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Picking the Brains of MPC Members

Paper: 237, 18.06.2010

JEL: D71, E52, E58

Risk Premiums and Macroeconomic Dynamics in a Heterogeneous Agent Model

Paper: 236, 18.06.2010

JEL: E32, E44, G12

Evaluating Monetary Policy

Paper: 235, 09.11.2009

Forecasting Macroeconomic Time Series With Locally Adaptive Signal Extraction

Paper: 234, 09.11.2009

Flexible Modeling of Conditional Distributions Using Smooth Mixtures of Asymmetric Student T Densities

Paper: 233, 09.11.2009

Monetary Policy Trade-Offs in an Estimated Open-Economy DSGE Model

Paper: 232, 25.08.2009

Evaluating Microfoundations for Aggregate Price Rigidities: Evidence from Matched Firm- Level Data on Product Prices and Unit Labor Cost

Paper: 231, 19.08.2009

JEL: D8, E3, L16

Effects of Organizational Change on Firm Productivity

Paper: 230, 25.06.2009

JEL: D24, E22, L22

Expectation Driven Business Cycles with Limited Enforcement

Paper: 229, 12.05.2009

JEL: E22, E32, E44, E51

The Effect of Cash Flow on Investment: An Empirical Test of the Balance Sheet Channel

Paper: 228, 12.05.2009

JEL: C33, E22, E44

Re-Evaluating Swedish Membership in EMU: Evidence from an Estimated Model

Paper: 227, 06.02.2009

JEL: E42, E58, F41

Firm Default and Aggregate Fluctuations

Paper: 226, 01.11.2008

JEL: C35, C41, C52, E44, G21, G33

Optimal Monetary Policy in an Operational Medium-Sized DSGE Model

Paper: 225, 01.10.2008

JEL: E52, E58

Block Kalman filtering for large-scale DSGE models

Paper: 224, 01.08.2008

JEL: C1, C6

How Important are Financial Frictions in the U.S. and the Euro Area

Paper: 223, 01.07.2008

JEL: C11, C15, E32, E40, E50, G10

The Monetary Policy Decision-Making Process and the Term Structure of Interest Rates

Paper: 222, 01.05.2008

JEL: E43, E52, G12

Governing the Governors: A Clinical Study of Central Banks

Paper: 221, 01.04.2008

JEL: E58, G18, G34, G38

Monetary Policy Regimes and the Volatility of Long-Term Interest Rates

Paper: 220, 01.04.2008

JEL: C11, C13, C15, E32, E42, E43, E47, E50

Macroeconomic Impact on Expected Default Freqency

Paper: 219, 01.03.2008

JEL: C32, C52, C53, G21, G33

The Riksbank¿s Forecasting Performance

Paper: 218, 07.12.2007

JEL: E27, E37, E52

Do Central Banks React to House Prices?

Paper: 217, 07.12.2007

JEL: E31, E44, E52, E58

Bayesian forecast combination for VAR models

Paper: 216, 22.11.2007

JEL: C11, C15, C32, C52, C53

Earnings Inequality and the Equity Premium

Paper: 215, 22.11.2007

JEL: D31, E24, E44, G12

Using a New Open Economy Macroeconomics model to make real nominal exchange rate forecasts

Paper: 213, 16.11.2007

JEL: C52, C53, F31

Introducing Financial Frictions and Unemployment into a Small Open Economy Model

Paper: 214, 15.11.2007

JEL: E0, E3, F0, F4, G0, G1, J6

The Costs of Paying ¿ Private and Social Costs of Cash and Card Payments

Paper: 212, 05.10.2007

JEL: D12, D23, D24

Nonparametric Regression Density Estimation Using a Mixture of Adaptive Heteroscedastic Experts

Paper: 211, 04.10.2007

Acquisition versus greenfield: The impact of the mode of foreign bank entry on information and bank lending rates*

Paper: 210, 03.07.2007

JEL: D4, G21, L31

Sticky Information vs. Sticky Prices: A Horse Race in a DSGE Framework

Paper: 209, 03.07.2007

JEL: E0, E3

Financial Frictions, Investment and Tobin¿s q

Paper: 208, 03.07.2007

JEL: E22, E30, E44, G30

Financial structure, Managerial Compensation and Monitoring

Paper: 207, 03.07.2007

JEL: G32, M12

Optimal Monetary Policy under Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity

Paper: 206, 24.04.2007

JEL: E52, E58, J41

Bank supervision Russian style: Evidence of conflicts between micro- and macroprudential concerns

Paper: 205, 23.04.2007

JEL: E5, G2, N2

The Use of Cash and the Size of the Shadow Economy in Sweden

Paper: 204, 01.04.2007

JEL: E26, E41, H26

Evaluating An Estimated New Keynesian Small Open Economy Model

Paper: 203, 01.03.2007

JEL: C11, C53, E17

The geography of asset holdings: Evidence from Sweden

Paper: 202, 01.02.2007

JEL: F30, F36, F41, G11

Price Setting Transactions and the Role of Denominating Currency in FX Markets

Paper: 201, 01.02.2007

JEL: F31, F41, G32

Swedish External Position and the Krona

Paper: 200, 01.01.2007

JEL: F0, F2, F3

Monetary Policy and Staggered Wage Bargaining when Prices are Sticky

Paper: 199, 01.01.2007

JEL: E52, E58, J41

Technology Shocks and the Labor-Input Response: Evidence from Firm-Level Data

Paper: 198, 01.06.2006

JEL: C33, D24, E32

Derivation and Estimation of a New Keynesian Phillips Curve in a Small Open Economy

Paper: 197, 01.06.2006

JEL: C22, E31, E32

Efficient Bayesian Inference for Multiple Change-Point and Mixture Innovation Models

Paper: 196, 01.06.2006

JEL: C11, C15, C22

Down or Out: Assessing The Welfare Costs of Household Investment Mistakes

Paper: 195, 01.06.2006

JEL: D5, D9, E3, O1

Testing Theories of Job Creation: Does Supply Create Its Own Demand?

Paper: 194, 01.06.2006

JEL: E24, J23, J64

A Simultaneous Model of the Swedish Krona, the US Dollar and the Euro

Paper: 193, 01.06.2006

JEL: C32, E31, F31, F41

Swedish Intervention and the Krona Float, 1993-2002

Paper: 192, 01.04.2006

JEL: F3, G15

Forecast combination and model averaging using predictive measures

Paper: 191, 17.01.2006

JEL: C11, C51, C52

Forecasting Performance of an Open Economy Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model

Paper: 190, 01.10.2005

JEL: C11, C32, E37, E47

Bayesian Inference of General Linear Restrictions on the Cointegration Space

Paper: 189, 01.10.2005

JEL: C11, C12

Modern Forecasting Models in Action: Improving Macroeconomic Analyses at Central Banks

Paper: 188, 01.10.2005

JEL: E37, E47, E52

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