEL: J31, J38, J51, J58

Rent-sharing under different bargaining regimes: Evidence from linked employer-employee data

Paper: 152, 18.03.2009

JEL: J31, J51

Forecast with judgment and models

Paper: 153, 12.12.2008

Financial factors in economic fluctuations

Paper: 151, 27.10.2008

Credit frictions and optimal monetary policy

Paper: 146, 23.10.2008

Housing market spillovers: evidence from an estimated DSGE model

Paper: 145, 23.10.2008

Risk premiums and macroeconomic dynamics in a heterogeneous agent model

Paper: 150, 20.10.2008

JEL: E32, E44, G12

Monetary policy, asset prices and macroeconomic conditions: a panel-VAR study

Paper: 149, 20.10.2008

JEL: C23, E52

Financial (in)stability, supervision and liquidity injections: a dynamic general equilibrium approach

Paper: 148, 20.10.2008

JEL: E13, E20, G21, G28

Central bank misperceptions and the role of money in interest rate rules

Paper: 147, 20.10.2008

JEL: E32, E41, E43, E52, E58

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