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Aging, labour market dynamics and fiscal imbalances

Paper: 122, 30.11.2012

The distribution of monopolistic markups in the Polish economy

Paper: 121, 30.11.2012

Large capital inflows and stock returns in a thin market

Paper: 120, 30.11.2012

Liquidity needs, private information, feedback trading: verifying motives to trade

Paper: 119, 30.11.2012

Consequences of the euro adoption by Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries for their trade flows

Paper: 118, 30.11.2012

Fiscal multipliers and factors of growth in Poland and the Czech Republic in 2009

Paper: 117, 30.11.2012

Monetary policy transmission mechanism in Poland. What do we know in 2011?

Paper: 116, 30.11.2012

Inflation expectations in Poland

Paper: 115, 30.11.2012

On the empirical evidence of asymmetry effects in the interest rate pass-through in Poland

Paper: 114, 30.11.2012

Do those who stay work less?On the impact of emigration on the measured TFP in Poland

Paper: 113, 30.11.2012

How forward looking are central banks?Some evidence from their forecasts

Paper: 112, 30.11.2012

Are business cycles in the US and emerging economies synchronized?

Paper: 111, 30.11.2012

Assessing macro-financial linkages: a model comparison exercise

Paper: 110, 30.11.2012

Bayesian evaluation of DSGE models with financial frictions

Paper: 109, 30.11.2012

Measuring the natural yield curve

Paper: 108, 30.11.2012

Almost periodically correlated time series in business fluctuations analysis

Paper: 107, 30.11.2012

Unemployment in an Estimated New Keynesian Model

Paper: 106, 30.11.2012

The interdependences of central bank's forecasts and economic agents inflation expectations. Empirical study

Paper: 105, 09.02.2012

Multistate asymmetric ACD model: an application to order dynamics in the EUR/PLN spot market

Paper: 104, 11.01.2012

Poland on the road to the euro: How serious is the risk of boom-bust cycles after the euro adoption? An empirical analysis

Paper: 103, 16.12.2011

The shape of aggregate production functions: evidence from estimates of the World Technology Frontier

Paper: 102, 13.12.2011

Skew-normal shocks in the linear state space from DSGE model

Paper: 101, 28.11.2011

When are multinational banks getting a bang for their buck on their subsidiaries abroad?

Paper: 097, 20.10.2011

Forecasting inflation with consumer survey data - application of multi-group confirmatory factor analysis to elimination of the general sentiment factor

Paper: 100, 14.10.2011

Identifying multiple regimes in the model of credit to households

Paper: 099, 14.10.2011

A microfoundation for normalized CES production functions with factor-augmenting technical change

Paper: 098, 14.10.2011

Conceptualizing interdependences between regulatory and monetary policies. Some preliminary considerations

Paper: 096, 28.09.2011

Monetary policy in a non-representative agent economy: A survey

Paper: 095, 15.09.2011

Trusting only whom you know, knowing only whom you trust: the joint impact of social capital and trust on individuals' economic performance and happiness in CEE countries

Paper: 094, 15.09.2011

Central bank communication on financial stability

Paper: 093, 09.09.2011

Determinants of credit to households in a life-cycle model

Paper: 092, 04.08.2011

Financial frictions and optimal monetary policy in an open economy

Paper: 091, 04.08.2011

Emigration Triggers: International Migration of Polish Workers between 1994 and 2009

Paper: 090, 04.08.2011

Temporary Migration in Theories of International Mobility of Labour

Paper: 089, 04.08.2011

Algebraic Theory of Indentification in Parametric Models

Paper: 088, 04.08.2011

Predictivistic Bayesian Forecasting System

Paper: 087, 04.08.2011

Competitiveness channel in Poland and Slovakia: a pre-EMU DSGE analysis

Paper: 086, 04.08.2011

A fiscal outlook for Poland using Generational Accounts

Paper: 085, 04.08.2011

Settlers and Guests - Determinants of the Plans of Return Migration from UK and Ireland to Poland in the Period 2007-2009

Paper: 084, 04.08.2011

SOE PL 2009 - An Estimated Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model for Policy Analysis And Forecasting

Paper: 083, 04.08.2011

Market Size, Competitiveness and Technological Frontier - the Impact of Trade Integration with the UE on Productivity in Polish Manufacturing Sectors

Paper: 082, 04.08.2011

Forecasting the Polish zloty with non-linear models

Paper: 081, 04.08.2011

The anatomy of standard DSGE models with financial frictions

Paper: 080, 04.08.2011

Can we prevent boom-bust cycles during euro area accession?

Paper: 079, 04.08.2011

The Fall of the Vanishing Interim Regime Hypothesis: Towards a New Paradigm of the Choice of the Exchange Rate Regimes

Paper: 078, 19.01.2011

Firms in the great global recession:The role of foreign ownership and financial dependence

Paper: 077, 19.01.2011

What Segments Equity Markets?

Paper: 076, 15.10.2010

Credit Crunch in a Small Open Economy

Paper: 075, 30.09.2010

JEL: E32, E44, E52

The Superiority of Greenbook Forecasts and the Role of Recessions

Paper: 074, 12.05.2010

On the measurement of technological progress across countries

Paper: 073, 27.04.2010

JEL: E23, O11, O14, O33, O47

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