Central Bank Research Hub - Series: Bank of Portugal Working papers 2004

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Accounting for the Hidden Economy: Barriers to Legality and Legal Failures

Paper: 200420, 29.12.2004

JEL: E6, O11, O17

Monetary Policy with Single Instrument Feedback Rules

Paper: 200419, 29.12.2004

JEL: E31, E40, E52, E58, E62, E63

Monetary Policy with State Contingent Interest Rates

Paper: 200418, 29.12.2004

JEL: E31, E40, E52, E58, E62, E63

Neoclassical Investment with Moral Hazard

Paper: 200417, 24.11.2004

JEL: E22, G34

Monetary Policy in a Currency Union with National Price Asymmetries

Paper: 200416, 09.11.2004

JEL: E52, E58, E61

Nominal Wage Inertia in General Equilibrium Models

Paper: 200415, 24.09.2004

JEL: E24, E31, E32

The Monetary Transmission in the US and the Euro Area: Common Features and Common Frictions

Paper: 200414, 24.09.2004

JEL: E31, E32, E41, E44, E50

Reservation Wages, Search Duration, and Accepted Wages in Europe

Paper: 200413, 23.09.2004

JEL: J64, J65

Key Elasticities in Job Search Theory: International Evidence

Paper: 200412, 23.09.2004

JEL: J64, J65

The Locational Determinants of the U.S. Multinationals Activities

Paper: 200411, 10.09.2004

JEL: C23, F21, F23

Matching Workers to Jobs in the Past Lane: the Operation of Fixed-term Contracts

Paper: 200410, 10.08.2004

JEL: J21, J23

Workers' Flows and Real Wage Cyclicality

Paper: 200409, 15.07.2004

JEL: D21, J30, J31

Inflation Persistence: Facts or Artefacts?

Paper: 200408, 25.06.2004

JEL: C22, E31, E52

On the Fisher-Konieczny Index of Price Changes Synchronization

Paper: 200407, 11.06.2004

JEL: C12, D40, L16

A Flexible View on Prices

Paper: 200406, 05.05.2004

JEL: E31, E32

Stylised Features of Price Setting Behaviour in Portugal: 1992-2001

Paper: 200405, 05.05.2004

JEL: E31, E32, L11

Oil prices assumptions in macroeconomic forecasts: should we follow futures market expectations?

Paper: 200404, 05.05.2004

On the Use of the First Principal Component as a Core Inflation Indicator

Paper: 200403, 05.05.2004

JEL: C43, E31

Real Exchange Rate and Human Capital in the Empirics of Economic Growth

Paper: 200402, 05.05.2004

JEL: F43, O41, O47

How Does the Unemployment Insurance System Shape the Time Profile of Jobless Duration?

Paper: 200401, 05.05.2004

Uncertainty And Risk Analysis Of Macroeconomic Forecasts: Fan Charts Revisited

Paper: 200319, 05.05.2004

JEL: C50, C53

Bargained Wages, Wage Drift and the Design of the Wage Setting System

Paper: 200318, 05.05.2004

JEL: D21, J31, J51

Corruption, Credit Market Imperfections, and Economic Development

Paper: 200317, 05.05.2004

JEL: E6, E64

Tracking Growth and the Business Cycle: a Stochastic Common Cycle Model for the Euro Area

Paper: 200316, 05.05.2004

JEL: C13, C32, E32

The Careers of Top Managers and Firm Openness: Internal Versus External Labour Markets

Paper: 200315, 05.05.2004

The Impact of Interest-rate Subsidies on Long-term Household Debt: Evidence from a Large Program

Paper: 200314, 05.05.2004

JEL: D91, E21, H20

The Monetary Transmission Mechanism: Is it Relevant for Policy?

Paper: 200313, 05.05.2004

Employment Dynamics and the Structure of Labor Adjustment Costs

Paper: 200312, 05.05.2004

JEL: J23, J63

Six Ways to Leave Unemployment

Paper: 200311, 05.05.2004

JEL: J64, J65

Wages and the Risk of Displacement

Paper: 200310, 05.05.2004

JEL: J31, J65

Nonlinearities over the Business Cycle: an Application of the Smooth Transition Autoregressive Model to characterize GDP dynamics for the Euro-area and Portugal

Paper: 200309, 05.05.2004

Why do Firms Use Fixed-Term Contracts?

Paper: 200308, 05.05.2004

JEL: J23, J41

Coincident and Leading Indicators for the Euro Area: A Frequency Band Approach

Paper: 200307, 05.05.2004

The Distribution of Liquidity in a Monetary Union with Different Portfolio Rigidities

Paper: 200306, 05.05.2004

Contagious Currency Crisis: A Spatial Probit Approach

Paper: 200305, 05.05.2004

Forecasting Euro Area Aggregates with Bayesian VAR and VECM Models

Paper: 200304, 05.05.2004

Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Equivalence Results

Paper: 200303, 05.05.2004

The Timing and Probability of FDI: An Application to the United States Multinational Enterprises

Paper: 200302, 05.05.2004

Founding Conditions and the Survival of New Firms

Paper: 200301, 05.05.2004

Institutions and Economic Development: How Strong is the Relation?

Paper: 200213, 05.05.2004

Does Money Granger Cause Inflation in the Euro Area?

Paper: 200212, 05.05.2004

The Analysis of Seasonal Return Anomalies in the Portuguese Stock Market

Paper: 200211, 05.05.2004

Hedonic Prices Indexes for New Passenger Cars in Portugal (1997-2001)

Paper: 200210, 05.05.2004

JEL: C21, C43, E31, L62

The Match Quality Gains from Unemployment Insurance

Paper: 200209, 05.05.2004

Disentangling the Minimum Wage Puzzle: An Analysis of Worker Accessions and Separations from Longitudinal Matched Employer-Employee Data Set

Paper: 200208, 05.05.2004

Merge or Concentrate? Some Insights for Antitrust Policy

Paper: 200207, 05.05.2004

JEL: D60, L12, L41

An "Art", not a "Science"? Central Bank Management in Portugal under the Gold Standard, 1854-1891

Paper: 200206, 05.05.2004

Business Cycles: Cyclical Comovement Within the European Union in the Period 1960-1999. A Frequency Domain Approach

Paper: 200205, 05.05.2004

Patterns of Entry, Post-Entry Growth and Survival: A Comparison Between Domestic and Foreign Owned Firms

Paper: 200204, 05.05.2004

Modelling Taylor Rule Uncertainty

Paper: 200203, 05.05.2004

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