Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Bank of Spain Working Papers

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Title Author(s)

Hard or soft? Institutional reforms and infrastructure spending as determinants of foreign direct investment in China

Paper: 0616, 03.07.2006

JEL: F21, F23

Wage inequality in Spain: recent developments

Paper: 0615, 03.07.2006

JEL: J00, J30

Earnings and capital management in alternative loan loss provision regulatory regimes

Paper: 0614, 03.07.2006

JEL: G18, G21

Wage inequality, segregation by skill and the price of capital in an assignment model

Paper: 0613, 12.06.2006

Credit market competition, collateral and firms¿ finance

Paper: 0612, 29.05.2006

JEL: G21

Debt sustainability and procyclical fical policies in Latin America

Paper: 0611, 13.05.2006

JEL: E6, F3, H6

House Prices, Rents, and Interest Rates under Collateral Constraints

Paper: 0610, 02.05.2006

House prices and rents in Spain: does the discount factor matter?

Paper: 0609, 21.04.2006

JEL: G12, R21, R31

Business demography in Spain: determinants of firm survival

Paper: 0608, 21.04.2006

JEL: G33, L11, L25, M13

Speculative hyperinflations: when can we rule them out?

Paper: 0607, 21.04.2006

JEL: E31, E41, E63

The joint size and ownership specialization in banks' lending

Paper: 0606, 21.04.2006

JEL: D23, G21

The interaction between house prices and loans for house purchase. The Spanish case

Paper: 0605, 21.02.2006

JEL: E32, G21, R21

The economic effects of exogenous fiscal shocks in Spain: a Svar approach

Paper: 0604, 21.02.2006

Housing tenure and labour mobility: a comparison across European countries

Paper: 0603, 21.02.2006

JEL: J31, J61, R20

Social Security Reform with Uninsurable Income Risk and Endogenous Borrowing Constraints

Paper: 0602, 21.02.2006

Real exchange rates, dollarization and industrial employment in Latin America

Paper: 0601, 01.02.2006

JEL: E24, F31, F34, G32

Sticky prices in the euro area: a summary of new micro evidence

Paper: 0542, 18.12.2005

JEL: C25, D40, E31

Is the volatility of the EONIA transmitted to longer-term euro money market interest rates?

Paper: 0541, 18.12.2005

Can fundamentals explain cross-country correlations of asset returns?

Paper: 0540, 18.12.2005

JEL: E44, G12, G15

Market power and bank interest rate adjustments.

Paper: 0539, 23.11.2005

JEL: D40, L11

Exchange rate pass through to import prices in the euro area.

Paper: 0538, 23.11.2005

JEL: F3, F4

The price setting behaviour of Spanish firms: evidence from survey data.

Paper: 0537, 04.11.2005

JEL: D40, E31

The pricing behaviour of firms in the Euro area: new survey evidence.

Paper: 0536, 26.10.2005

JEL: D40, E30

Reflections on fiscalist divergent price-paths.

Paper: 0533, 21.10.2005

JEL: E31, E42, E61

Exchange rate dynamics in economies with portfolio rigidities .

Paper: 0532, 17.10.2005

JEL: D8, F10, F31, F41

Credit cycles, credit risk, and prudential regulation.

Paper: 0531, 17.10.2005

JEL: E32, G18, G21

A test of the law of one price in retail banking.

Paper: 0530, 06.10.2005

Public sector wage gaps in Spanish regions.

Paper: 0526, 28.09.2005

Price setting in the euro area: Some stylized facts from Individual Consumer Price Data.

Paper: 0528, 13.09.2005

JEL: C25, D40, E31

Price setting behaviour in Spain: evidence from micro PPI data.

Paper: 0527, 13.09.2005

JEL: D40, E31

The mix of international banks'foreign claims: determinants and implications.

Paper: 0525, 13.09.2005

JEL: F36, F37, G21

An application of the Tramo Seats automatic procedure; direct versus indirect adjustment.

Paper: 0524, 13.09.2005

Say you fix, enjoy and relax: the deleterious effect of peg announcements on fiscal discipline.

Paper: 0523, 31.08.2005

Wealth effects on consumption: microeconometric estimates from the Spanish survey of household finances.

Paper: 0522, 23.08.2005

JEL: D91

Sticky-Price Models and the Natural Rate Hypothesis

Paper: 0521, 18.08.2005

Robustness of the Estimates of the Hybrid New Keynesian Phillips Curve

Paper: 0520, 18.08.2005

Banking integration in Europe

Paper: 0519, 11.08.2005

JEL: F36, G18, G21

Do european business cycles look like one?

Paper: 0518, 11.08.2005

JEL: C22, C8, E32, F02, F4

Does China have an impact on foreign direct investment to Latin America?

Paper: 0517, 08.08.2005

JEL: F21, F3

M&As performance in the European financial industry

Paper: 0516, 08.08.2005

How individual capital requirements affect capital ratios in UK banks and building societies

Paper: 0515, 05.07.2005

Inflation differentials in EMU: the Spanish case

Paper: 0514, 29.06.2005

Skill mix and technology in Spain: evidence from firm level data

Paper: 0513, 22.06.2005

The impact of unsecured debt on financial distress among british households

Paper: 0512, 29.05.2005

JEL: C25, D14, D91

The determinants of unsecured borrowing: evidence from the british household panel survey

Paper: 0511, 29.05.2005

JEL: C21, D14, E21

Dual employment protection legislation: a framework for analysis

Paper: 0510, 20.05.2005

JEL: J63, J64

The private and fiscal returns to schooling and the effect of public policies on private incentives to invest in education: a general framework and some results for the EU

Paper: 0509, 17.05.2005

Do decreasing hazard functions for price changes make any sense?

Paper: 0508, 07.04.2005

JEL: C40, D40, E30

Jump-and-rest effect of U.S. business cycles

Paper: 0507, 05.04.2005

JEL: C22, E27, E32

Interest rate dispersion in deposit and loan markets

Paper: 0506, 24.03.2005

JEL: D83, G18

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